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What it's all about [Mission | Solo]

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What it's all about [Mission | Solo] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:53 pm


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Era was a boring town. Well, it wasn't ugly, not by a long shot. It's hard to find an ugly city in Fiore that's still popular, with so much beauty to go around... But, it truly looked like a city built by and for the Rune Knights. It was strict and orderly, a smooth, well oiled machine of law enforcement and civil workers. All in all, not a good place for a free spirited artist to hole up in, not with her fair share of shady activities in the past. That said, she'd gone out of the way to come here, and without anything to do or anybody to do it with, might as well just get some work done.

Her routine was the same as usual, get up early, work out, then head back to the inn for a shower while passing through the request board along the way. Though this time she didn't have to look for long for something to grab her attention, especially with the limited options she had to pick from.

'Taking care of issues'

No doubt the vaguest request Alisa had ever seen in her short life as a guild mage for hire, and she'd seen plenty of them. 'Find this for me' proves another popular choice among the grammatically inept, who seldom bother to explain what 'this' actually is until the last possible moment. On the other hand, teasing the mage's curiosity defenitely works in getting her attention, Alisa herself being the perfect proof of that statement. Oh well, no matter.

She took the job, but mostly just to see for herself: How limited could one's information be before they were allowed to make a request. That question bounced around inside her head even the water rinsed all the sweat and grime off her skin, and there it remained even as she slipped on a tank top and a pair of jeans, then stepped outside.

Problem number one: The client, named Daragast (she knew that at least) didn't state where she could meet him.

Unlike how it may seem however, Alisa solved this problem far faster than she might have imagined. Why? By naturally sticking under the shaded overhangs, away from the crowds; that way she overheard conversations far more easily, and by stroke of luck caught someone dropping her client's name. Apparently, he was working on the poorer parts of Era, which determined the sculptress' final destination. So she turned on the next corner and headed there, until finally she came face to face with the man himself. Only it wasn't a man, or even a woman with a manly name, but rather a small but distinctively draconic creature.

"Hello there.", greeted Alisa, waving before crossing her arms and approaching the client with a relaxed smile, "Are you Dagarast by any chance?"

"Uhm, actually, it's Daragast.", he corrected immediately as he scratched his forehead, with an awkward, but not really angry tone

Well, that name's hard on the tongue anyways - even for someone with decent skill at foreign languages - so it's not like he can be mad at her for getting it wrong the first time around.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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"My apologies.", Alisa excused herself as politely as possible, to which the guy just crossed his arms and sighed

Clearly he'd already resigned himself to people mispronouncing his name, plus he didn't look like the type to get pissed off so easily.

"Well, you're not the first person to make that mistake.", he said, resigning himself, "On to the issues i mentioned... Era has problems that need fixing."

With such vague words like this, what was there for Alisa to do but nod and look at him in a silent request for him to continue? And indeed he continued, but not with any specific instructions for the Pegasus mage to follow. Instead, he walked away, waving a hand and gesturing for her to follow. He went on about how he wanted to work on civil construction in the poorer, less developed parts of Era, and mainly focus on education.

"Education in Era is expensive you see, so it's rather easy for the wealthy to appear smarter than they really are, and to waste all the talent in this part of the city."

She nodded. This guy/dragon/whatever/thingy was quite smart, far more than Alisa first gave him credit for. And a lot more caring too, with his hopes of ending, or at least reducing poverty with quality education; venting about how the wealthy saw themselves and entitled to their previlege due to being smarter and more cultured. They seldom see just how previleged they are, to have experienced a carefree school life where their every need was provided for:

"Naturally, with the uncomparable pressure of living in a broken, poverty stricken envoiroment as opposed to a wealthy, affluent one. You must strive towards building a strong, healthy middle class if you want equal opportunities for every child in Era."

But education was only part of the problem; if the city couldn't provide fitting jobs for a newly trained generation, all of that work would be in naught: The qualified workers would either leave, or keep living on the poorer parts as they were. Even now the Knights should already have been looking for employees in this part of the city, and until they do so, any hopes of development will suffer. Alisa saw Daragast looking at the kids playing around, long enough to head over to the nearby noodle stand and purchase ten cup noodles, handing them over to the kids.

He didn't look like he needed any help with this.

"This is another problem. Even if you give kids money, they'll just go and buy toys and candy on the wealthy parts of town, where they have more to choose from. Unless people spend their jewels here, the businesses won't thrive and the economy won't grow."

He'd clearly thought this through. But one answer still eluded Alisa, the answer to a rather important question, "But, what exactly do you need me to do?", she asked, raising an eyebrow

"You already did.", grinned the small draconic creature, grabbing a pouch of Jewels and offering it to her, "I needed someone to help me, but I can't hand over that responsibility to everyone. You'd be alright though, so I'll call for you once I have more."

Wierd huh? But Alisa wasn't about to say no to free money, so she agreed with his reasoning and they said their goodbyes.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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