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Bandit Attacks

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Bandit Attacks Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:25 am

Walking towards the area where she was to meet some store man she would look around with her golden eyes. She looked so interested in everything as she felt like her old self when there was a mission/quest about. She would look/tilt her head to see the sky that was above her. Her somewhat short green hair would flail as the strands that were somewhat layered would look like grass from the springs touch. Sometimes she wishes she had magic in which case it was nature. After that whole show ordeal, she had to deal with the day before, she really became more interested in nature magic. She would make so much of it everywhere plus some other things. She would smile as she would think of all this and then felt the wind caress her cheek. Her normal child-like lips would be glossed of clear as her eyes would have eye liner on it. She thought it was a fun idea to wear makeup since she never usually does. Before all that, though she would come out with her outfit. Cosmiare walked about with a twirl as she giggled happily like any child-like person. She was wearing short shorts in jean-like fabric and overalls that connected with her crop top-like shirt. She would smile brightly and then looked at the sky. ''It's so nice outside. I wonder what to do on this fine day, ya?'' she wondered and chewed on some bubblegum. The sky was rather clear and therefore it wasn't going to be super cold as if there were clouds, it would get even colder than cold. She enjoyed the weather in Marigold as she was getting more used to this. Even though it was foggy, cloudy and even smell of death because Marigold was a peaceful town or as far as she knows. All she really did know is that the farmer always had problems, but this quest wasn't the case! Shame that she couldn't get candy without being tricked by some stranger. 'Shame on them though. I would like some candy.' she thought as she saw a stranger with candy in a bucket to lure in children. Her golden eyes would look around as she roamed through the streets she was passing and even the strange little alleys she would not even dare to go in alone. Why is it always that guy and candy? She spoke to the client in which he was the lord of this city or town. She wondered a bit about the guy, but honestly, Cosmiare didn't want to ask too many questions. All she truly knew was that some people were causing problems here. The simple way of explaining was that Bandits have been harassing shop owners in the middle of the night and disappearing without a word, but with all their stolen goods. The bandits enter silently and leave without a trace. Catch them, defeat them and hand them into the guards.'That's what was said anyways, but were they really the bad guys?



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She would go and find a spot before it turned out dark just so she could keep an eye out for these 'bad guys' that were apparently stealing from stores, bank robbing them or stealing, whatever name they wish to use to describe them. She would think of the 'Lord' of this area as she remembers his adorable hair and fancy outfit. She was really young so honestly, everything was truly adorable in such sense. Down the hall and to the left is the waiting room. We'll come and get you all when the time comes." he instructed, to which Cosmiare nodded in return and went into the aforementioned room. After about an hour of listening to other people discuss war stories and cracking jokes, she sampled some of the food that was offered, finding some things she liked and some she didn't. The doors would open suddenly and a guard entered, stating it was time to go on. The group of about some people followed him down the hallway and into a huge ballroom. Instructed to wait in an area next to the stage, the man on stage with flowing red hair and the fanciest suit Cosmiare had ever seen. "Welcome mages of Fiore! I am Lord Syllas. On behalf of my guests, thank you for agreeing to demonstrate your different magical abilities for us today." he spoke, prompting a round of applause from their audience. One by one, the Lord would call people by name using the notepad the guard from earlier was writing in. When it came to Cosmiare's turn, she would take the stage as Syllas spoke. "Cosmiare, everyone. A Nature mage from Blue Pegasus." She remembered that before she even came over here, she kind of stuffed some leaves in her long sleeves and perhaps some other things as she had to trick these guys somehow... The people saw that she was a kid in which they would do all their awe's and thinking how she was adorable. Her face blushed a little as she was afraid to really do anything and the fact that she could perhaps mess this all up. 'Oh no! What have I done...' she thought as she would then think of how to do this first. ''I... I will first make leafs appear. After that shall I turn them into flowers. Finally, I will create needles out of wood and fling them towards that target on... on the wall!'' she spoke so confident, or she at least tried to. Her eyes looked at the crowd and then saw where the shade was located. Her hand motioned up as the left would go down. Her hand pressed together to then make it glow due to some button stuck on her hand. Leafs would appear and flow everywhere. A man behind was blowing a quiet fan making it look like she was controlling it. Did that guy know? Phew. After that she would grab the leafs and close them in her palm, making flowers then slide out of her shirt, but with a bang of light, no one could see her switching the leafs and flowers. They clapped simply as they were more honestly thinking she was adorable more than watching the magic itself. Soon enough she would use a target to then form some wooden needles from her sleeves, fling them at the target and succeed.



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She was thinking of such things as she was roaming continuously through the streets of Marigold. The place was so quiet, dead and the area was rather cold at night! She didn't really understand it at all as she would then wander in the dark with her red shining spear. This spear has became rather useful in many things. There was that wolf that she helped kill or well... killed by herself. Then there was that times he would threaten all those people with with the very spear she was holding. After that she was to kill another wolf if that wasn't as fluffy as the first dogoo. She felt bad for the doggo as that first one was really pretty. Her golden eyes would continue to watch, her ears continued to listen as her steps were really quiet and slow. Her heart was hurting all of the sudden as she would hear some steps. 'Is it really those people I was told about?' she wondered in her thoughts as she would have her back against the corner. Her golden eyes would then corner to see who or what was there. The guys were rather darkened by what they were wearing as they would enter and then leave. The only good thing about that was that one of the guys were left behind, making Cosmiare swallow up her courage and jump out with her spear. ''Hey! you! Imma beat you up you theif! stealing from other people that need the money. How dare youu.'' shes poke softly and spat at them at the same time. As the wolf would leap again towards her making Cosmiare lean back, arching backwards to then throw a fist up into its stomach. Due to that she would hear the wolf make a hurting noise. Her eyes would watch the wolf hit against the alley's wall to then hit the ground. ''No mercy for you, doggo.'' she would say with a frown and determination as she saw the wolf try to get back up to go after the kids. Her eyes saw them scared as they must've belonged to the woman. Slowly Cosmiare would walk towards the wolf that was inches away to kick her feet into the wolves skull. Sadly the wolf would leap up to bite her leg. 'Shit...' she would think as she would then lift her leg that had the wolf attached and kicked its skull into the brick wall. That was how her time went. Now she was to fight this guy who thought he was tough shit. He would go for her, but if she could fight a sea monster being as short as she is, she can surely beat up this guy, right? Cosmiare would use her spear to block his fist in which she'd just then lift her spear in between the guys leg and hurt his jewels. Soon the guard would appear and he would look at her and then him, laughing at the fact that this guy got beat up by a little girl. ''Don't judge me!'' she spoke and got all flustered. She got her reward in the end and so she walked off.


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