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Baska Town To Magnolia [Train]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Baska Town To Magnolia [Train] Empty Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:12 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric wandered into Baska Town, the town of tinkerers and merchants. It wasn’t a big town but it was a thriving town. He always wondered how some towns could flourish so much and others could die out fast. It was Probably mostly decided by how the town was run and how capable the persons of the different trades are in town. A fully talented town would progress faster then a non skilled town. But that was enough thinking about that he didn’t want to spend all his time on it. He looked at scraggy as he was trying to scare a kid to steal it’s candy. He was always doing rascal stuf like that. He wondered how he would feel if he would lose scraggy.
It could happen one day. He could just poof and never come back. Chelvaric would hate it if that would happen. Although Scraggy was a demon he wasn’t that bad of a guy and he could still train him to be better. What other reason would his God have to appoint the demon to him. So he had grown fond to the little bugger. They walked up into the station and headed to the ticket booth. A couple of family’s with children were waiting in line so it would take a while till everything was done. They were a bit loud and the youngest of them sometimes cried wich hutrted to his sensitive cat ears. it was like scraping over a chalkboard that’s why he hated children at times. So annoying to be near too. They could be fun and happy to be around but other times they were the blight of the world. When they were finally all done he stepped to the coutner and bought himself a ticket for the train. He was ready to leave and started to sprint ass the train was about to leave.
He ran after the train and was just in time to jump on the back of the train by holding the rails he grabbed Scraggy’s hand and pulled him up. Few that was close if they were late they had to wait another day for the train since it only comes once a day. Since they had to travel so far from town to town. That’s also why regular mail can take a while to reach someone. Mages had invinted better communication for that reason. He sat down in the coach and waited for the snack car to pass him. He bought some nacho’s and nimbled them on there way to Magnolia. It was a long way to go but they were nearly there so he didn’t mind it that much. The trip wasn’t super long just a few days. He rested most of the time and trained on his new spells a bit more.


Baska Town To Magnolia [Train] HVEbuMl

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