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Fearless [Social | Marina]

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Well, that just happened... As Alisa made way for a different nearby restaurant with Marina, she couldn't help but think about the people who died. True, she was no hero, she didn't feel the calling for risking her life over people she didn't even know. If she would, she'd have likely become a Rune Knight and not a Blue Pegasus. She had only one cause worth dying over, as well as a select number of people that now included Marina.

She felt bad for the people who died, but she recognized how unarmed and without spells, her chances of defeating a demon by herself were slim, not when even Marina lacked her beasts with her and was also in danger. She was indeed the only person around that could be effectively used as a hostage to stop Alisa, and in this state the Pegasus couldn't protect her if the worst came to pass. So naturally she did the only logical thing to do and headed straight for her hotel, grabbing her sword and getting Litwick to come along, of course, after grabbing and towel, wiping all the sweat off her body, and freshening up.

Marina would likely do the same, though she undoubtedly didn't sweat as much as Alisa did.

...And then there was that kiss. With all the adrenaline pumping through her veins, she naturally felt driven into doing things she normally wouldn't, such as taking initiative in romance. She'd much rather tease the people she liked into doing the same to her, but this time it was different. Maybe they'd end up talking about it soon...

"So, how are you feeling?", she'd ask the brunette with a faint smile on her face, finding it hard to feel joyous in the wake of such an attack, "I'd understand if this robbed you of your appetite."

But Era was on high alert now, with a Terrorist attack having occured little more than a couple hours ago; good thing Alisa wasn't the only one and saw plentiful Rune Knights patrolling every nook and cranny. Yet what mostly caught her attention was how the citizens seemed to go about their lives as if nothing had happened, so in time Alisa followed suit and walked inside the restaurant, though she still eyed her surroundings, carefully keeping an eye on everyone, and avoided the bigger crowds where doing so would be impossible. These streets were wide enough that anybody would see an attacker coming if they bothered to pay attention, and not for a second did she stop glaring at anyone who reached needlessly closer than three meters from her and Marina.

For now, food. Hopefully they'd have spicy food, strong alcohol, and no homicidal interruptions.

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Marina Wulfstan
Whatever that persence was.. Marina could feel her body turn back to normal. That sense of utter fear was something she rarely experience even back home. Whatever dangers she faced in the desert was nothing compared to what just happened. Maybe Fiore was a far more dangerous place than she give it credit for. Especially if someone was willing to make such a brazen attack in the city where the center of the Rune Knights were located. Whatever was happening back then, Marina was more concerned about her and her date. While she did felt bad for people who were kill. She was glad that it was other people who suffer such a fate, better them than us. A bit of cold mindset, but at the end of the day one has to look after themselves at the end of the day. On they way to the hotel, Marina sighed. It would better to postpone this date until the danger was taking care of, but t whatever right. The beast master would look at her pet it was no where near ready to take on such a treat, but it better to be safe than sorry. It was some type of fiery monkey call a Duramaka? It was cute. Her companion would walk by her side as they left the hotel.

On the way to the restaurant, Marina just shook her head and look at Alisa."Glad to be safe. Honestly my mood is still down, but hopefully some food can brighten up my spirits." The desert dweller had a netural look on her face as she pull out a seat for Alisa. Then Marina would take the seat directly in front of her and shook her head. Despite her instincts telling her it better to stay in the hotel. She was on a date so she should try to enjoy herself.

A small smile appear on her face as she look at the menu and gesture for a waiter. The waiter was an older gentleman with gray hair. A bit on the elderly side, but he certainly look refined. "Alright. Waiter! Give me the hottest meal you have. I got to show my lovely day how we desert folks handle spicy things." Marina spoke not giving the waiter a chance to speak. The waiter would simply look over towards Alisa and spoke to her.

"Yes ma'am. Our chef won't disappoint you  and what would you like to order?


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"I don't blame you. This is hardly the right mood for a date, though I won't give in to terror and coop up indoors either. That means it wins.", she answered, her resolve reflected in the weapon now strapped to her back. She let her guard down in Rune Knight town, but perhaps that was naive of her...

Though postponing the date was indeed the idea, they still needed to eat. Alisa didn't know if she'd see this Witch again, but she knew she needed to be ready. She had to go through her spells again, see what worked and what didn't. But for now she needed to think, and what better way to do than spending time with Marina? After all this time spent with her, she knew enough to guess what kind of strength she might have. But she needed to see for herself, so they could work together when the time came. She also already knew of the nomad's skills with animals and creatures, and wasn't too surprised to finally see her with a companion, a small, fluffy looking red daruma.

"...But, your partner sure is cute~", she'd praise, crouching beside the Darumaka and petting it. With this Lumen would peek out of its handbag and look at the other little creature with interest.

Marina looked pretty frightened by that demon's aura, so if that power was indeed related to its strength as it appeared to be, then that Witch's strength must be somewhere between Marina's and herself's. So to get a better idea, she naturally needed to spar with Marina, see for herself what the girl could do, and above what level she'd expect it to be. Even now, a couple hours after the attack, she could still study for a next encounter, if she had one. One would have to be tremendously daft to go terrorist with Era on High Alert, but Alisa still hoped it wouldn't be so brazen. Then the matter of it's fighting style, and appearance for that matter. Not so long ago, Alisa faced a foe who could change it's appearance and copy another's face, and later, she found, it's magic. How much of this creature's strength was actually its own? After all nothing is what it seems in a world of magicians, and Alisa wondered how much of this Witch was real and where the smoke and mirrors began.

The sculptress was partly lost in deep thought, though looking at Marina only spurred it further. The girl already held a special place in her heart, earning it had prompted Alisa to invite her to bear the same mark she did, the mark of the Pegasus. She was born an only child and later lost her parents in different ways, and after joining the guild all but looked at its members as her siblings.

She had to protect her. Before she knew it, Marina had pulled out a seat, all but making Alisa touch her chest and smile gracefully at Marina, "How kind of you~", Her mother taught her chivalrous men should open doors and pull out chairs for girls, but as they were both girls, the responsibility would naturally fall to either one of them. Though once they sat down face to face, Alisa would speak up immediately in a tone as soft as possible for the topic on discussion, "We should train one of these days. Fiore can be a dangerous place if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.", and naturally couldn't help but sound like she was speaking from experience.

As these words trailed off, her eyes quickly scanned her surroundings, getting a good spatial awareness of the restaurant. It had sufficient size for easily 30, 40 people, with plenty of space to move around freely. Alisa went as far as isolating each exit and sparing a long enough glance at each person, getting a sufficient clue of what everyone was doing. She couldn't get careless again, not with Marina here. If they had been the ones targeted by the demon, could they have survived? Though she only admitted one possible answer to this question, she couldn't achieve it by being careless. Once the waiter appeared, Alisa turned that radiant smile up to meet his with a hand resting idly on her cheek, "Then, I'll have the same. Ah, and could you please bring us each a gin and tonic to start with?", with this the waiter went off with their orders, including some water to drink. Seems like they'd need it, especially Alisa's affinity for cold. Even then, she couldn't really back down from her friend's challenge could she? "What? I have to see how much heat a desert girl can really handle~", she'd joke teasingly with a cool chuckle. Hopefully she could help lighten the mood a bit.

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Marina Wulfstan
Marina was surprised that the restaurant would let her bring in her companion. She figured a fancy place like this would consider them a bother? Well he companion is well behaved so maybe they just didn't care at all. "Oh yes. He is a cutie. One day I was exploring the wilds of Manglioa and all of a suddenly I have this critter following me around. At first I just gave it some berries and left it alone. Thinking it just wanted some food, but even after I feed it. It still wanted to tag along.so I just claim it for myself. " Sure, Darumaka could had a family since it did look young, but it's whatever. For Darumaka it would snooze since he didn't had much interested in the date his mistress was on. Marina laugh someday it will understand.

Raising her eyebrow at the thought of training. "Sure,  We can set up a day for some training. We can even have our companion besides us while we train." Marina didn't sound to excited at the idea, she knew that any place could be dangerous if you stay there long enough plus she could get back on improving on beast mastery skills. Yeah training sounded fine, but she put training to the back of her mind since she was focus on the date. Simply talking with Alisa did put Marina at ease as she stop thinking about that demon attack or whatever it was.

Marina was about to speak again until she was stop by the waiter would return with their meal.Marina  was curious on what the restaurant would provide. When the waiter reveal two dish that had some chicken wings on them. "Here you go ma'am our house special. Ghost chicken. The sauce is made with the hottest peppers known in Fiore. With a side of ranch dipping and some celery to deal with the heat."The beast master look a tad disappointed? This couldn't be that hot it's just chicken?  After the waiter have the two ladies this drinks he would leave them and attend to another table.


"This is it? Easy!" Of course it would look like Marina would spoke a bit too soon as she pick up her first chicken wing and took a bit. At first her she didn't felt anything, but quickly her eyes started to water as the ghost sauce the waiter mention took full effect. Of course, Marina couldn't back down after one bite that would be pathetic.At least she didn't want to be the first one to take a drink. Marina had a small smile as she finished the rest of wing and started on her second one.


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Alisa clearly had fun petting the Darumaka; though she didn't yet know if Marina had given it another name, she enjoyed listening to the girl's tale about their first meeting, "I've a feeling it's quite happy to be claimed by you~", chuckled the sculptress as she thought back to her own meeting with Lumen. It had been as scary a setting as one might imagine for a ghostly candle creature: An abandoned madhouse. But it lead Alisa back outside when she got lost, and even after she'd found her way, human and litwick remained together all the same.

She had some people point out how her partner wasn't overly suited for combat, which Alisa agreed with, and that was the main reason why she usually kept Lumen safe from whatever fights she got in. But in the wake of such random attacks, she defenitely didn't want her treasured partner to become collateral damage.

With such thoughts linging around her head, she naturally welcomed Marina's next suggestion with a humming nod, "We should. After all we must help them grow strong too."

Though she didn't yet know what kind of displine the brunette had while training and honing her skills, she knew Marina lacked confidence in her magic, and up until a few days ago felt rather displeased to lack a companion. Well, she did have one now, so for once Alisa could see a foreign beastmaster's skills with her own eyes. But her attention was soon turned to the waiter as he arrived with a silver platter. She had ordered the Gin and tonic as an appetizer, but it appeared she had severely underestimated the serving speed at this restaurant. Quite a popular dish for it to be cooked this fast.

"Ghost peppers huh... I've heard about them.", Alisa raised an eyebrow at her friend, though still looking rather impressed at how fast they had food on the table. She took a good sip of her gin and tonic, the bittersweet taste contrasting with the much needed alcohol, "I hear it's next to impossible to find anything hotter, even on foreign lands. It just might be too hot to handle, even for you, Marina~"

She did enjoy her spice, and thus naturally had a vague idea of what to expect. Too hot to handle, must have water nearby. Though she couldn't just chug down water like a camel, not with a friend trying her hardest like that. She'd keep up up with Marina as long as her northern blood allowed her and then more. She laughed softly at the girl's confident statement, and immediately cut a bit of chicken wing and dipped it in the sauce, her eyes carefully watching the beast master beat her to the punch and get the first taste.

The instant the first chunk touched her tongue, however, a different story began as that spicy heat quickly burnt all those expectations to a crisp. And the more she chewed, the hotter it got! Through ungodly pain treshold and mental fortitude, she still smiled through every bite, with the occasional wince betraying her struggle. Not long after that a deep flush had colored her cheeks, neck and chest completely red, sweaty droplets steadily forming and trailing down her face. No more than thirty seconds after she started eating, Alisa already fanned herself vigorously and occasionally even flapped the upper edge of her dress against her chest, desperate for whatever relief she could grab at.

Even Marina was struggling from this! She actually, genuinely expected the brunette to eat the whole thing in stride without even a wince, but it appeared even her desert honed tolerance had its limits, "S-so, how is it?", asked Alisa, gracefully covering her mouth as she huffed and puffed for fresh air.

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Marina Wulfstan
"Feeling a bit hot under the collar?" Alisa was as cool as always, but the wincing that happen every so once won't get past Marina. The first bite did took her by surprise, but after eating another wing the taste wasn't as hot as before. Though still it was hotter than what she normally ate back home. Guess there is difference between being used to hot environment and being used to spicy foods. So once again the desert dweller underestimate what Fiore had to offer, but still it wouldn't stop her from trying to impress her date. She had to back up what she said from earlier. When Alisa ask her how she was doing, Marina would just smile at her, ignoring the heat in her mouth and a bit of sweat running down her face."I'm doing fine, just fine. While I never heard of a ghost pepper until today. I won't be beat by some tiny pepper. I halfway done anyhow. " Her drink was highly tempting, Marina at least wanted to finish her plate before taking a sip from her glass.

Marina would grab a napkin to wipe away her tears. At the same time she would ask Alisa about Lumen. Being a beast master the subject of creatures always interested her and Fiore surely had some unique beasts that she never saw back in her home in the desert. "So. How did you ended up with your companion? I see strange things before, but I never thought I see some sort of living candle or erh lamp creature. It reminds me of something that you might see in a grave yard." Once again, she would brace herself as she took another wing and ate. Marina did thought at least she handling the spicy meal better than her date. Then again maybe having a spicy meal wasn't such a good idea when your on a first date? Marina would think about that next time if she ever out on another date.


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Predictably, doing this without water wouldn't be easy, so there was Alisa, looking between Marina and her own water, silently hoping the girl would take the first sip. Only she didn't. Fortunately, they had no unspoken rules about drinking the heavily alcoholic gin and tonic, so Alisa sipped that instead... And found how more than the water itself, the mint leaf inside the glass and the accompanying flavor did wonders on her spice sore tongue.

"Not as bad as I thought.", she chuckled, even licking a finger before she got to work on the next chicken wing, "I've acclimated now... Somewhat."

She was telling the truth, she did. But only mentally. Alisa had more than enough pain treshold to withstand this much, she could do nothing against what it did to her body. Sweating more and more as time went on, her flimsy white dress started sticking to her smooth skin at every turn, especially over her back and chest. The heat in her mouth was unbearable! But she too wanted to impress this bold, challenging girl from a faraway land, especially as she heard the girl reaffirm her resolve.

"That's what they all say~", teased Alisa, even a letting out a chuckle though mentally chiding herself immediately after. Her throat felt so sore from all the heat even laughing hurt her, "Some people here eat those peppers raw as a challenge. But only a rare few can actually handle it."

Only eating more gave her some measure of relief, so she got working on the next wing. Marina had the lead, of course she did - used to heat and all of that - but Alisa wouldn't let her keep it without a fight, even if that meant burning up into a puddle of sweat:

"It was about as scary as setting as you might imagine.", answered Alisa, biting back a chuckle for once. Gradually her expression took on a more serious, almost grim look as if she was about to tell a scary story, "On a dark night before halloween, on an abandoned madhouse in the wilderness, a few miles outside Crocus... During a thunderstorm..."

She'd pause for a while, half to let that part sink in and half so she could eat another bite of overly spicy chicken wings. Naturally, all of her attempts at sounding grim and somber probably perished before they were even born, with her face red like the chilli peppers they probably used to make this, vigorously fanning herself at every turn.

"...Scary things happened there, as you might guess...", she leaned back in the chair and crossed her legs the other way, thinking back to the meeting with the strange creature that could not only take your face but also copy your magic. She never figure out why did the tall man not kill it instead of leaving it in chains... The fight with the creature nonetheless made Alisa lose her way, but Litwick helped her find it, "But this cutie came as a breath of fresh air. Lumen guided me back outside with her light once I got lost."

Looking down at Marina's dish, Alisa wondered how far along had her friend gotten. The sculptress herself was just getting started with the last wing... She could always admire the red in the brunette's cheeks, indeed a rather pretty color, one that went well with her petite figure.

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Marina Wulfstan
Oh right. How could Marina forget about the tonic. She would hold back a sigh as she her date take a sip of the alcoholic drink. Her mouth was praying for relief, but for now she was a bit too stubborn to give in. A part of her was kind of regretting about turn there dinner in some sort of contest."Yeah. I think I will pass on eating those peppers raw. Even I'm not that crazy to try that." Marina just shook her head at the thought. She didn't feel need to show off that much.  Not even her older brothers would try that and they were more competitive than her especially if they try to impress someone.

As Alisa began her take on she found her pet. Marina would finally be down to her last chicken wing, but she temporary forgot about it as she lean closer to the table expecting one terrifying of a tale. Her curious was at it's highest. "Go on. Don't leave me wondering?" The beast master muttered as she urge Alisa to get on with the story. Surely this has to be an amazing tale fill with adventure, right? Maybe there was a massive battle involving zombies or something.

At first Marina was excited, but it quickly turn into confusion and disappointment. She was look at Alisa with an expression that read...that is all? "You got to be joking right? You had this mood all set and that is all? More details? Marina actually pouted as she look at her final wing and bit into it.  Once she finished eating she would finally take a large gulp from her glass of water. Fresh liquid relief at last.  Marina took another napkin to wipe away any lingering sweat that remained on her face. "Let's not do that again. I don't think there were any actual winner.


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Alisa chuckled at her statement, "Good to finally see your limit. Raw peppers huh? I was wondering where you drew the line~", but chuckled even more so at Marina's pouting reaction. She was honestly not that certain the girl would find this horror story that interesting, and figured the beast master was more interested in her pet. No matter how adorable the girl looked, the artist naturally felt complelled to give the people what they wanted, especially when those people were a beautiful girl she rather liked. So she raised off the chair somewhat and looked into Marina's eyes, "Then, brace yourself, for this a long story. Long and frightening. But first, a recommendation: Don't make bets concerning spooky abandoned madhouses around Halloween. And more importantly, don't lose those bets... So there I am, looking around the place. Mind you, the whole building was replete with leaky, dripping ceilings and creaking sounds, wind howling through window cracks as the rain beat against the walls... Or what's left of them. So imagine what I felt like when I hear rattling chains, getting closer as I walked."

As a martial artist, she had trained herself to be as stoic as possible, show no pain or fear, remain focused and clear headed. But even now after almost a year had passed, thinking back on that time still sent a cold shiver down her spine, even with all the spicy ravaging her taste buds. Alisa paused to take another bite, sip a bit of her drink to clear her throat, and continued:

"As i got closer, i eventually found a man in chains, locked inside the cell. Shady looking guy, giant even. Had to be at least 190cm if not more. Between that look and being locked up in a cell, you'd feel this is the kind of guy who'd try to break your neck if you looked at him sideways...", She was embellishing it, of course, but Marina wanted a horror story so a horror story she would get, even if Alisa herself wasn't the type to be frightened by people... Still, she narrowed her eyes as she remembered the troublesome decision she had to make, "However, the chains didn't look too strong. I'm left with a choice. Do I cut this guy free and keep him around where I can see him... Or do I let him go and hope he won't break himself out and decide to seek vengeance? After all he too appeared certain I had put him there, or at least acted the part convincingly enough."

Alisa sighed, fanned herself, and ate a bit more of her food. She was almost done, only a bit of her last chickenwing yet remained, and she found herself taking more and more sips of gin and tonic. With such strong alcohol, she natually started feeling lighter and her tongue less sore from all the chillies, so much even the anxiety she felt earlier was but a distant memory. All that remained was herself and Marina, and the adventure she had lived last halloween:

"In the end I broke him out. Though I didn't know why this person had been locked in there, I do know whoever locks someone in an abandoned madhouse can't be good news... I kept him at arm's length of course, not knowing whether I'd have to defend myself. But he didn't... Before we could make it out, we hear steps coming up the stairs. Both of us naturally assumed this to be the real captor, a captor who would have no reason to believe there was a second person. So I let the prisioner act the decoy part, and ambushed the attacker with a kick to his back.", she looked off into the distance for a moment and drunk a particularly large gulp of gin and tonic, for once it didn't look like the spice had done it, "Almost broke his back... I could have probably killed him with a well placed strike, but I knew I couldn't. Never mind killing someone you've never met before, I couldn't do so without at least having an idea as to whose life I was taking, and why... But it's a good thing I didn't.", Alisa's toned darkened once more, partly for dramatic effect, but Marina might sense an honest feeling of regret in her voice, "Once the guy keeled over from my attack, I got a look at his face... They looked exactly the same!"

She'd pause again after this, wondering what Marina would think. Alisa didn't have time to figure out what the hell was happening there, but she knew right then she had been tricked. True, her logic was sound, but she had missed a variable, one she had no way to have accounted for. It also gave her a chance to eat a bit more, finally starting with the last bit of overly spicy chicken before continuing her tale:

"....Obviously something was amiss, but I only realized too late: The moment the prisioner saw his captor was out of the fight, he shapeshifted into me, then disappeared. He was still around, I could see him get closer everytime the thunder's flash lit the hallway.", the guy obviously had some kind of invisibility, shadow based, though back then it would have only made the whole encounter far creepier, "So i stepped back slowly, made him chase me into a puddle where I could see his feet moving around. But before I could attack, the guy I ambushed flew up behind the doppelganger and killed it, using the same magic. That's when I learned that creature could not only take your face, but also your magic... But in the process of killing it, I wound up getting lost in the madhouse... And the rest, as they say, is history."

Or rather, history Marina had already heard. Alisa had now finished both her meal and her story, and quickly chugged half her bottle of water in one go, before wiping the sweat off her face. She was far too elegant to actually use the napkin like a towel and wipe her body too, though she obviously needed it. With a refreshed sigh, the artist leaned back on her chair and groomed her hair, particularly the wet parts where it had stuck to her skin:

"Indeed. Surely we can find less painful forms of competition?", Alisa would ask, her apprehension at the prospect of another ghost chili round molten away with a relieved giggle, "Now I need a shower. I'd need to run several miles to work up a sweat like this otherwise...", she'd comment, tilting her head and running her head through the raven locks as they hung loosely over her shoulder, "Can you still feel your tongue? If you do, we could try some dessert."

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Marina Wulfstan
Marina would make a mental note about that. "Well I never made a bet dealing with spooky things before, but I take your word about avoiding them." Once again, Marina would prepared herself to hear an tale of a lifetime. Too bad she didn't had any popcorn to snack on. It would had help set the mood, but oh well her date was already doing a good enough job of painting an scene for Marina to visualize.  "Though, I'm curious on why you were making beats dealing with abandoned and possibly haunted places in the first place? Oh wait, Halloween I heard that the holiday where people give you candy or trick you." Even out in the desert there were some known events like Halloween. Marina wasn't a huge fan of it because she really didn't care about candy all that much. She would have preferred actual food, but people weren't that generous even towards kids. Also a part of Marina wonder what would Alisa dressed up as? Maybe a bewitching witch? Or maybe dress up like one of those Kung Fu guys that Marina heard about before.

At the moment, Marina couldn't honestly said she was sraced, but she was invested in the story so far. Especially at the part were she encounter some shady dude. Surely Alisa didn't actually think about letting him go? If he was chain up it had to be for a good reason? Plus the guy didn't seem to give off any friendly vibes from what Marina could Taking a sip of drink, Marina almost spit it out as Alisa revealed that she free the man. "Why in the hell did you broke him out?" If Marina were in Alisa shoes she would happily let the guy remain lock up in the house.

As Marina listen to the rest of the story she wondered what happened to the guy that kill the  help Alisa. It was an interesting story none the less. "Huh. Oh yeah I could go for something sweet. What do you suggest we have? Marina look at the menu, but she couldn't decide what she wanted.

Marina laugh and shook her head at the thought of shower."Shower. Please it wasn't that hot, but yeah next time we have some sort of contest let's do something fun. Then again. No pain, no gain or something like that?"


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All in all Marina looked rather captivated by Alisa's story, however, not so much frightened by it. Guess Alisa had to work on her scary storytelling skills, but then again this was hardly the best envoiroment for such. She looked more confused than anything, as to why the crystal mage had given in to such a bet. Indeed Alisa often took pride in her intelligence, but even the smartest people have their dumbest moments, "Well, Halloween is the season of all things spooky.", chuckled the sculptress, "Trust me, I wouldn't have done it any other time.", before scratching her temple with an excusing look, "Though having a bit too much to drink obviously didn't help either..."

For the most part, Marina listened to her story in silence without saying much, but some parts of the story clearly caught her attention, such as why the hell Alisa considered letting the man loose. At that point, it honestly seemed like a good idea, at least, better than leaving him there and gambling on him freeing himself, and defenitely better than killing someone just because they stood in the wrong place at the wrong time... That's how her mother lost her life, and Alisa damn sure wasn't going to anyone through the same:

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.", Alisa would answer, quoting something she read in a book at one time and often talked about in tricky situations when you can't tell which is which, "I was pretty sure the guy might break out without or without my help, possibly while I was still inside. In that case, I'd rather have him where I could watch him. Besides, a madhouse isn't a prison..."

With this in mind, she'd have probably done the same, even if not as easily. The only possibility she'd failed to account was the prisioner not being human, and she'd defenitely remember it next time. She sighed as she once more thought back to how easily she was decieved into nearly killing someone. Marina asking about dessert defenitely helped to distract her, so she looked over the menu as well with a contemplative look, "Hmm, I'd recommend the chocolate cake. Though the Cheesecake could be good too... How about we order one for each, and a cup of coffee?", suggested Alisa her smile widening as the idea quickly grew on her, "Then we could try out both~"

With these words, the artist would reach across the table and take the brunette's hand in hers, rubbing it affectionately as she looked into her eyes.

If Marina agreed, Alisa would promptly order their desserts as well as coffee for the both of them, only to frown softly at the girl's laughter. She almost pouted at her comment, "I mean have you looked at my dress? I'd have to run two miles to sweat this much...!", she pointed out, adjusting the straps over her shoulder. Her back and chest clearly had it worst, and if Marina looked hard enough she could likely see her date's white bra under the flimsy white cloth of her dress, "I'm sure that only applies to workouts, but who says training can't be fun, right?"

They'd share a little laughter, Alisa for one was thankful they could share a normal lunch even after the terrorist attack they'd just witnessed. The criminals declared war on ordinary folk, war on their peaceful way of life, and abandoning it in exchange for fear would mean the same as surrender. 'Keep on living' was the only real choice, and for these two girls this meant get to know each other better.

"...Though I'm surprised to hear you have Halloween in the desert...!", Alisa finally pointed out at the one comment Marina spoke earlier, "What traditions do you have there? Unless you've heard about it once you reached Fiore?"

She did wonder what people in the desert would wear for a scary holiday. In Fiore, women often take to dressing in skimpy and not-so-frightening costumes such as cat or fox girls, and for some reason she couldn't help but picture her friend as a cute fox girl.

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Marina Wulfstan
"Keep your friends close, and your enemies close. I heard of that phrase before. I can't argue that you shouldn't keep an close eye on them, but still I would just left the guy there. Sure it's not Prison, but if he got caught there then he probably earn it. Then again why should I worry you could easily kick his butt if you wanted too." Unlike Marina, Alisa was trained in martial arts. Sure, Marina knew basic stuff like punching, but like most beast master she was far more effective and dependent on her animal friend when dangers comes near her and at the moment her pet really wasn't really to deal with any serious threats. Patting her sleepy fire monkey on the head, Marina listen to what Alisa recommend for treat. Without a second thought, Marina would agreed  with the order. Though she wasn't much of a coffee fan, but maybe it would taste better with cake?

"Okay I can see your point about a shower. If you really want one. We can drop back to the inn so you can clean yourself up? Anyway, you don't have point it out any longer." Well it didn't look that bad too Marina, plus she did her best to not let her gaze linger on the bra off her friend. Plus she didn't want any lingering glances to see what she was seeing.

Marina lightly  laugh as their desert would arrive shortly. All of it look mouth watering to the desert dweller. But, first Marina would take a sip of the coffee and shake her head at the strong taste of the drink."Wow. That certainly packs quite a punch, but yeah even in the middle of nowhere there are some things that are celebrated. For Halloween it's less about dressing up and asking for treats. In desert we put more focus on telling horror stories and playing pranks on people. Since a lot of people tend to stay mobile in the desert exchanging tales is more appealing plus who knows who has any sort of candy. Unless you live in settlement then I guess you see children dressing up as ghost, mummies, and animals you find in desert. This one time I saw this older women who well she didn't had much of outfit, but she reminded me of a lion."  It was sexy, but Marina choose not mention it since she was on a date.


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"Well, who knows what I'd have done had I known then what I know now...", she answered with a shrug and shake of her head, she'd have probably killed the jailed creature while it was still locked in there, after which she doubted the real man might have bothered with her. Though Marina gave her far too much credit. Both the man and the doppleganger copying his magic were obviously highly competent fighters. She couldn't help looking off into the distance when she looked on into the distance, and saw her chances rather grim. Hopefully she wouldn't ever need to fight the man to the death.

Though she wouldn't look grim for long.

After all Alisa had seen how Marina all but glared at people who looked at her, and couldn't help but chuckle at the comment; it sounded like she wanted the sculptress to draw as little attention to her outfit as possible. Then again, Alisa could probably go without a shower for a bit longer, with how hot the air was outside, any wetness would dry up in a matter of minutes, "We'll see when we step outside, won't we?"

Both girls shared a giggle and almost reflexively, Alisa leaned forward while bringing her arms a bit tighter, pushing out her cleavage ever so slightly. If the brunette wanted the monopoly of admiring, the raven haired artist, she'd have to look a whole lot.

Regardless, their dessert arrived soon after and once Marina tried the coffee, Alisa immediately understood she mustn't have had too many of those in the past, "You should try drinking it inbetween slices of cake~", she suggested, eating of cake before taking a sip of coffee, "The sweet and bitter balance each other out rather nicely"

Unlike the nomad, she looked perfectly comfortable with the bitterness and the sweetness of the cake even more so. Regardless, she grew silent and thoroughly fascinated as Marina described the Halloween traditions in the desert, confirming it was indeed very much like what they had in Fiore, minus all the candy. Thus she nodded in agreement to nearly every tradition Marina mentioned, though her last one got her attention, "Not much outfit huh? That defenitely sounds like our halloween. All about scary outfits, stories, and some girls' excuses to wear reduced clothing. I'm sure we'll have plenty of fun together come next Halloween.", and with these amused words, Alisa would cut and guide a piece of cheesecake on her small fork towards Marina's mouth, "Say 'aaaah'", she'd let the girl taste test the cheesecake, with it's fruity sweetness, before tilting her head slightly, "...So, how is it?"

The beastmaster had gotten the chocolate cake, and every now and then the crystal mage spared it a hungry but cursory glance. Clearly she wouldn't mind trying a bit of that one too.

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Marina Wulfstan
Marina nodded her head in agreement as she stare at her cup of coffee. She didn't think the cake made it taste any better, but she wouldn't complain about it. Plus she needed something to distract her from her date sizable assets. "Yeah, but to be fair we all know people are going to be dress up anyways. It's hard to to be afraid of something if you know it's coming." When Alisa brought up the point about the holiday being an excuse for some reduced clothing. Marina was about to said guys do it too, but then she really couldn't remember seeing a guy dress in skimpy clothing during Halloween. "I'm not the biggest fan of the holiday, but if I get to hang out with you. Then I'm sure it will be fun. Maybe pull a few pranks here and there." Well it was more on the lines of being curious on what sort of outfit her date would being wearing.

"Ahhh..." Being fed was something Marina could quickly get used too. The joys of being in Fiore. As for the cheesecake,  Marina enjoy it's fruity taste, but she noticed Alisa looking at the chocolate cake. It was only fair if Marina return the gesture. "The cheesecake is fine, but I can't ignore that stare of yours." As Marina was talking she would cut a piece of the chocolate cake and copy what Alisa did. "Open wide..." Marina would chuckle as she waited for Alisa to take bite. After that, Marina would simply use same fork to sample the chocolate cake. "This cake tastes pretty amazing right? Want another slice?"


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Alisa had been spending quite a good bit of time with the beautiful nomad, and now that she'd joined Blue Pegasus this time would only increase. So she

had some clues as to what pleased or displeased her palate, and bitter flavors clearly fell in the latter... She couldn't help but laugh gracefully at how her date desperately tried to look anywhere but Alisa's chest, something that said as much about about Marina as if she'd been staring shamelessly... But only made the artist want to tease her more. She wouldn't though, at least, not right now.

Maybe later... Yeah, defenitely later.

She also had a pretty good guess as to what she thought about when she said how much fun it would be to spend them together. The beastmaster was right of course, and even she couldn't help but think about how cute Marina might look with cat ears on her head and a skimpy outfit over her petite body, "...And I promise I won't take you to any abandoned madhouses.", quipped the sculptress, letting her mind wonder as she thought about all the fun they could have, "Between the two of us, I'm sure we'll end up with several bags full of sweets."

With the amount of guys coming up and trying to impress them, surely a few of them would get the glorious idea of giving them candy. Even Marina would

likely enjoy it, with her sweet tooth... Just like she visibly enjoyed this cheesecake, sighing contently in a sight that was as cute as it was heartwarming, so much Alisa couldn't help a little giggle leaving her lips as she reached over to pet her Litwick partner. She looked back at Marina once the girl picked up on the artist's curiosity and promptly offered her a slice of cake. Dutifully silent, Alisa complied to her friend's wishes with a smile, her lips parting to make way for the little slice:

"Mmm~", she hummed delightfully, closing her eyes for a moment as that vivid flavor greeted her tastebuds. This cake... It preserved the chocolate's natural taste without simply burying it in sugar like so many often do, with a delicious texture and strong cocoa aftertaste. Their pâtissier must be quite skilled... So naturally when the brunette offered her another slice, only one answer could leave her mouth, "Delicious indeed...! Just however could I say no to that~? Though it's not fair if I'm the only one eating now, is it?"

So with a chuckle, Alisa cut a piece of her own cheesecake and offered it to Marina as well, with a giddy, "Here's you go~"

Even Lumen couldn't help but gaze curiously at the two girls; after all whatever they were eating must be quite tasty for them to share so happily. Maybe Marina's Darumaka would be just as interested?

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Marina Wulfstan
"Hmph. Yeah let's avoid haunt places in general. I prefer not to run into killer spirits. We could even watch some spooky movies just to see how corny they are." Also if the movie was actually spooky it gave a good excuse for cuddling or at least that was something she over heard from her older brothers. She was now wonder how successful her brothers were by using that tactic."Oh yeah. I bet we swimming in candy. Heh. Hopefully my teeth can handle all of that sweet candy." The real treat of the holiday would be seeing what outfits were wore.

Once more Maria guide her fork into mouth of her date.[color:a6d6=#999900,]"Hmm. Well I can't disagree with you.  This chocolate cake feels like a took a bite from heaven." With her focus being mostly on her date. The beast master  focus on her actual companion was nearly forgotten beside a pets here and there. How awful it would have been for her to forgot about something that important? She would look down at her what she thought was her sleeping pet. Only to see it having that sure fire grin on it's face after it spotted Marina getting ready to eat another piece of cheese cake. Marina pet really didn't seem as curious about the pair as it focus was on the treat it's Mistress was enjoying?."Heh. I didn't forget about you. Here man you can rest of my cheesecake." Her companion made a happy how as it took the plate from Marina hands and sallow the rest of the cheesecake whole. Her Darumaka would then hum in content as Marina lighty smirk. Right she still need to on teach her firey pet a few things or too.

"Heh. Anyhow does your spooky cute pet want a sample of the chocolate cake. Sorry that my gredy friend here are the rest of the cake, but it likes fruity things just like me." Marina would laugh a few times as she look down at their meal. This certainly would cause her a pretty penny, but it was worth it. "After eating. We supposed to walk around the city right? Any place you want to go to first? Or we just going where ever the wind leads us."


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Alisa nodded and then snickered the suggestion of scary movies. She didn't know whether Marina actually had those in the desert and knew exactly what she was asking for; or if she simply heard it off someone after arriving in Fiore. But Alisa, for one, had plenty of experience with guys using them as an excuse to cuddle with her. Not that she minded of course (at least, depending on the person) and she'd certainly enjoy it with Marina, though her scaredy cat days were long gone.

"That's also true, we wouldn't want to ruin that pretty smile now, would we?", winked Alisa playfully, rubbing Marina's hand as the two girls swapped forks, feeding each other a slice of their cake. Truly, Alisa really enjoyed the chocolate flavor of the cake almost as much as she enjoyed having the brunette feeding it to her, and couldn't help but wonder whether the girl felt the same.

Most likely, if that cheerful look on her face was anything to go by, even though neither of their praise could ever give this cake the credit it deserved, "The chef who baked this deserves a great tip.", nodded the artist, obviously recognizing another artist by tasting his or her art.

That said, neither Marina nor Alisa could ever ignore the hungry looks their partners gave them, and before long Marina had fed the rest of the cheesecake to Darumaka, and seeing that Lumen got jealous, judging by the pout on his face:

"Don't worry about the cake, though Lumen looks like he wants some of that chocolate. Kawaii~", praised the sculptress, petting her partner as she cut off a little slice of chocolate cake (or rather, what remained of it), and guided it to Litwick's mouth this time. Indeed the little candle was far more dainty than the brunette's partner, and preferred eating the cake in tiny little morcels. She took longer to eat, but ultimately didn't eat any less than Darumaka. While she was busy feeding her partner, Alisa eventually shifted her admiring eyes back to the beast master, resting her head on her palm as she propositioned an idea that had been bouncing around her head for a while now, "By the way, you should join our team. At the moment it consists of myself, Snow and Chel... If you joined, completing some of these missions might get a good bit easier."

All things considered, Alisa hadn't done many missions with her other two teammates. Just like her, Snow was a loner and preferred working either solo, or with a single partner. As a result, this meant their team would work better with four people, so they could split into two groups, and assemble a four person team as the situation requested for it.

Thankfully, they'd have a lot of time to talk about this as both girls and their partners finished their meals. Alisa asked for the check and paid for it in full, then stood up. She offered Marina a hand first of course, while running the other down her body and smoothing out the kinks in her dress. At least it didn't look as drenched now...

"Hmm, we could defenitely walk around the streets a while, see if we run into anything interesting.", she suggested. Indeed Marina might have already realized this, but Alisa was all about seeing where the wind might take her at any given point.

Date or not, interruptions or otherwise, Alisa clearly enjoyed any chance she had at spending time with this beautiful beast master, and she didn't see that changing anytime soon. She could easily spend the rest of the afternoon walking around Era with her...


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