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Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice]

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#26Selena Maelstrom 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:19 am

Selena Maelstrom
The Slime was rather shocked that neither sister had made a bigger deal about her entrance. Neither of them had seen Selena in months or years even yet both reacted calmly. That being said the Slime knew it had to do with her sudden transformation and as a result kept a happily smiling face. ”Come now Lacey, why would you get an invitation if it was a surprise~?!” The Slime said with its sweet voice that seemed to bring about the opposite feeling in everyone. ”And don’t be daft. If Ali wanted to kill you, you’d be dead where you stand.~” The Slime said, the first hint of genuine joy in  her voice. As Alice asked who she was the Slime went over and picked up the table with ease and placed it down in the centre of the room once more. ”Well didn’t you see Ali? It’s me, Selena! In the flesh! So to speak~” The slime said with a faint giggle as he caressed her turquoise skin. As she pulled up a chair to sit a Page came running in the door with something in his hand, saying it was a diary. Lacie of course had something to shout but before either sister could act Selena had gone up to him and placed her hand on the DIary. ”I’ll take that thanks.” The Slime then gave the page a wet kiss filled with goo and slammed the door in his face, locking it as she did so. Although the Slime knew there was a key she felt it best to stop any unwelcome company. She looked to the sisters, her face in an obvious fake pout, her eyes full of malicious glee as she kept a firm grasp of the Diary. ”Now unless we can play nice- well let’s not spoil the surprise, now come sit.” The slime repeated taking a seat herself and placing the diary on her lap, a hand over it. She made sure her slime was sticky enough to hold it but not liquid enough to ruin it. After gazing into Selena’s memories she was also curious about the workings of the Eventides.

#27Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:35 am

Lacie Eventide
"How dare you!" No matter the consequences, no matter who was in this room with her. Someone had searched her room in order of Alice and she wanted to pinch her, hit her and pull on her hair again as if she was a child. They have looked through everything that was clear for they had found the diary that she had hidden in one of the drawers with her clothing. She felt violated even if they had not touched her personally, but her clothing, her everything, all her belongings. With a fierce look in her brown eyes she stared at Alice, "You did this! You ruin everything again no matter what you say. Why did you search through my room, it doesn't belong to you, it has nothing to do with you. That's my mother's diary! She left it to me!" She didn't leave it for Lacie at all, it was just there when she returned home, on a table. She didn't know how as everything that they had, had been at the tower that was crumbled to dust.

But before she could even pass Alice to get the diary, Selena got it. Whom she had ignored, although she was sure that her cousin was right, if Alice had really wanted to kill her, she wouldn't stand here any longer. She was weak, not only her body but her endurance for things as well and Alice looked so strong, so much more, especially when she held on to that spear. "What do you actually do here? Weren't you kidnapped and left to die." Lacie said angry at Selena because she had not seen her cousin for so long, all she heard was that she was taken away from the family or something along those lines, she wasn't exactly sure for she had never cared about Selena at all. It was just someone she was allowed to hang out with because of the family.

#28Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:57 am

Adelaide Sokolov
It was such a loud yell that her ear made a popping noise and she had shortly closed her eyes instead of jumping up because of the sudden noise. Thank god she was never a person like that. She grumbled a bit, Lacie was too much to be here right now but the door was closed and locked from the inside. She wondered if this slime or whatever the person was that possessed Selena would agree to take Lacie away so they could have a heart to heart conversation about what was going on. And especially what she wanted. She had not seen Selena since the event here in Era. Which was about three months ago, maybe even longer, close to four perhaps? There was so much that they didn't talk about, all the memories, all the future ideas. She clenched her fist, Selena was so important to her and she had thought many times about her cousin but now she was here and things looked different. She was a Knight, Selena didn't even get to meet her at that point. She dug her nails into the palms of her hands but not enough to make it bleed like her twin had done. "Get out Lacie." She said while not taking her hazel brown eyes away from Selena. She heard her twin stutter, "Take her to the infirmary!" she yelled for she was sure that even though the door was shut from the inside out, there were people watching in the room next door. She closed her eyes and moved her head towards her left to look at her sister, indentical and yet not. "If you want to survive that's an order. And if you want the diary back, than it is still an order. Go and check yourself in. I will bring it to you once we are done." she let her spear disappear, it was not necessary to use right now.

She was surprised that Lacie walked slowly towards the door, her back towards them, obviously not a fighter but she would protect her in case it was necessary. She wasn't done yet with Lacie, but Selena was a bigger issue at the moment. "So to speak indeed." she muttered when the other version told her in the flesh. Selena was possessed by something and it would only be a matter of seconds before Lacie would find out and that was something she absolutely wanted to prevent, she didn't want a crazy twinsister and a psychopath with her in the same room. She also didn't want Lacie to speak about her pregnancy, she was sure something would happen.

As the green version of her cousin invited her or well them to sit down she looked at Lacie once more, "Now go." she said as she grabbed the chair that had fallen and she sat on it. "We will have a nice long chitchat."

#29Selena Maelstrom 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:39 am

Selena Maelstrom
”You better shut that pretty little mouth of yours before it’s shut for you Lacey. Speak only when spoken to~” The Slime said feigning happiness once more yet keeping a good enough appearance to fool the guards. LAice had then angrily asked how Selena was even here and why was she hear. Although she clearly sounded angry her whole demeanour changed. She knew she couldn’t act rash incase She would destroy the diary. Of course it was a bluff but the Slime played her well. Selena couldn’t help but giggle as Lacie asked her question. ”Well after the Village was raided all the adults killed and a select few children were taken, I was tested on for years being forced injections and the like until I eventually broke out. Nothing special. And now I’m a knight too. Nt as high up as your sister however, but considering Selena did lead her to the knights she could be credited with her success. Anyway, thank you for asking Laice, I’m surprised you remembered Selena was captured at all, then again the little princess shouldn’t be too concerned of the commoners should she~?” The slime said mockingly with a somewhat larger grin on her face. Anytime Selena was around Lacie she often remembered her aunt referring to Laice as “Princess.” The slime was hoping to get a rise out of Laice to cause a little more fun.

The slime looked up to Alice as she had told her sister to get out and ordering other pages to take her away. Although the Slime saw her reasons she was not sure if they were in her best interests. ”Well if you really want her to leave Ali I can’t stop you.” The slime said sighing heavily. She of course was lying but the animalistic instinct within her was telling her not to challenge Alice. She seemed very strong. ”We’ll come visit when we’re done and bring the diary.” The Slime reassured her. Waving her gooey hand absentmindedly to Lacie she would hope the guards would indeed take her away. At least now the Slime could focus on tormenting Alice.

#30Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:25 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie opened her mouth to say something to Selena, a retort to kill her arrogane. She quickly shut it with a little popping noise as her sister said that she had to get out. "But.." she started and looking from Alice to Selena. She clearly didn't understand and she was furious that she was simply told to leave. At first she did stand up and with hard thumping sounds, she walked towards the door on her high heels. Which was what created the sound on the hard stone floor. She lingered near the door, she didn't want to leave. She didn't even understand why she was listening. It was probably a gut feeling that told her that she would have to leave, something dangerous was playing at the moment and she was too dumb to figure out.

It was clearly pointing out that she didn't understand indeed, she had known that for many things but it was frustrating when it was your family holding a converation without her knowing what it was all about. Alice even instructed someone to take her to the infirmary, all she needed to do was to open the slot. She was sure she should be offended for this behaviour as well as that she needed to be offended by the nickname that her mother had used for her. "Fine." she said trying to avoid coughing but that wasn't to be stopped. She opened the door and with one last glimpse on Alice, whom went to sit down, she turned her back again on her two family members and headed out of this door.

Where immediately a knight was waiting for her and bringing her out of the hallway from the interrogation rooms and up to the light and the infirmary. What would they talk about?


#31Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:24 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice watched Selena with a cold look in her eyes. She loved Selena dearly, she was the only family member at the moment that she did care about but this wasn't Selena and that was clear. She eyed Lacie shortly after her childish question if Selena shouldn't be dead. How nicely off her, everyone should die for the great princess Lacie. She rolled her eyes for her own thoughts but looked at her lap so the two of them wouldn't see it. She had heard from Selena herself that their immediate family was dead and now this Slime version explained it and she held herself to not say anything, it was like a taunting, she wanted to talk to Selena. How much she had grown in these eight months. She wanted Selena to see that too but apparently it was also the other way around. She bit her lip to not chuckle, their first meeting had been a disaster and look at her now. But before Lacie could say anything, she was quick and ordered her out. She was surprised her sister even listened. She was a bit slow on taking things in but apparently her mind had felt this.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest as she had just instructed to bring Lacie to the infirmary, she would sit down and watch her sister finally leave and the door close behind her with a thud. When all that was done she turned back to the other version from Selena. She was in there, she was possessed that much was clear from the words the Slime version had given. Her eyes looked at the diary which possibly contained answers before looking back at the face of the person that once was her cousin, "What do you want? You are obviously pissing off Lacie hoping she would go away. But yet you are trying to please me in one way or another hoping I would push Lacie away and stay here. Do you know how long I went to search for her and now I'm letting her go again."

#32Selena Maelstrom 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:09 am

Selena Maelstrom
The Slime did not look at Lacie as she left, nor did she turn around as the door closed behind her. The Slime’s soul focus was on Alice now. Although the Slime wanted Lacie to stay to add some more fun into the equation, she also felt that she would be a burden latter down the line, hence why she did not kick up an arguement about her leaving. The slime had her hands still within her lap as she watched Alice take a seat opposite her. The table was rather long, long enough that if either tried to jump at the other the table would prevent one from reaching the other.

Not long after Alice had taken a seat, she was speaking, well giving out would be a better way of summarizing things. As Alice spoke The Slime could not help but laugh. Not loud or obnoxiously but a little more than a giggle. ”Now now Alice, don’t blame me. You were the one to tell her to leave were you not? Infact I wanted her to stay but she is your sister and you are higher up than me, so rather than having a chaotic argument about it, I agreed with you. Now we can talk as much as me want, cousin to cousin~” The Slime said with a wide smile looking gleeful at Alice. ”And besides, you can always visit your beloved sister who wanted you dead, and rather Selena stay dead too.” The Slie said with an obnoxious giggle. After she had finished speaking, the SLime would place the Diary on the table, as much in the centre as she could and looked at Alice. ”So, shall we read this now or later?” The SLime said unable to hide the curiosity in her eyes. After piecing together Selena’s memories the SLime found some holes, and after reading this Diary she was sure to fill them in.

#33Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:21 am

Adelaide Sokolov
The giggle annoyed her. This whole setting annoyed her. There was enough things going on in her mind that she needed to take care off and that she needed help focusing on but instead she sat her, trying to find a way to be able to save her cousin, wondering if that was even possible. She tried to not immediately state that, that was the whole reason she was still here. She was frowning with an angry glare in her eyes, "You know as well as I that if Lacie stayed around she would sooner connect the dots and there would be no more conversation going on with her. From the moment she would understand that you are but a creature that is taking over the body of our cousin, keeping her a hostage, she would freak out and we rather do not want that at this point. It is better if she is gone."

She was sure that they were long sitting here and she looked at the mirror window. She was sure that there must be at least one knight in there but she wondered how to convince for that person to leave. This was a family issue and she would solve it all by herself as she had done before. She ignored the last statement but hid her hand in the pocket of her blue pair of trousers to not show that her right hand was made into a fist, this was going to be a long conversation and she knew it. She simply looked up, while she stopped frowning, she would have to have a neutral face on her. "What is it that you want?" she said while she eyed the Slime girl to put the diary on the table. "I would first want to know what you want. No chatting about Selena, you. Why do you need the diary, why do you need that body, how did you get it." If the slime girl would make another movement for the diary, she would throw her spear at the table, she only needed seconds for that.

#34Selena Maelstrom 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:58 am

Selena Maelstrom
The Slime simply smiled at Alice as she spoke about Lacie connecting the dots. "Well if she couldn't figure it out as soon as I cam in, she's more mentally damaged than she appears." The Slime then let out a high pitched laugh followed by a small fit of giggles. The though greatly amused her since it was obvious even to the rookie knight's that Lacie was insane. "but at least you are smart enough to keep things interesting." The Slime said looking at Alice as if trying to flirt with her. The Slime was clearly trying to get under Alice's skins and for the most part it seemed to work. The Slime relished in this and wanted to continue but to go too far would ruin everything so she made sure to do it within moderation. This was the first real fun she had in years and she was not going to ruin it for herself.

The Slime looked somewhat confused at Alice. "What I want? My that is rather big of you. I thought you wouldn't shut up about Selena or the diary, but asking me what I want?" The Slime asked as a large drop of goo began to form in her right turquoise eye. "Oh Ali you really do care~!" She said wiping it away with a comical amount of over acting. "But since you asked..." The Slime said, now sounding less sweet and more like an actual being with an emotion other than happiness. "Something all you humans want, even Selena. To have fun! To be happy~! Although Her voice was sweet it had a sinister twinge in it as she spoke. Her Smile seemed to contort somewhat so that it looked less cute and far more demonic. Alice had then asked why she needed the Diary and how she got her body. The Slime burst into a fit of laughter. "Oh come on Ali! Use your head!" Her voice had lost all sense of hollowness and was more sincerely than it had been. It was dark and deep, sinister sounding yet happy. "It's all for my own fun! I was locked away for years and now that I'm out I plan to have my fun! Our own fun!" She corrected herself placing her hand on her chest. The Slime looked at Alice hoping for some visible discomfort or annoyance, anything to feed her sadism. Anything to allow her to fully enjoy this moment.

#35Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:14 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She ignored the statement about her twinsister because she was very aware about that as well. Lacie had something that she couldn't pinpoint yet but that's why she couldn't see how everything worked. How flawed the world was and that she helped at some point making others miserable by her doing. She was sure there was more to it than meets the eye and that there were also more victims from Lacie her backlashes. She didn't say anything though, if someone brought them tea they might think it was a nice chat about the concerns of the Eventide and Maelstrom family but there was nothing else to worry about for only the three of them were alive and all in the same building.

She heaved her head a little higher when the Slime girl called her smart enough. But her face this time no longer showed the anger, it was neutral and it would stay that way for now. She needed to get to answers and she needed to play this game correctly, but it was damn difficult if you had other things to worry about and Lacie was no longer top priority, she was safe there in the infirmary but what about Selena. She closed her eyes shortly to blink away the hatred for the nickname Ali. No one ever called her Ali. She didn't say anything she simply listened, not believing the answer in the slightest.

She wanted to say something but the slime started to laugh and after that told her to use her head. She gritted her teeth, not saying anything and trying to stay neutral, even though she knew perfectly well that the Slime was doing this to get her angry and it was working. When she was struggeling to find herself and to know what to do in the moment of her life, there had been Selena. Now it was her turn to get her back, "You know you could combine that with my cousin instead of taking over at all possible times. That's selfish and it's on the same level as Lacie her arrogance, maybe we should call you princess as well." she retorted back. She wanted to see what the Slime would do, she made it sound all so beautiful but it wasn't. It was mainly taking over, grabbing everything for yourself. She didn't understand how the slime got the body and how it was its own dentity but she would find it out soon enough. Apparently the Slime didn't mind to talk.

#36Selena Maelstrom 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:46 am

Selena Maelstrom
Although Discrete The Slime knew she was getting to Alice. The Blink she had, the neutral face she pulled. It would have been better to keep her face angry, instead of trying to keep it neutral. Now the Slime knew she had the upper hand, she knew she could say whatever she wanted to and if Alice kept her face stony, well then she knew it was chipping away at her, and if Alice burst out in anger. The Slime shuddered in pleasure as she though to of it. The Slime listened, now growing her sweet smile once more as Alice said that they should share. The Slime seemed to be visibly suppressing a laugh, bringing a fist to her face as if to hold it in. Of course The Slime did this to further whittle away at Alice and her temper. It was something mainly to annoy her, although The Slime did find it funny how she did not notice that she was indeed sharing with Selena. "Oh but Ali~" She said trying to look as innocent as possible. The Slime then placed a slippery hand on her chest, over where her heart would be in the translucent slime. It would seem the Slime was trying to promise Alice something by making this motion, however she was simply doing it to move around and also bring attention to the fact that the Slime had full control over the body. "I am sharing with Selena! Honest~" She said her smile growing sinister once again. "After all, you seen her run in here first. I only took over after." She pointed out. The Slime hoped it would make it seem very obvious to Alice that it was true. "And I can assure you,
I had no control over that, although when I took over I felt forced..."
She admitted her smile faltering on purpose. "If I didn't I think her dainty little heart would have broken!" The Slime said, a hint of glee within the sad sounding words. The Slime knew this would make Alice want to question her, and that was what she wanted as of right now. My my this is turning out to be so fun! The Slime though, Bringing her hand up to her lips once more.

#37Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:38 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She really wanted to scream, but she also didn't. She felt a bit helpless at this point. There was so much going on and so much that she was struggling with and looking at Selena, seeing Selena and yet knowing it wasn't her, made her swallow with difficulty. A person she had missed so much lately and someone she had hoped to be able to bond with and to change for and to tell her the differences and yet her cousin had a problem herself. Again someone she couldn't count on because she didn't want to bother them.

"Let's agree to disagree because I don't believe you really shared. You simply told her to take over. She is my cousin, this is our family problem and not yours. You are not a part of my family and you never will. So stop pretending, we don't need that and we won't get further in this conversation if we are not honest with each other."

She simply couldn't believe that Selena her heart would break and the description of how easy that would be done, it must have been a lie. If that was something in the family: all three of them wouldn't be here either. She was sure of that, she had never felt such heartbreak before, she had once and that was for a short amount of time and it was about one thing not in her whole life and her whole body. That would probably come at a later prospect.

She didn't like how the slime reacted, she was only looking at her again, frowning, she found nothing fun about it. And answers weren't oming either. Maybe she should try that diary again and would see what would happen but how would she get Selena back.

#38Selena Maelstrom 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:30 pm

Selena Maelstrom
"Oh Ali I thought I told you to use your head, you silly goose~!" The Slime said with gained glee. She had thought Alice could see that she was nothing more than a soul of a takeover but unfortunately this was not the case. Still, the Slime knew she could still have her fun with Alice while she was in the dark. "You see, my dear little Ali, Myself and Selena are one and the same. Bound together forever whether either of us likes it or not." The Slime said returning to her genuine tone and look. She was gazing at Alice with her turquoise eyes a little tired looking. "You might not believe it but I actually care for Selena." She said almost sounding melancholy. "I've known her longer than you have. I share her feelings and I only take over when she begins to get overwhelmed. Like for example, when she hears that her cousins whom she had let down,
who she had not seen in months, and with one was the other cousin who she never bothered to find, the other cousin who rather her dead."
The Slime said. Her voice was audibly sadder and her voice was no longer as sweet as it was, deeper like the girl she was possessing. The feeling of regret and anxiety was filling the slime, beginning to turn her a deeper shade of blue. Taking a deep breath it began to turn back greener again. The Slime had been careless, she had allowed the other personality to bubble to the surface. As time went on it seemed Selena was gaining control especially when her feeling were being bunched up. The Slime was unsure as to how long she could keep this up. Of course I want my fun, but I'm not selfish Slime~" She said trying to resume her sickeningly sweet tone. [color=#00cc00]Now since I was open, let's continue the conversation. [/colour] The Slime would say, tapping her gooey fingers upon the table.

#39Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:01 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She bit her tongue when the slime girl said she wasn't using her head. Than what was she missing? Because she couldn't see something else, mind you she never bumped into someone that used a Take Over Magic. So that idea wouldn't pop in her mind. It wasn't like a demon either it was an entity sharing a body, did that mean that she didn't have a body herself? This was very confusing and she wasn't entirely sure if she would understand; hence why she was still frowning.

If they were one and the same there were a lot of things that needed to be explained because they both supported a different way of acting and so on. She narrowed her eyes, "Hmm." was all she said to acknowledge that she heard it but not giving any other reaction to it. She went to sit up straight as she noticed the change in the Slime's demeanor and she didn't understand that either, she changed colour and Alice pulled back a little, okay this was interesting.

She eyed her for the rest of the conversation, which quickly changed back to the mask that she had been wearing, "I don't call it open if you force yourself to take a specific way of handling things. But that's up to you. So what is it that you want to talk about?" She asked with a mocking voice in her turn. Belitteling her because it seemed that it was obviously a mask and she had found out that playing with the Slime her emotions would make her turn blue and perhaps would give Selena the change to take over again and hold on. Did this mean that something bad happened to her cousin? And that she needed to grow and train her own mask to keep in control of the slime?

Instead of gaining answers, more questions were coming up in her mind and she doubted that she would get answers to this all soon. Something was going on with Lacie and she needed to ask a healeer and wonder if she indeed would let her rot in a cell, after a judge had been convinced, or think about Selena and a possible durability to hold on to her own emotions. What was better and what if she judged wrong and Selena didn't want to be in control in such cases. She felt an anger bubble inside her, Selena left her and she had to deal with all sorts of things as well as now her issue? This wasn't fair.

#40Selena Maelstrom 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:04 am

Selena Maelstrom
The Slime had noticed Alice bite her tongue, another reaction and one the Slime enjoyed seeing as she bathed within her own sadism. It seemed however that it was the only reaction The Slime could gain from Alice as she spoke more. Other than an expression of thinking Alice gave now more signs of discomfort, which would have benefited the Slime immensely. Instead however she went on to talk about how her and Selena felt the same, almost loosing control. However along with the the years of solitude within Selena she learned how to try and take over once more. The Slime hated to force-ably do it especially when there was no real need to, however the Slime was unsure as to how Selena would react, so now was the moment of truth.

Alice had tried mocking her once the Slime once she had turned back to normal which in turn made the Slime chuckle. The Slime seen through Alice's pathetic attempt of trying to make her feel bad. The Slime regretted showing off her weakness, but it seemed that Alice had not fully understood it, which was a minor relief. The Slime knew she would figure it out eventually, but as of right now she kept a cool face as she was asked what she wanted. "Well I find that insight very similar to the pot calling the kettle black, however I shall ignore it~." The Slime said with her sweet smile. The comment could not be more of a back handed slap if it tried and it would hopefully cause another grimace by Alice. "Well I'd love to see what is written within that Diary,
then we can talk more about Selena, well more what you may talk to Selena about. But enough about her, let's bust that book open!"
The Slime said with immense greed in  her voice as she eyed up the book as she was a wild animal looking at some gourmet dish. Licking her slimy lips she awaited to see what Alice would do. Although the Slime had made her intentions clear they were also very objectionable and she knew this, however the Slime could see the suppressed curiosity within Alice's golden eyes and knew that their feelings about the Diary were similar.

#41Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:00 am

Adelaide Sokolov
This was getting ridiculous, but she needed to play this correctly and get Selena out of this mess. On the other hand did Selena think she was in a mess. She raised an eyebrow and looked for any sign of her cousin on the slime her face, which was basically Selena her face but nothing was visible. She had caught a glimpse of how to get the Slime away, by pestering her away but she didn't know what effect that would have on Selena so she refrained from it. Her hand in the pocket of her blue trousers was made into a fist, she was definitely annoyed by this. Mostly because her sister was here and the answers were still not there. Lacie was dragged into this as well and that made a few things more certain.

She ignored the comment the slime made towards her, and stared at the slime with a neutral expression, because this was going back and forth all the time. So she would have to shut her mouth because she didn't plan to sit here for another hour. "You are right, let's read it." she grabbed the diary before the slime could, planning to throw the spear that she had ready at a second at the table in case the Slime would work against her.

"I made a mistake, where my daughter Adelaide is wild in her behaviour, it is Elisabeth that is constant going crazy over small behaviour. I punished the wrong o-" Alice had decided to read out loud but her voice stopped, Adelaide, that must be her, Elisabeth was her sister, that was a conclusion they had made before. "the wrong one. The Divine will punish me for this, I can feel it eating at my bones. I asked my sisters for this, they are dying I know it except for one. She must have done something for Adelaide that makes her good enough to be spared. I don't know how long I will hold on. I called up on Richard, he will take Elisabeth away, away from me forever, I'm sure he will dump her somewhere so I warned her. But by my blessing she dies quickly too. I shouldn't have listened to her or taken her as example, my poor Adelaide, how I punished her."

Alice stopped reading again, it was a bit too much, but it didn't contain much answers at this moment.

#42Selena Maelstrom 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:06 am

Selena Maelstrom
The Slime looked mildly surprised at Alice. She had calmly taken up the book and began to read aloud. The Slime was itching for another reaction to her comments, but Alice had remained silent and cool, showing no signs of annoyance. That annoyed the Slime somewhat. Although The Slime knew Alice was annoyed, it was because o the situation and not because of the sharp words she spoke at her cousin. The whole situation was loosing it's fun to the Slime, however when Alice began to read it rekindled her faith in her slimy little plan as a grin formed on her face. It was covered however as Selena placed her index finger over her upper lip and propped her chin up with her thumb. The remaining fingers would block Alice's view of the Slime's lower face. The Slime starred at the table to and listened very carefully making sure not to miss a single word.

As Alice read, one dot after another began to link within the mind of the Slime. The memories of Selena that were shrouded in a dense fog became clearer. The Slime looked up from the table to Alice to see her struggling with the reading. A strong urge challenged the Slime to mock her but as she opened her mouth to retort, a gentler voice came out. "It's okay, take your time." A colder sensation ran through the Slime making her shudder. Selena was beginning to bubble back up once more. The Slime decided to try and be more helpful to coax Selena back into the depths of her soul. "That sister is referring to Selena's mother." The Slime said, still sounding gentle, but her waxy green pigment coming back into her Slime. "She was your mother's sister, and the one who informed Selena that you were dead. It only makes sense, especially since Selena's mother was the rebel in the cult, shutting herself away from the rest of the family, bar you of course." The Slime said, attempting to put as much empathy into her voice as possible. Still the names that Alice read seemed to link in with the Slime herself. From Selena's memories, the Slime knew Selena had trouble pronouncing both. "it's kind of funny though..." The Slime said, with more feeling than she meant. "Ali and Lacey, kind of sound like shortened versions of those names, with some liberties. Lacey-lizzy-elisabeth. Ali-alice-A(d)el(a)i(de)" The Slime said, as if recounting a fond memory. "In your own time." The Slime would say, a hint of impatience in her voice.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice stared at the book, but she was aware of the change in demeanor from the person in front of her. She didn't look up, but it was exactly what she meant to happen. She didn't want to continue to read because that would make it more difficult. She only nodded, she didn't understand completely what happened with Selena her parents, the raid killed them but that meant that they were spared in the disaster that mother had called upon. Why did this slime care. She faked a shaking personality, holding on to the book and trying to change pages was difficult with a shaken hand. Adelaide and Elisabeth. She ignored the comments about her name and the one from Lacie, because she wanted to scream and shout that it was none of the Slime her business.

She needed Selena for this but actually she didn't need anyone. She wanted to go home. She wanted to read this on her own and understand it on her own, because this was going to hurt her and take a while. She heard the impatience in the voice of the Slime and she had to resist the urge to pierce her with a spear, it helped to remind her that it was Selena her body. She would wait for one more comment, one more and she would be done, she would have reached the end of her temper. If the slime that used her cousin her body would say one more thing she would shut the book close, "Fine someone needs to teach you that it is none of your business and that you have to learn that the hard way. I'm sorry Selena, if you can hear me. But this is a challenge and I will help you to fight it off. I'm sure that would work." Smartass, she called herself, this was probably water magic and what did a cat hate the most? Besides she must be aware that she couldn't stand much damage, she had to protect a new being inside her at this moment. Why was she someone with such a short temper?!

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Selena Maelstrom
The Slime was rolling around in her own sadistic pleasure. It was hard to contain as Alice was shouting her head off. The Slime had been waiting for this. The moment when the lieutenant would snap like a twig. The whole skeptical was even better than the Smile had imagined. It had been at the perfect time too. It seemed that the trauma of reading the book coupled with the Slime's sharp tongue pierced Alice's side like a spear and her rage was flowing out of the torn wound like a river of blood. The Slime could not help but burst into laughter as Alice had challenged Selena to fight her off and even offered to help. "You.... Fight me! Ahahahahahahah" The Slime began to hold her sides as she laughed on. "Even if you could get near me, I'm made mainly of water! And you're a neko, who are afraid of that!" The Slime stood up and wiped an eye. "But if you really think fighting me would work, then why don't we have a spar, see if it will help." The Smile said, a malicious smile on her face. The Slime doubted it could help Selena. The only reason she took over was due to her mental health, not her physical health. It seemed Alice did not see this though. Although Selena could not hear she did feel some form of encouragement from Alice. The Slime wondered how she could use this but as of right now there was no way to know how. "I'll be meeting in the training grounds, ya know where that is so don't get lost and leave me waiting~" The Slime said with a wink as she left the interrogation room. She bit her lip as she began to imagine the immense amount of fun she was going to have fighting her cousin. Selena would then make her way to the Rune Knight Training grounds and nice there would begin to exercise her powers. It had been forever since she had used any and now she was having a perfect chance.


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Adelaide Sokolov
She was very annoyed, which was no way smart to step into a fight like that. But if it was a possibility to reach Selena like that and to let her gain control, than it was all worth it, even the pain and the fear that may reach her because of the water magic that the slime and thus Selena seemed to use. She always thought she was a Water Dragon Slayer but in the months of absence something must have happened and she would only ask Selena. She had seen that when the slime was hurt, either mental and perhaps physical that she would sort of change back to Selena.

She ignored the laughing, she basically ignored everything. She had to be very careful and she would and that would mean that she would also make sure that she was very careful in her way of fighting Selena, all she could do was mutter apologies in her head. "I will meet you there," she said coolly this time and let the Slime girl walk off. She stood up herself from the chair and let the diary disappear into her dimensional pocket. She would read that later. There were more important things at hand.

As her cousin disappeared the apprentices ran into the room, "I'm fine." she grumbled because their worry was annoying, "If I hear any of you talk about my pregnancy, I will hang you both, it doesn't matter who it was." she said with the same bad mood that had entered her the moment the Slime version of Selena had entered this room. She quickly went to check up on Lacie but she was asleep and in a healing process so Alice left quickly.

She would meet Slime girl in less than ten minutes on the spar field behind the Headquarters building.


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