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Us and them [SOCIAL | MARINA]

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Us and them [SOCIAL | MARINA]  Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:29 am


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Yup, Era could hardly be called a romantic city, let alone a good choice for a first date. Magnolia had been far better in that regard, Hargeon even more so... That said, Marina was an adventurous girl, Alisa less so but she was still outgoing enough to enjoy a place she seldom visited. Plus, Era had positive things about it too: By far the safest city in Fiore, it also had very smooth and orderly civil services, a trait that carried over to its businesses. Waiting times at restaurants were also as short as humanly possible, fittingly for a place where most folks always look like they're in a hurry.

But, they'd have plenty of time to see all this with their own eyes.

They had agreed to meet at lunch time - the ideal time after Alisa's morning workout - and like the early riser she was, the raven haired model naturally got ready first. Even though she was obviously the type to take longer getting dressed... A rather amusing notion, considering how practical her friend normally was, "Did she sleep in, I wonder?", she thought out loud, looking towards the stairs.

For once they were staying at the same lodgings, a pattern that would undoubtedly repeat itself in the days to come so long as they stayed in the same city, especially when they went to Hargeon. They wouldn't need to pay a hotel there.

They'd agreed on meeting in the reception, and that's where the sculptress awaited her friend and new guild mate, casually sitting on a sofa, her legs crossed elegantly with a magazine over them. Nothing particularly interesting about that old edition of Sorcerer's magazine: It came out long before the raven haired beauty ever modelled for it (she knew hotel maganizes were often old, but damn), with none of the mages detailled still holding any relevance that she could remember. But it kept her busy while she waited, and that was good enough.

She aimed her wardrobe at the very picture of simplicity: This time she wanted to keep the brunette's eyes on her, not her clothes. The result? A simple, pure white summer dress, perfect for a shimmery summer sun such as this one, to ripple with the breeze like her hair. It didn't flatter her curves, but nor did it hide them either. She picked shoes and stockings to match, the former with blue outlines matching her necklace. The only thing she yet lacked, was a date sweetly holding her arm as they walked leisurly through the streets of Era.

Strength is also Beauty

"Lovely day for a date~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#2Marina Wulfstan 

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Marina Wulfstan
Being in Era was different from the others cities she been in so far.  While, Marina felt safe back in other cites. This place was on a far different level. After all it is the place where the Rune Knights headquarters are located at and it would be a nightmare  if there were major crime problems in place where the law was strong at. Yes desert dweller has been doing some research about Fiore. Fiore is quite an interesting place once you learned more about it, but for now there other more important things she needed to do. The top task was getting ready for date with Alisa.

Marina would look at the time on the clock. Oh boy it was getting closer to the time for them to meet up. Marina was a bit nervous since she really never been date and wasn't completely sure about what to do on them or even what she even wear.  They made plans to walk around the town and do some sightseeing, right? So at least she didn't have to get to dress up, but still she wanted to look nice enough for this date.  Looking through her wardrobe, she didn't have much to choose from, but she think she found an outfit perfect for this day. It was black coat and matching skirt. Sure it more suited to a chilly day, but the heat really didn't bother her. Once she had her attire ready, Marina would go ahead and shower and make sure she was presentable for her date. Hopefully she didn't kept Alisa waiting for too long.

As Marina walk down the stairs she could spot her friend sitting down on the sofa reading. This cause the beast master to frown slightly. Was she late? Quickly, Marina would walk over to her date and clear her thoart to gain her attention. "How could I keep such a lovely date waiting? I promise to make it to you. Any expenses will be covered by me." Marina did glance at the dress Alisa was wearing it suit the artist nicely, but unlike other times Marina quickly return her gaze into the back beautiful Ruby like eyes of her friend.




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She didn't keep her waiting long thankfully, and the result was more than worth the wait. Hearing the girl clear her throat made Alisa turn up to look her, closing the magazine and putting it away as she met Marina's gaze. She rubbed softly behind her neck at the girl's constant praise, before pulling and draping her long hair behind her and standing up:

"Oh my, how sweet of you, Marina~", Alisa walked up to her and rested her hand on her shoulder, bending over just enough to greet her with a tender smooch to her cheek. She took a moment to admire the nomad's choice of outfit, her gaze scanning down before coming back up to meet those crimson eyes, "It wasn't that long a wait, but seeing you so beautiful is it's own reward."

Yeap, she looked pretty. Of course she did, cuteness was clearly Marina's strong point, no matter how rough she got around the edges. Would she still be just as cocky and determined had she been born in a more welcoming envoiroment, such as Fiore? Maybe... But the the contrast between the passionate inside and the petite outside was one of the things Alisa liked about her:

"But, are you sure you won't bake inside such a warm jacket~?", teased Alisa, offering the brunette her hand. She knew the answer of course, but that didn't mean she disliked hearing those confident answers.

Indeed the choice of clothes they picked said much about these two girls. One girl had grown used to cold and wasn't too good at dealing with heat, while the other dealt with heat second only to hell to the point nothing else bothered her at all. They'd wind up looking into each other's eyes for a long time, all but absent to their surroundings even as they stepped out of the inn, but sooner rather than later the Pegasus would need to look where she was going, especially when the streets got steadily more crowded.

Alisa wasn't too comfortable around crowds; too many people to keep track of, too many eyes to see them all. Spending her youth hunting secretive dark mages made her paranoid, a defense mechanism to help her survive; healthy at some levels, but beyond that just plainly uncomfortable.

It was still within a level she could handle, if only barely...

She betrayed none of these feelings outwardly, carrying herself with the smiling cool as she always did, light on her feet like a leaf in the wind. But she gripped her friend's hand tighter, in a way that no doubt told a different story if she bothered paying attention to it.

"Our restaurant should be somewhere around here. Do you like spicy food, I wonder?", she'd ask, silently hoping Marina could help distract her. It shouldn't be too hard for her, not with Alisa already looking only at her for the most part

Strength is also Beauty

"Lovely day for a date~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Marina Wulfstan
Marina was relieved that her choice of clothing was like by her friend or date for this meeting.. She held back sighing in relief as she would return he peck on her cheek.with one of her own."Thanks. I figure this was the right call."" Marina then shake her head as she  glance at the people around them. So far no o email seem like they were going to try to interpret them. Other times they were out together there was always that on person who tried to score with at least one of them. "No. The era heat is nothing like anything back at home. Plus I can always take it off. It's not like I'm hiding anything under here that you haven't already saw.." Doing a bit of teasing on her own as they made their way out of the place.

She gentle tighten her grip she had on her date hand as the streets became fill with more people. One of the reasons she did was because she enjoy the feeling she got from hand holding and the other reason for this was to show any around them a spare them a glance is there weren't available or they are together. She remembered her brothers saying that it's always important to that person you're dating is off limits. If only they could see her now.? What would they think of her or worse how who they tried to embarrassed her in front of Alisa.

The huge crowd around them weren't a problem for Marina. She almost didn't care about them, but as much as she like looking at her guild mate she did had to watch were she was going every so often. Marina would  reassuringly hold her date  hand to signal that everything was fine."Heh. If I can stand the desert heat. Then some spicy food is nothing for the likes of me. I'm a champion when it comes to hose sort of things." The desert dweller smirk for a bit as she remembered watching her brothers having eating contest. "I'm lucky enough to go date with you and I haven't burn up yet?" It was on the corny side, but she couldn't help herself. Blame it n her family.


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The happy couple did not realise but a dark cloud was beginning to form over a head as a malicious being stalked the busy streets of Era. Ahead barely twenty meters ahead, stalking from the shadows within a dark ally was a demonic individual with chaotic gruesome thoughts. Evil played out within their mind as crimson red hues cast their deadly gaze out onto the busy crowds, watching the pitiful mortal humans as they stumbled about like pathetic ants. A sinister smile formed on their lips as a ray of light reflected off their form revealing the figure of a tiny little lolita four foot ten in height with long black hair, crimson red eyes dressed her Viking Armour, matching Viking Helm on her head with her hair tucked underneath and a massive battle axe on her back.

Yumi raised her right hand touching her chest over her heart. Magical energy swirled around her as her physical appearance began to change. Her figure grew in height to five foot four and her hair twisted itself into twin pigtails before her eyes turning blue. Yumi ran her new pale fingers through the locks that stuck under from under her helm pushing them back under her helmet making sure it wouldn't get in the way. Now that she was disguised it was time to cause a little mischief and mayhem. The sinister smirk appeared on the woman's facial features as she took a step out of the alley way, by now the happy same sex couple would be ten meters from Yumi.

Yumi's new blue eyes surveyed the crowd as they walked about as if nothing was wrong, but soon they would be running in fear. Yumi took a few steps forward approaching a young couple, man and woman who were clinging to one another acting lovey dovey. They couldn't be any older than their early twenties. A sinister gleam formed in her eyes as she drew her axe with both hands. The blade cut through the air as it struck the man first. The blade cleaved through his right shoulder piercing down through his torso and out his left hip. Blood sprayed out splashing against the face of his lover. Her eyes widened as her body quivered, shaking with fear. Soon a blood-curdling scream escaped her lips, but before she could run the mighty Axe had changed its course, the blade piercing deep into her neck sending her head flying high into the air as blood spurted up out exposed veins, splashing against Yumi's cheek.

THe sudden action drew the horrified attention of the crowded streets. Without a single shred of remorse, a demonic laugh escaped Yumi's pale pink lips as she turned to face them. Her axe dripped with blood as droplets cascaded down her cheeks. The demon's eyes expanded in size as a demonic pressure exerted itself from her disguised form. The pressure rose in an instant reaching exponential heights as it crashed down over the area. A demonic presence came to life-consuming the streets installing fear into the crowd. Screams echoed in the air as people began to frantically run from the source of the fear and this crazed woman, less they be next to suffer from her axe.

The sinister smile on her lips grew as a thick aura of blood lust burst forth from her body. A black demonic essence released itself from her new body flowing up into the air taking the shape of fire. The black flames of magical energy swirled around her. A thick wave of killer intent followed as Yumi's desire to bring slaughter engulfed the streets.

"Come all who dare to face me, The Witch of Carnage!' WHile her form had changed, Yumi's voice remained the same. She sounded young, dainty yet her voice had a sinister edge full of venom. Yumi had even unveiled her Epithet the Witch of Carnage, an infamous serial killer known for leaving a trail of bodies in their wake for the last sixty odd years.

Yumi cackled madly as an insane glint formed within her eyes. Her demonic presence grew in height and intensity to the point none of the citizens could stand it, those who remained had dropped to the ground quivering with fear, their miserable cries echoed in the air as they pleaded for mercy.

"Pitiful is there no one who can stand before me? I will count to ten, then I still start slaughtering everyone in my sights!" Yumi declared and for good measure to show she wasn't joking she took a few steps forward approaching a prostrated man. Yumi swung her axe down, the blade cleaving deep into his head splitting his skull in half.


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Of course, Marina answered what Alisa already knew. As hot as Fiore might be in the summer, surely it couldn't compare to midday in the desert, with it's dry air and scorching sands. Enough that Marina could wear a black winter coat elsewhere at any time of the year and probably not feel a thing, "Hoo, there's an offer I can get behind. You're too pretty to be covered up you know~?", answered the sculptress, winking at her friend.

Truly, holding hands did wonders to keep suitors away, and it made her feel closer to this girl who stood only a few steps away from becoming her lover in full. It also helped that this street seemed occupied primarily by couples. Perhaps Era wasn't that hostile to romanticism as she first thought? Holding Marina's hand eased her discomfort at the crowd, though it didn't stop Alisa from paying the minimal attention to her surroundings, just in case someone or some thing would suddenly decide to attack her. Marina, on the other hand, took it all in stride, even the question if she enjoyed spicy food.

And she gave the expected answer though the artist still enjoyed looked at her expression when she did.

"Then, I expect you to ask for the hottest dish on the menu.", challenged Alisa, returning her smirk. And of course, such a cheesy hit on like that couldn't go unanswered, she ran a hand down the girl's cheek as her smile widened and her eyes narrowed sensually, "Keep that up and you just might~", she whispered teasingly.

Of course, they wouldn't make it as far as the restaurant. Of course not. The defenitive proof that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone's not out to get you. Out of nowhere, a shrill scream would pierce through the air about 100 meters away. Only barely visible through the running crowd, Alisa caught a glimpse of a woman in pig tails with a bloody axe sunk into two people.

"Huh?!", was all she could utter, a familiarly eerie presence hinting to the race of the perpetrator. It didn't make it any harder for her to breathe, implying this demon to be weaker than the other one?

It had killed a couple, and frightened a formerly happy looking male same sex couple - gay in both senses of the word - only ten meters away as they ran away from the massacre, hand in hand for dear life...

With so many couples and a good few same sex pairs, it might be easy for an assassin to make a mistake if that was the only information they had... Though even the paranoid Alisa fully understood she and Marina were likely not the targets, but rather the citizens of Era. But fortunately, the demon hadn't seen them yet, and likely wouldn't between the crowd and its single minded focus on slaughter.

Still, it wouldn't matter for the moment the first bloody scream reached her Ears, something clicked in her brain with a single commandment, 'Protect Marina'. Immediately she'd pivot on one foot and grab Marina by the waist with an urging, "Hold on tight!", and dash forward at full speed into a five meter wide alley only two meters away, opposite the demon; disappearing in the same manner the attacker suddenly appeared. Though she was running away, she held the girl facing the direction opposite hers, so Marina would be able to quickly inform if the attacker turned to them or chased after, even assuming it could see them through the stampeding crowd. It defenitely wouldn't see their faces anyway...

The unarmed Alisa was after all, an opportunist, and she knew a losing battle when she saw one. The most she'd do is commit the name of the terrorist to memory, and kill it when the golden opportunity presented itself. 'Witch of Carnage', the name echoed by many of the fleeing people. Whoever that was, Alisa needed to find out whether it was in any way related to her own quest. But even if it was't, she won't forget the name of a mass murderer, or the type of weapon used.

Far more so than a face which could easily be changed in a heartbeat; as her own guild mate had done not that long ago, or that doppleganger she fought a few months back...

Two days in one city sufficed for Alisa to know many of the back alley paths avaliable, and quickly led as many people as she could away from the scene. It wouldn't take her more than three seconds to turn a left into another alley while the woman was busy screaming manically and slaughtering those near her.

The only ones running towards the Massacre were the Rune Knights, and the ones that didn't were quickly spurred to action with a couple of words, "There's been a terrorist attack, It's another demon!"


...She ran far away not only from the demon but most of all from the fleeing crowd, and would only stop while she didn't see any of the latter or feel the former's presence, "So much for the safest city in Fiore...", sighed Alisa, finally putting Marina down and wiping the sweat off her forehead.

Yet, being suddenly confronted with a life or death situation prompted a change in the sculptress, no matter how cool or collected she could be under pressure: She'd wrap one arm around Marina's shoulders and plant a long kiss on her lips, stealing their first out of nowhere. She wished she could linger and savor it... But they couldn't exactly afford to make out with a demon killing people only a couple of blocks away, so Alisa kept it short but sweet, just enough to learn the feel of Marina's soft lips:

"Our date may be ruined, but...", she'd say, licking then nibbling her lower lip when she backed off. Her cheeks reddened by the sudden kiss, Alisa nonetheless chose not to comment on it after letting her lips speak for themslves, "We should still go find a place to eat."

And, if another demon attacked again, she'd be expecting it...


Strength is also Beauty

"Lovely day for a date~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Marina Wulfstan
So despite her line than spectacular line. The date was going fine. The large crowd of people seem to become a less of a bother to her date as they interact. Marina primary focus was on date of course, but when look around the area she could see other couples as well. Maybe there was some special event in Era that she didn't know about of maybe other people thought it would be a good idea to go out. The weather was fine and the city was safe place to be at.

Marina would smirked back at her date. She didn't think she would be challenged, but who was see to back down from an eating contest."Challenged accepted, but do I get anything special if I win?" There are a few things I could think up that would make an excellent reward." Of course before she could get a proper answer a woman scream could be heard. The desert dweller had no idea what happening as her body started to shake in fear?  Other people in the area scream in terror and begin to flee.  As Alisa would pull Marina away. The desert dweller could see the dead bodies of a couple. She didn't have much time to think about the site as she did her best to keep up with Alisa. She did keep looking back to make sure she could inform her date if anyone was after them.

Marina heard the name of the Witch of Cranage? She had no idea that was and she had no plan on being a hero. She came from the desert and she had no problem in running away. Plus did was Era after all and surely the Rune Knights could deal with it.  Marina didn't said anything as she countine to flee with her date. When Alisa did said spoke, Marina just remain slient wanting to get out of the area fast.

Marina didn't expect to be kiss in this situation. If they weren't fleeing Marina would had felt happier, but  for now she just nodded and follow her date out of the area.


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Yumi laughed maniacally as the cowards ran like dogs with tails between their legs. Was there no one who wished to stand against her. With a loud demonic roar, Yumi swung her axe through the air creating cutting winds, "Ten!" With a shout, the axe descended landing a single devastating blow to the body of an elderly woman. The blade cut through her like a hot knife through butter. Her intestines spilt out through the air as guts splashed across the stone pavement of the Era Streets. Blood gathered along the edge of the Viking Axe's blade glistening red in the light of the sun as it shined above her, illuminating the slaughter she was about to bring. Magical energy surged around Yumi as she unleashed a battle cry that sounded like a demonic aura. A magical burst forth from her body engulfing her powering her muscles.

Yumi's lips flexed as she dug her right foot into the stone pavement locking onto a middle aged man who was attempting to run, "Nine!" Yumi swung the axe with both hands and let it loose from her grip. THe Axe spun through the air like a deadly boomerang becoming a blur. The blade struck dead into the back of the man, but it didn't stop the force continued on splitting him in two at the spine. A single cry escaped his lips as he hit the ground his internal organs spilling out as a foul stench filled the air.

Yumi clenched her hands together as mana flooded her system once more. A large black magical aura spiked around her body as her strength further increased itself. Yumi kicked off the ground launching herself at max dash speed towards another prostrated civilian, a young woman. Yumi appeared before her, left foot digging into the ground denting it. A flex of the muscles allowed another aura of magical energy to burst forth as Yumi'shands latched onto the woman's shoulders. "Eight!" With a loud cry, Yumi pulled her arms apart and tore the limbs off the woman. The woman released a horrifying scream as blood spewed out from the affected area. YUmi grabbed the woman's face with the palm of her right hand, fingers coiling around and the demon began to squeeze the woman like a grape. The woman struggled to scream as her head an skull was squished beneath Yumi's finger tips, head crushed to paste.

Screams followed as the citizens finally got their bearings, their instincts to survive taking over as they attempted to flee. Yumi licked lips as a lustful haze formed in her eyes, "Seven!" moaned out the demonic woman, as the sultry sound escaped her lips followed by a breath of hot air. Yumi launched her body forward grabbing her axe from a dead man's back tearing it out and advanced appearing by a fleeing child no older than eight. Yumi swung the axe cleaving him down the middle in a single swing. "Six!" THe sultry sound continued as Yumi advanced upon a young teen couple, "Five!" she cooed as the axe swung from the right hitting the young girl first, continuing through her body on an upward angle into the body of the male cleaving him in two.

Yumi licked her lips as she began to breath heavily, her body was heating up with excitement as a warm pit formed in her stomach. She rubbed her thighs together before advancing, "Foooouuur!" moaned out the little lolita in her fake appearance. The axe swung with deadly accuracy as it cut into the back of an old man cleaving his spine. Yumi struck with her left leg breaking the man's back thoroughly in two and launching him into a building where a brick wall collapsed atop his unmoving form.

Yumi giggled evilly, it was sinister, insane possibly psychotic, "Teeheee three!". Yumi turned eyes glazed and hazy, a fog beginning to form as she looked for her next victim. She could see someone running into the distance, but she cared not for who or what they were only that they were prey. She launched herself forward appearing before them her axe coming down in an overhead swing cleaving the skull of what could be now seen was a middle aged woman. THe axe cleaved her in two and struck the ground with a loud bang.

Yumi cackled madly as she looked around the streets, there was no one insight they had all run off, "ooooh i couldn't finish the count" moaned out Yumi in despair. She whimpered as she rubbed her thights together the burning desire had grown stronger, she could barely stand it. The demonic lolita sheathed her axe, blood dripping down her form, she had been drenched from head to toe. With a lick of her lips she vanished into the alley way, sneaking back to her apartment, having dropped her appearance mid way returning to normal. But with how much blood she was covered in she had  to make sure she was not seen. Once inside her rented apartment she would look to clean herself off before dealing with the rising heat in her body.



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