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Beach Gym[Request][Jeeroy]

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy would be doing a new type of job that day, one that he found fun for once.  He would be helping a friend of his, Jay Holiday, spot in his workout.  Perhaps he would ask Jay to spot for him as well at the end of his own workout.  He knew he would be gaining some strength today though the workout and the thought made him giddy.  Jeeroy was always one for getting stronger and helping someone else out in their path towards getting stronger.  Working out was one of his favorite things to do, though with all the jobs he had been taking he had hardly got a chance to go to the gym, which was not a problem with the jewels he was making off of the jobs he was doing, but he did need to get out and start training his muscles again.  With a grin, he lifted his armor and slipped it over his head before tightening it and strapping his weapon to his side.  Though he was sure he would not need his weapon, it was better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.  No one ever knew what would happen in the town of Hargeon.

Jeeroy rolled a joint and happily stuck it in his mouth.  Though his grin was masked by his mustache, anyone could tell he was happy and in a chipper mood.  He normally kept a neutral look upon his face and would scare anyone who walked near him though today he felt approachable and even saw a few people smile back at him as he walked by smoking the green herb as he walked to the beach slowly, taking in the scenery as he made his journey.  The animals were running between bushes and trees, the children in the town were out playing and it reminded Jeeroy of why he did the job that he did.  He enjoyed helping everyone in Fiore be able to be happy and carefree as they were that day.  Everyone seemed to be happy and Jeeroy was happy because of it.  One day he hoped to have his own kids running about like that, training with their dad to become famous Rune Knights just as he aspired to do.  He hoped none of his kids ever wanted to take the evil route, or he would have to enforce justice on them as well.

As Jeeroy walked onto the beach, he quickly found Jay Holiday in a group of people bench pressing with no spotter, something Jeeroy knew was dangerous, especially if something happened.  As Jeeroy walked up, the man walked over to him and pulled him into a man hug type thing and patted him on the back, thanking him for coming on such short notice.  Jeeroy said it had been no big deal, that he was happy to help out a friend in need, especially if he was getting paid for something as easy as spotting for a friend.  He also asked if the man would be willing to spot for him as well, with Jay agreed to quickly as he began placing weights on each side of the bar.  He would then lay down on the padded bench and Jeeroy would take his spot behind the bar, ready to catch it if anything happened and it fell or if Jay's arms gave out.  Though he was a body builder, the man seemed to have a lot of weight on the bar and it was only going to get heavier.  As he picked up the bar, Jeeroy placed his hands directly under the bar as he did eight reps, and Jeeroy helped him place it back on the bar after that.

The man would then get up and add more weight to the bar, about ten pounds extra.  He would then lay back down and pick up the bar once again, allowing Jeeroy to continue what he was doing.  Helping him with eight reps per set, lifting the bar with him on the last rep.  Soon enough the man was moving up in weight again.  The day continued this way until Jay could not take anymore.  Then they switched spots and Jeeroy was able to add more weight and continue to lift with the man, taking about nothing in general, simply enjoying the company of each other and the awesomeness of having a workout buddy.  The man spotted for Jeeroy, allowing him to add more weight each time and by the end of the day, Jeeroy could feel himself worn out but in a good way from the awesome workout.  Jay paid him for his services, promising to see him again soon enough and thanking him before they both took off their own ways, Jeeroy pocketing the money as he walked away.

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