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Magical Bait[Request][Jeeroy]

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was just having the best week, he was able to work out, work in a lab, feed fish, and now he was getting to go fishing with another friend of his, Jacob Fischer, a local fisherman.  He was a very smart boy with a bright future ahead of him in nearly anything he could want to do.  He had got a job request to help his friend test out a brand new bait that would help him win many competitions to come if it worked.  It was supposed to help him reel in the biggest and best fish in the ocean, something that Jacob was a pro at doing.  He honestly needed no help with dragging the fish on board as he did it nearly every day with no special bait, but Jeeroy guessed he wanted a bigger edge on the competition at that point.  Jeeroy had agreed, of course, to help the man the moment he could get out to the beach.  He had rushed to wake up, brush his teeth, eat an apple, put on his armor and Rune Knight gear, and roll up his joint before heading out onto the beach for a bit of fun.

Once he reached the beach he spent a bit of his time looking around at all the beautiful women that inhabited the beach on the beautiful days such as that one.  The salt water smell drifted into his nose and made him calm down from the small amount of stress he felt from the constant jobs he had been taking.  The beach was as good as his green herb when it came to calming him down.  He was always calm when he came to the beach, there was nothing that could bring his mood down when he was accompanying himself at the beach with the wind blowing the salt water smell into his nose.  The seagulls would chirp and dive down into the water to catch their food and the fish would jump up to their demise.  It was lovely to see such wonderful nature in the works in Jeeroy's eyes.  Though the fish were dying, he knew it was a thing of nature and that it was how the seagulls lived.  Survival of the fittest he guessed with a shrug.  His eyes fell to the man he was there to work for and he walked over to him happily, pulling him into a man hug.

"Jay, my boy!  It is so good to see you again.  It has been a long while since I have been here in Hargeon.  I am so happy you hit me up to help you out!  Now, what is this magical bait you were telling me about?"  Jeeroy asked the man as he approached his boat with him.  Jay would smile and open the tackle box he had with a box of worms with some type of power upon them.  When Jeeroy realized that the man had needed him to go out with him, he climbed in the boat and began making some small talk as they began to row out.  Jeeroy asked about how his life was going, which it was apparently with a girl friend and a few competitions coming up with a good payout.  Jeeroy knew the man would do well in all the competitions.  Now to see if his new bait worked.  Jeeroy helped him sprinkle a bit around on the water and he cast out a rod.  It was not three minutes later the man was wrestling with his pole as he tried to pull in a large fish.  As he got it closer to the boat, Jeeroy grabbed the line to help him pull it in.

Jeeroy was even having trouble pulling the fish in which was strange with his strength.  The fish was very large and was thrashing around on the hook, threatening to break the line.  Jeeroy knew he would have to do something quickly or the fish would get away.  Needing to help the man catch his prize, Jeeroy jumped into the water and grabbed the line, pulling it up further, catching the fish by it's tail before wrestling it up and into the boat with them.  It flopped around for a bit before they got it in the cooler full of water.  While soaking wet, Jeeroy was still happy to have helped, plus he did need to cool down a bit.  They rowed back to shore and talked a bit longer about the large catch before the man said his thanks and paid Jeeroy for the work that he did.  Walking back towards the hotel with his cash, Jeeroy smiled.  He knew their catch would be talked about for a long time to come.  It had to be a record breaker and Jeeroy had taken part in it!

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