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Magical Bait [Quest|Sage]

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Sage †
Today is another day Sage was about to help someone else. His client's name is Jacob Fischer, and he asked for someone to help him catch a magical fish as he received a magical bait and he need some help to catch a magical fish using it. Sage accepted the quest and decided to go fishing with him. Sage was walking down to the Hargeon Dock again and he was so excited to catch a magical fish, on his way, he thought of ways he could help as his magic might not be able to be used in the middle of the sea as his magic revolves around plants and the sea is not a good place to grow plants and use plant magic. But then he think that maybe a miracle would happen and a magical tree sprout at the bottom of the sea. He passed the aisle where he scold the kids who vandalised the wall of the dock and asked them to clean it, thus threatening them with a whip made up of a vine. Sage grinned while thinking of it as it was the first quest he ever had. When he arrived at the dock, he could see many people sailing in and out as it is still early in the morning where the tides are high. Then he heard someone at the back of him greeting him, when he turned his head to where he heard the voice, he could see someone who is around his high and his long dark blue hair glinting in the sun, he have wide dark blue eyes and light skin, he wore a nice warm smile on his face and he wears light blue shirt and dark pants. Sage replied his greeting and asked Jacob if he was ready, Sage asked this as he knew that the person who greeted him was Jacob. Jacob lead Sage to his boat which is actually small and can fit four person at most. But it have a motor at the rear so Sage thought that the boat is more than good. Sage jumped into the boat while Jacob unleash the rope between his boat and the dock, after that he jumped into the boat , sitting opposite of Sage. Then on their way to the middle of the sea where many fish lurks, Jacob started to talk about his new magical bait and how it works. The magical bait have some mana in it and it can attract many magical beings, so that is why he need help from a mage, because he will deal on magical stuff, he talked and talked about his life and how he could survive. Sage asked him how did he get the magical bait, but Jacob just replied that he was just lucky and refused to tell Sage how he got the bait. Then when they arrive at the middle of the sea, Jacob stopped the motor and  they are now on the calm sea, alone, and Sage could see nothing except for the blue sea and the blue sky, his hope for using plant magic was abandoned when he could see no land.

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Sage †
When they are set to fish, Sage and Jacob started fishing with only one rod and with the magical bait being the bait, they have also set a basin filled with salt water so that the magical fish could live on after they caught it. then suddenly the water started to shake, Sage could feel and intense magic power, he was worried, and told Jacob to get back to the dock fast or something bad will happen to them. Jacob, respecting a mage, followed Sage's order, while they are about to reach to reach the dock, something big emerges from the water, Sage dont know what it is but the only think he knew is that it is not a fish, instead it is a giant fish trying to get the magical bait, Sage know that it was his time to be useful. As the land is near to him now, he crosses his arms and focused on his magic power, then leaves by leaves started to gather around the back of the boat and when the fish jumped at the boat, it was blocked by the dome of leaves, then Jacob turned the speed of the motor faster and faster until they reached the dock, then Sage uncrossed his arms and the leaves started to fly with the wind back to their respective places. Jacob was relieved and so Sage is, but they still want a magical fish to catch, then they went to a place where it is far from the place they went before. They did the same thing, and then when the time comes, the rod started to move, both of them are surprised and they hurried to pull the rod, when they did, a beautiful small fish with its scales shone like a rainbow's. Sage was amazed by this, he had never seen anything like it before, then when he saw Jacob's face he could tell that he felt the same thing as he is. When they got back from the sea, they departed at the dock, Jacob said thanks to Sage and gave him some jewels, Sage was so happy to get money everyday as he had never had such easy jobs during his whole life. Then Sage got curious and asked Jacob what he is going to do with the magical fish, he said that he also don't know, he was thinking of selling it for a high price or keep it as a pet, as the mention of pet came to Sage's ear, he smiled a little, he love it when someone have love towards other creatures and maybe he might have a companion too one day, he started to think of joining a faction, Sage knew about factions when he was at the bar last night, where mages meet and they have this group between people, Sage heard this and he think that it was fun. Sage said goodbye to Jacob and that is how they departed from each other.

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