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Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:52 am

Lacie Eventide
Had she just run from her hometown to avoid the problem at hand, she still wasn't satisfied. She had avoided to bump into her sister for weeks but she had not seen her sister's partner either and she had heard nothing about her. She was afraid, never had Lacie been so afraid and not for the rage that might be a part of her sister, no she never thought of that but being close to a person that should be dead was very scary in her eyes.

She held on to everything that was dear to her and didn't mind to spend her jewels on expensive hotel rooms so she felt a bit safer than she had done before. She coughed and wiped the blood away from her lips with a handkerchief, she would not give up yet. There would be answers from the Divine and they would be here soon. She would still pray but her religion, her believe and love for the Divine was a bit wobbly as she had done everything that the religion had taught her, she had been careful and she had listened to the pleadings and everything, her mother had taught her everything about their cult that worshiped the Divine as if there was no other reason to live and Lacie believed so too but her believe was waving as she had heard from someone that her sister was here. She decided to do some quick grocery shopping because she mostly stayed inside the hotel for her own safety. It had a high security level and that's why she felt safe there but now she would needed to be quick. Most people were working at this hour, so the grocery store would be empty, she would first have to reach it.

That's when she however bumped into someone a tad taller than her but with the exact same eyes, nose and summer freckles, the same colour hair and same posture. She bumped into her twin sister and those hazel brown eyes looked everything but friendly.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:06 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She was only five centimeter taller than her. She had freckles that looked a deeper colour than her own, they looked as if they were permanent on her cheekbones and nose bridge, while Alice her own were only there in the sunny period of the summon. Her eyes were a darker form of brown, hiding almost the entire green and golden colour that she had seen often in the mirror, she was a litte more plump compared to Alice but on the other hand considering her job, it made sense. She was wearing a frilly dress that Alice would never wear and heels that would be a disaster on the cobblestones a few streets away from them.

Her brown eyes were big and full of fear, as if she knew what the consequences were of her mistake twelve almost thirteen years ago. But Alice was sure that these brown eyes were not filled with fear out of regret or out of a mistake, they were out of fear of her, being considered a demon. But she had spoken enough people to realize that had always been a lie and she had been stupid to believe it. She couldn't say anything as she stared at Lacie, her twin sister. She had been very aware that Lacie had been in Magnolia but she had gone on a job in Orchidia and now she was here, she had just finished a job but instead of walking in her Rune Knight uniform, she was casually dressed in a pair of jeans and a green crop top, that showed her flat stomach and her strong arms.

Had she started with a surprised look, her eyebrows quickly curved in a way that showed her anger towards the person in front of her. Luckily for Lacie it wasn't busy, a few of her colleagues already passed her, nodded to her but she actually didn't see. Some stared at the two of them because of them looking so much alike. She held up her right arm to stretch it out and summoned her spear, "You have five seconds to explain yourself." she said with a very angry tone in her voice. No one would stop her to get her revenge.

#3Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:37 am

Lacie Eventide
She thought she was seeing things but the other person or should she think creature was moving. It wasn't like a mirror reflection, it was a nightmare in real life. For some reason Lacie could only see that Alice was much more trained and perhaps beautiful than she would ever be. Being short and plump! This was her worst nightmare, a demon in the middle of the streets of Era and no one was doing a silly little thing. Rune Knights passing them and not doing anything, they simply nodded a hello and Lacie didn't understand. Was she the only one able to see Alice? Would that explain that Konstantin would call her a liar, he was just hypnotized by this spell that showed Alice. Someone was playing a joke on her.

She eyed her twin sister, she didn't look dead and she looked rather tangible but Lacie didn't dare to touch her as that would maybe infect her, which wasn't really the problem anymore as she was already infected with something, since she was coughing blood already. She felt herself shiver and shake as she was so afraid of the consequences of this but what would she do, she wanted to run away but her legs couldn't carry her. That's when she noticed her invisible sister held out her arm and out of nowhere a spear appeared, "Magic." she whispered very scared already at this point but she couldn't do anything. That's when her sister spoke, her voice a bit lower than the one from Lacie but it would take a trained someone to hear the difference. "To explain what?" she said far braver than she felt, "You are not suppose to even say that to me." She tried to show off an arrogance in which she had always carried herself yet had always kept hidden because of the masks that she kept for the people that didn't know her.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:55 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She almost knew what it would feel like to be a demon. Or well in a particular manner, had she not fought just one yesterday, had she not cowered in fear for the creature itself and threw it aside because she didn't want to linger on stupid cowardly feelings, no longer did she want to run away and hide in shame of not being able to do anything. Besides that she was a lieutenant now, she no longer had that option. This was how she felt now, almost towering over her sister even if it was only five centimeters. It seemed that Lacie was now cowering in fear, her eyes big and white, her lip trembeling and her knees shaking.

But she was shaking as well but in a complete different manner, she was shaking with anger, that's how furious she was. She had given Lacie a few seconds to explain herself but she had only said that it was no use because Alice had to be the one that couldn't even ask her that, "And you not even regret that!" she yelled and she moved her arm forward to strike with her spear at her 'dear' sister her heart. Thank god for her, because it wouldn't give her any answers, one of the lower apprentices stopped her by holding the back of the spear and pull her back, "Ma'm, I can't let you allow that. We'll take her to the headquarters for interrogation." Hmm it seemed that the knights had discussed more about it than she would have liked but for now that didn't matter.

She stared at the man that was taller than her but yet low ranked, her sister seemed to have a smug face which in time gave Alice a smile on her lips as she had the idea that Lacie had no idea why they just had stopped her, only for the public eye. "Yes, take her away. We will see what we can figure out from asking her questions. Interrogation room one will do. I will follow you there, a few steps behind, just to make it easier." her sister's smug smile disappeared and two other knights showed up, apparently being behind her all the time to take her sister away, while she dropped her spear, letting it immediately disappear into the dimensional pocket from her magic. She had heard her whisper, the word and there were a lot of questions she needed to be answered before Lacie could disappear.

Her cat ears remained flat on the back of her head, her tail, thank god hidden, would have showed her agitation. She was still furious but she needed to control her temper to be able to get the answers that she deserved. "You two." she called out to two apprentices behind her, "Find out where she stays, and get me everything of value that contains any answers about thirteen years ago."

#5Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:46 am

Lacie Eventide
Had she been afraid for Alice from the moment she had noticed it was her indentical twin staring at her from the five centimeter difference between them, had she already been shaking with fear, she was cowering, protecting her face when Alice yelled at her. Still holding that spear. Ready to strike, which she first wouldn't see until the moment she heard something. Someone calling someone else ma'm. She split her fingers of her hands as she looked through it as to what was happening, she didn't feel a piercing pain yet. Her brown eyes spotted a man next to her sister and she dropped her hands quickly to see this show. So Alice wasn't invisible, the Rune Knights finally stepped up! This was the whole reason she came to Era, she was safe!

She didn't pay attention to Alice, which was really a shame considering what was happening. She stared with big happy and relieved eyes at the man that came to safe her from her disasterous, dangerous sister. Her smile dropped soon as her sister talked and she only looked in confusion, it seemed as if she knew them.. how could Alice have that authority. She wanted her back to the invisible demon sister, she couldn't handle that but this made that whole bubble burst. Something was wrong, something terribly was wrong.

Her eyes went from the man that now took a step back, the man that saved her, to that of her sister's and there was a smile, there was an authority, taking her to interrogation room one? What?! There were two knights that quickly grabbed both one of her upper arms and turned her around to walk up to the hill of the Headquarters, "Let go of me. This is not how law works. You have no right to do this. I did nothing wrong." She looked over her shoulder, sandwiched between broad shoulders herself and a few steps behind her was her sister and again Lacie felt a pain straining feeling in her heart as the wind casually blew her sister's long wavy hair aside making her look like a run away model and it hurt Lacie her feelings so badly that she would have to make her one arm free to cough, hiding the blood between the folds of her dress.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:48 am

Adelaide Sokolov
As they were walking away to the Headquarters, Alice ordered some other knights to find the answers that she had been waiting for. She on the other hand had to do something more important, she needed to do something else. Her eyes travelled from the knights that hurried off to the people that took Lacie away from her so she wouldn't have to carry herself. She followed and she brushed the hair out of her face and behind her ear as she looked over her shoulder, not noticing her twin looking at her. She could use Konstantin for this but she was no longer able to simply depend on others for her own jobs. Other incidents and accidents had pointed that out already.

She quickly turned back and noticed a hand of red disappearing in the folds of a skirt but she only narrowed her eyes and didn't say anything about it yet. She wasn't sure but about one thing she was sure, she didn't care and thus she also didn't want to know. She took more steps and changed into her lieutenant outfit, her jeans changing into a blue cobalt coloured pair of trousers, her green coloured crop top changing into a white blouse, she left the rest of it behind. Her hair that had been loose just a second ago, was now thanks to the change turned up into a high ponytail, making her red hair swing from left to right with every step she took.

There were enough knights in the headquarters and many made way for her as she passed but mostly because there was almost a copy of her walking between two knights. It was obvious they were not the same, there was the dress, the heels, not many people had seen Alice in that attire, only Konstantin, she believed.

She headed down the stairs towards the interrogation room and she nodded to one of the knights as he had let go of Lacie and headed to the room next to it. So he would be invisible but able to be a witness in case Lacie did say a couple of things. The second Knight let her into the room and left after she entered, she closed the door behind him and leaned against it. "Such a surprise, it's all written over your face." she crossed her arms and stared at her sister who sat down now, "You would never suspect your demon sister to be a Knight, well let's tell you the truth. I'm a Lieutenant now. Means a lot authority and all, could you ever imagine when you were eight? Or did you dream to be a princess every day?"

#7Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:07 pm

Lacie Eventide
It was terrible humiliating that she had to walk like this. Her clean slate of a record and yet she was held on like on of the worst criminals in history. Not that Lacie knew a lot about those criminals but that's how it felt and thus she was terribly embarrassed. She was brought inside the Headquarters of Rune Knights and brought down into what felt like the dungeons to this red head and into a small room with a table and two plastic chairs. They looked rather uncomfortable. She went to sit down the moment she was let go. Being this ill made her only able to walk for short periods and especially not climb up hills and mountains. She hoped there was no blood on her lips, her sister had no right to ask any questions about that.

She looked up after she sat down, they were alone now. Though she suspected one of the knights perhaps both to stand behind the window like mirror that was in the room as well. But she didn't plan to taunt or do anything, she was tired and her chest hurt, breathing was difficult. But it didn't matter for now, she needed answers as well. Her eyes looked over Alice, if everything was true, her sister had every right to be furious but Lacie doubted that it was possible with every piece of soul she had in her, something she had and not Alice.

It was hateful how much Alice seemed to know about her. Yes, she had always wanted to stay rich, marry rich, get nice children and all and survive. Get a working body. Especially the last one but she felt tears showing up in the corner of her eyes, or not be alone. Have someone who loved her that much and her sadness turned into anger as well, "There might have been mistakes in the past but you don't deserve anything you got now. You have a working body, you have him, you have love. You have a job in which people respect you. You are suppose to be dead."

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:37 am

Adelaide Sokolov
This was not going the way she had always thought about, when she thought about it. Right now she had to refrain herself from wrapping her hands around Lacie her neck and strangle her. But the one apprentice had been right, killing her sister wasn't going to help her with anything but she seriously hoped it would hurry because she deserved answers. She was still leaning against the door, watching Lacie every second. Her reactions, she seemed to be an easy cry baby as she was already seeing her on the brick of tears.

But they disappeared soon and she saw a reflection of her own angry face looking at her. When Lacie started to speak about the fact that Alice didn't deserve anything she got now. This made her take the short steps towards Lacie and just as she had done before in Orchidia, she lifted her hand and slapped her sister harshly on the cheek. Where Konstantin had only gotten a red cheek, Lacie almost fell of her chair. It was also that she was more furious with Lacie than she ever had been with Konstantin. She wanted to hurt Lacie more than just hit her on her cheek. Luckily for the twin, was she holding on to the table. "How dare you! Who are you to speak like that. Are you a god? No. Are you your beloved Divine? No. You are nothing, you are my sister and I have learned that family take care off each other and you failed to do that. No one will ever forgive you for that. We are no family, you are someone that looks like me and I am someone that looks like you. It is your own believes that have punished you for what you did to me. Your body is giving up, I saw the blood, you are unloved, you are alone. Yet you tried to destroy everything for other people. I can't believe you only did this to me. Where's is mother? What did you do." She couldn't help but start to scream at her, she even imagined she heard a knock on the window, maybe she should lay low, keep her honour and the honour of her job but it didn't matter. This was Lacie, if there was someone demon spawn, it was this girl and not Alice.

#9Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:06 am

Lacie Eventide
Had she just mentally wiped away her tears to focus on the anger that was inside her, she had spoken the words that it didn't matter to Alice, that she didn't deserve the happiness that she was showing. She had obviously not seen it now but the fact that she was a lieutenant and thus had hard working friends and colleagues surrounding her and most of all how Konstantin had reacted on seeing her. She had a comparison between him before he knew about Alice, in Orchidia and after and calling her, his partner. She found it the worst thing she could hear, it was terrifying that a woman like Alice could get a person to care for her so much, like him.

Her face turned from left to right and she had to held on to the table to not be smacked of the chair with the force her sister hit her and started to yell at her. Her words reaching Lacie while she stared with big brown eyes at the floor on her right. Her eyes were filled with tears and she didn't stop them this time. Her left hand was convering her red cheek that burned like hell and she wouldn't be surprised if her jaw was broken, even though she was sure it wasn't. She coughed a few times but let the blood splatter on the ground. Alice had already seen and mentioned it but it broke her heart about the sarcasm in her voice.

The yelling was something she couldn't stand and it didn't make her stop crying and staring at the three blood drops in front of her. She didn't sob, it was just the tears dropping on the ground as well. But she listened to Alice her speech and stood up in the same anger again, which was difficult to spot with blood on her lip and tears on her cheeks, "Don't talk about mother like that!" was the first thing she was able to say and her voice sounded a little on the edge of breaking but she would hold on. "It was all out of protection for me. She was the sweetest person to me on this Earth. The Divine made sure to let her stay with me but you have given her the same illness you have and now it finally starts to work for me. This is all your fault and yet you are blaming me. I was trying to do whatever I could to protect my family and you do not belong there indeed. You are possessed, there is no Alice Eventide."

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:29 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She turned away from the table as she had yelled at Lacie and walked away from it. She didn't want to look at her sister. She was so angry that she didn't want to push herself over the edge to do things she might regret later but answers weren't really coming. This was a discussion between the two of them who was the most sad and pity worthy person and Alice didn't even want to win but she would, considering as much as she did know and the fact that she had amnesia was everything that made her the pity person and she hated that. She clenched her hands into fist and kept her back towards Lacie. She didn't know what was happening, she heard the coughing and finally the talking: "Don't talk about mother like that!" Which made her flinch as she noticed a flashback coming.

Two children looking almost indentical. One a little bit shorter and more chubby and the other was wearing a ripped dress and muddy hands. The one with the ripped dressed looked as if she was too proud to cry but there sure was something and the other one looked rather satisfied with herself. Alice looked at it, it was weird to stand next to it when she recognized herself in the light blue dress that was ripped, she had fallen and she still didn't know how that happened, nothing like that happened anymore now she was half cat. She tried to remember but it was very difficult besides she heard her mother yell at her and pointing out how lovely Lacie looked at that Alice would never be like that and that it was wrong and that she was not her child and it almost broke her own heart when she looked at her face, this was ridiculous.

She shook off the flashback to turn back and listen a bit to Lacie as it had only taken seconds for her to see everything but Lacie had of course continued talking. She didn't turn around but she could feel the angry eyes at her, "You are right, there is no Alice Eventide. My name is Alice Baskerville and you want to know why before you succumb in your self pity party. Because thanks to whatever you did, your little ritual, it made me lose my memory." She didn't scream anymore, she talked as if she needed to talk to a child and explain everything by talking slow and careful so the child would understand what was said. "Left in an orphanage at the age of eight years old. Dropped out of it because when I was eighteen it was time to stand on my own feet." she would now not talk about what happened in between the two and a half years before she ended up here because the others outside the room didn't need to know.

"It was you, it had been you all along." She said after she simply understood what the flashback meant. "You were always so full of yourself that you need every little bit off attention from mother. You pushed me, made me rip the dress, and I still didn't know why but it had always been you. Why are you so jealous?"

#11Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:35 am

Lacie Eventide
They were obvious copies, even if they did not grow up together past the age of eight they were looking the same for most of parts but Lacie couldn't see that. She only saw the differences, even though they represented the same stands. Both standing upright, shoulders stiff with anger and their arms next to their body and hands clenched in fists. But there was still so much different and Lacie simply didn't know, she didn't need this, it was Alice that forced to get this conversation going. She didn't need this, she needed the other one to be gone, her so called other half. The one that took everything away from her.

She did feel a bit guilty especially if Alice did lose her memory but soon enough she remembered that her sister wasn't a human anymore, her cat ears proofed that as well. She now remembered that Konstantin had them too. She shouldn't feel sorry for someone that couldn't remember thirteen years, or almost thirteen years because of the fact that she shouldn't even be here. "Oh well you are not even suppose to be alive, so sorry if I do not pity that. Maybe you didn't even exist in those years. Maybe you came back from the death like the demon you are." She however was still screaming in comparison towards Alice.

Her eyes grew bigger when she heard Alice point out it was always her fault. Yes, she had pushed her sister on the brick of things. She had wanted to be the eldest, the smartest and the prettiest. But no that was taken from her, as a baby she had been around healers a lot because of her weak body and the fact that she wasn't growing so well as her sister, who was careless and reckless. Always muddy and in some cases Lacie indeed ripped her dresses or killed her dolls so she was better and at least got the worry and love from her mother only. "I am not jealous!" which she obviously was, it was kind of extra obvious considering how hard she screamed it out.

Her lower lip trembled, "How do you get everything, when you ruined everything. How can people love you considering you destroy everything that you leave behind. You left behind me and look at me. I am dying because you made my body weak. You took everything for yourself."

#12Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:20 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Slowly Alice did turn around because the feeling, the itchy feeling of strangling should just be restrained from her all the time. Which was why she still left the table between them and to prevent herself from slapping her sister she simply crossed her arms in front of her chest again. Lacie seemed to copy her words as Alice had mentioned her pity party and here Lacie was pointing out she wouldn't pity her. "It would be easy for you if that was the option wasn't it." she held up her hand and not much later someone opened the door and handed her a stack of papers. She walked towards the table, seeing her sister back away from her. Apparently still scared about the hit she made on her cheek. It was still bright red but Alice didn't care about it. She placed the stack of papers on the table, because it was parts of her research she had done a lot of times. "You are wrong." she said more calmly than she felt, she grabbed a paper of the stack and threw it on the table towards Lacie. It was a record of her arrival at the orphanage near Crocus and the day she left, which was on the 17th of August in the year x782. Almost three years ago, and immediately the day after her birthday.

She let Lacie read it from the distance that she now had and just let her be. Before she came to the conclusion that it was her sister all along and she simply couldn't help but point that out. She knew at this right moment that there would never be any jail sentence for her sister, after all she had been but a child but Lacie was far more aware of what she had done that would be something but as she was a child at that time, just eight, it would not change anything if Alice would ask for a sentence at the court. This is what made her stop breathing for a second to chancel her temper, she was so frustrated that she would do things she might regret. She wasn't Lacie, who started to scream that she wasn't jealous.

Even though she exactly gave the reasons to why she was jealous rather easily after that. She didn't know anything about the trouble Lacie had as a child because it was not something she remembered even if she could, she doubted she would have noticed. Considering the way Lacie carried herself. The way she described it, it must have been one of the effects for being born as twins. That wasn't Alice her fault, it was just how it worked and basically you couldn't blame anyone. But she couldn't see why that would be blamed on her, apparently Lacie didn't see it that way. "I have more proof if you want. But I also want to hear things from you. After this you don't have to see me ever again. I will even try to find the best healer for you, we have some fine healers in this Headquarter." She took a seat at the table, but kept a bit of space between her seated position and the table. "Where is mother?"

#13Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:23 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie did a step back when Alice got closer. Her suspision about being watched was true, because as soon as her sister had put up her hand, someone appeared at the door to give a stack of papers that she had now placed on the table. The papers were thrown towards her part of the table and because she was curious she would take a few small steps back and look at the papers with her nose up in the air. Pretending that she didn't care. But it indeed was proof that Alice had been in Crocus during the years that Lacie thought she was dead. Nothing of the incidents happened there, her whole file was here and she wasn't entirely sure if it was truth but it seemed that the knights were aware of this so she couldn't have changed it. She followed Alice her example not much later to sit down as well and read through it globally because she needed to stay aware of everything her sister did.

She leaned closer to the table to finish the file, she had been distracted because she needed to deny that she was jealous, "What more proof do you have?" she asked and she would wait for Alice, again ignoring the question about their mother, her mother. She had the only right. "Mother died. There was an accident not many years later. If you are right and I do not believe you at all, than the ritual we used for you went wrong. Which explained everything that quickly happened after that. Everything went dark and it was like invisible forces went to eat the tower. My aunts died as well. I was put to safety because she gave me to a stranger, a man. She hated to do that and she told me to get away from him as soon as possible. So I left to join a nunnery."

She didn't know what more to tell, after all she was eight. Her old house was still there but the tower where her mother had hid Alice had been destroyed and was no longer even there, perhaps some bricks were around in the forest of Magnolia, but she had never planned to visit. She had made a fake grave in the garden of her home, that had always been hers according to the man that had saved her for that matter. He had been alright with joining a nunnery. He kept calling her Elisabeth though. She had ignored him all the time after that, every letter he send until they didn't come anymore because she went around to travel.

#14Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:45 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She crossed her arms and with her head tilted to the left, to Lacie her side, she looked at her. Wondering what Lacie thought about the papers, she was probably only reading them to figure out if they were fake or not. Their disgussion was put on hold as Lacie had to take care of herself and defend her not being jealous, which was clearly there and Alice couldn't understand why she was still jealous when it came to the point that she tried to kill Alice and that she had thought that Alice was dead for twelve years or so. How would that work, considering that she was alive and Alice wasn't. She decided not to think any further into that because it would give her a potential headache and she had enough other things to keep in mind now.

She took the stack of papers from the table as Lacie asked for more proof. They at least stopped screaming towards each other and they seemed to answer the other's questions. It was a lot more peaceful like this but she wondered how long that would take. She put the papers on her lap and went to search for it while waving a hand at Lacie to indicate that she could talk about what was going on.

Was Lacie that stupid? She was given to a man, why would their mother do that? If she hated it, would that mean she didn't care about Lacie at that point at all, why would she do that, "Do you know a name?" She asked curiously after looking up for a second, "What did he look like?" She asked him, if Lacie would give her information, she would scribble it on one of the papers back, she would have checked if she could miss this paper. She handed the report she made after meeting Chelvaric and Scraggy about not having been possessed.

She also handed the report from Father Jerad to Lacie as she had asked him about the information about the ritual, that she was able to enter the church and so on. He wanted to get this rumour out of the world after she helped the Kardia Cathedral after it was set on fire and the missions she had taken for him. Apart from that it gave a bad name to the church, he probably had more other reasons but it was not needed for now. If Lacie was a church goer as she had showed like this, she would be familiar with the name.

#15Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:41 pm

Lacie Eventide
Lacie looked at Alice looking through the papers. They were both curious creatures so she didn't doubt a second that the proof must be rather satisfying and she couldn't wait to see what this amnesia half had brought up with to get her memory back and if she actually got flashbacks to know what happened, would a brain be able to do that? She should read about that if she would ever get out of this. she coughed again in her hand, no blood this time, the one drop on her lip she had licked away and now she was simply talking about what happened, "Richard something something." she said not remembering and not even sure if he had introduced himself with his full name. Perhaps he had not?

She stared at the table when her sister asked how he looked like. It had been more than ten years ago, how would she remember. She tried to remember very hard, closed her eyes even to focus on the setting again. Calling up the feelings about leaving her mother behind and so on, she felt almost a tear again in the corner of her eye and she even shivered when the feelings of loneliness hit her hard. She didn't know what to say immediately, she remembered his brown golden coloured eyes. They did remind her of someone but she didn't know who, "He was blonde. Tall and lean," she said and she opened her eyes to look in the face of her sister, whose eyes weren't just hazelnut brown as hers but golden brown, "And golden brown eyes like you." now that she remembered it, he called her Elisabeth, she had heard the name ones. "Oh no. Grandma Elisabeth died." It had been her mother's mother. Was Lacie originally called after her? "I bet it was dad." she said surprising that her mother would not even tell her nor that she would understand but than again she had been eight at that time.

She leaned forward to take the first paper of Alice, careful not to touch her sister's hand as she took the paper and quickly read it. Someone called Chelvaric, she thought about it and she had met this person at the Church in Orchidia! The exorcist! She stared at the paper and couldn't believe it, she had known he was an Exorcist but that he bumped into her sister and could give her this information. She wanted to crumple the note but instead laid it on top of the first file about the orphanage and took the second paper again being very careful not to touch Alice her fingers.

This time she did crumble the papers because of the grip she held on it. This was not the same handwriting as the note about the Exorcist. This was a neat handwriting started with the date of the note and the place: Kardia Cathedral in Magnolia. She quickly turned the pages to see that it was signed by Father Jerad! She couldn't believe it and she would have jumped up to assault her sister, "This is a lie!" she started to scream again, "Mother had support from the Church. She explained everything to them and they agreed that you were possessed and that you have to be taken care off! I was sure she even cried out of relieve that she wasn't making things up!"

#16Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:32 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Richard Something Something. Apparently the world wasn't that interesting to Lacie if it came to things she didn't care about, such as this man that was called Richard. She scribbled it down on the paper she had placed for it, but it was difficult to find, it narrowed it down though to people who knew more about it and she would trace this Richard Something Something at some point. Which was why she put hope on the question of how he looked, it was quite for a second and she looked up from her paper to see that Lacie had closed her eyes to perhaps think a bit better. She indeed suddenly started to speak, blonde. Well that was one thing, tall and lean as well and she stared at Lacie while her eyes opened again and she put the last clue into perspective, "That sounds like it." she commented on the conclusion that it was perhaps their father, it was surprising that their mother had seemed to leave him or the other way around and that he had. It would than still not explain why she put Lacie into her father's arms and also suggested to leave as soon as possible, how would an eight year old be able to pull that off? Well in this case Lacie had been able but that didn't matter anymore. She wrote the things down before handing the papers to her twin sister.

She kept a careful eye on her sister now because she wanted to know every little detail about the mask that she was wearing and that was slowly breaking. She had seen the tears, the blood and the fear but yet not everything was answered and she really needed the answers. She freaked, that Alice quickly pushed back her chair to stand up to be able to protect herself and to stop Lacie in whatever case was necessary. She would even summon her spear. Her mouth fell open because of the accusation Lacie made to the Church and the feelings from her mother, "A mother should cry in sadness over the loss of her child not out of relieve for not being considered crazy. The Church told me they never saw me because I was locked up everytime you went to church. So this is ridiculous whatever you are saying. You should stop defending something that is wrong. Your Divine should have told you that, to have an open mind to everyone and not judge on this that has no valid argument. You just realized yourself that you were jealous, that you ripped my clothes, let me trip all to get attention from our mtoher and don't deny it. It is all written over your face." she lied the last part, for she couldn't see it now but her words had connected before.

Here they were going again, like small children, screaming at each other. While she tried her best not to talk too loud it was difficult if one was screaming to you already. "Lacie stop it. I could arrest you for conspiring on murder, I would find a reason to convince the judges because I was never wrong before. You were only eight, they would see that but since you still didn't see anything wrong with the case, i could have you thrown into some asylum to teach you the better ways of the world and your stupid believe in your version of the Illumin and your Divine. This is not what they told me about it."

#17Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:15 pm

Lacie Eventide
She had never felt save here but for a moment she had believed that they would get to the point of a conversation that would give them answers to unanswered matters in this world. Apparently more for Alice than for Lacie herself but the promise of a healer had sounded lovely. As if was possible to survive in this world that was slowly killing her, even though she had always blamed Alice, she was sure that it wasn't just a thing her sister could have done. She was just eight, as her twin had pointed out now as well. But there was enough more that she said as Lacie had jumped up to scream about the betrayal of the church. If she would have the power and if she would have dared she would put the Kardia Cathedral on fire. Let the purity of the flames take over the Cathedral. But she couldn't, she could only heal which brought her back to the reality that Alice had summoned a spear out of nowhere and that she had changed her clothes now that Lacie looked at her sister again. She was sure the Divine had only granted her the power of magic, but purgatory had given it to Alice or maybe the Divine. Her believe in her religion was waving and she didn't want that. She clenched her first so hard that her sharp manicure nails cut the skin of her palms.

She knew that Alice was right. She couldn't imagine that her mother would not cry for her sake but for the sake of not being judged for being crazy. She was afraid that her mother would have done the same and that hurt her. She didn't want to believe Alice but it would explain the paper from the church and she knew she couldn't deny but she wouldn't accept either. "I am not jealous. You are. You keep blaming everything on me. Everything that you did made my life miserable as well but I managed to push true because I believed it wasn't your fault at all, it was the demon inside you. You are not my sister, there never was a sister, she was dead, there was an immediate possession of her. Mother told me all about that, crying every night, that she brought a creature into the world that would grow up to destroy everything and look at what you done. The tower is destroyed, parts of the woods had to recover and after these thirteen years that still hasn't been done. You are killing everything since you are awake again and mind you, your future will be a dark one." She had to say it with an air of arrogance to make sure that she would come out of this for the better but her sister or the demon creature told her to stop it.

She abrupt stopped talking only to make a sound that could be described as a painful: oh. Or more perhaps an offended one. "Don't teach me a lesson about the Illumin. I know more about it than you do. I practiced it my whole life. I went to church, I prayed, I confessed but I never attempted a murder. I know exactly what we did, we tried to get rid of the demon and the only way we could do that was throw it back into hell and that would have to include you, you were too young to even understand. Again don't blame anything on me, you are as guilty as possible. You let the devil in and look at you now. Pretending to be the better half of us in front of your Knights because you need to keep your position to make sure that you can do more damage to whole Fiore than if you stay in your low life. You can't deny that miss Baskerville." she spit out the last word as if she would spit towards Alice, she didn't but it wouldn't be much different.

#18Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
"Do you think I like to blame it on you?" Alice couldn't help but throw in the air as a casual assault but she remained seated, she tried to not scream after this and kept her emotional wave of anger in the air to calm down by slowly counting to ten. "I wish that nothing like this happened but it did and you worked hard with mother on that plan to put it into action. Stop denying that. There is enough proof for that, the church even mixed me up with you. Sure there were people in there that believed you and mother but Father Jerad noticed their mistake so he wants to put an end to is. Why don't you agree with him and let it be over and done with." Pure my name! Did she really believe that only Lacie could be the one to do that? Basically Chelvaric and Father Jerad had done it as well, the whole proof was there. Was it so important to her? She didn't need to be a part of the illumin herself, she wasn't a Holy Knight, she would possibly never become that because of these stupid rumours but she was a Lieutenant! She had reached something! She stomped harshly with her foot on the ground and yelled a loud "ah" sound to Lacie, "Just stop being so god dam full of yourself!" She yelled bending forward to put her hands against her ears, "I'm not destroying everything! I'm pregnant for god's sake!" She opened her eyes and stared at the ground, shit. She didn't meant to say that, she wasn't even a hundred percent sure yet. And it wasn't the smartest thing to say to your bitch sister as well as to the people that were witnesses in case something was said that could be used against Lacie.

There wasn't more that she could say, a wave of nausea hit her and she grabbed her chair as she had not even noticed that she had stood upright. She wasn't going to drop into the low rate of this, Lacie needed to be stopped. She heard someone walking towards the door and she held up her hand, "I'm fine." she was still the lieutenant, she wouldn't simply fall apart because she confessed that she was pregnant. Many things still could happen, it was only six weeks.

#19Lacie Eventide 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:33 pm

Lacie Eventide
It would be indeed the most easiest to let go of all this. Her sister didn't even have to know if she believed it or not. She could just shrug and sigh and say that Alice was right and cross her fingers in the folds of her skirt, no one would have to know. It wouldn't even be visible from where the other knights were standing. But that didn't matter as Alice continued, for Lacie it was immediately visible, Alice was the nice one. Not Lacie. Where Alice was blunt and honest, she showed a sign of caring for people and much more where indeed Lacie only cared about herself. But before she could say anything or take anything in, there was more said. Denying the fact that Lacie had just told Alice that her twin would destroy everything.

Her mouth dropped open, they were quite young to become mothers, was the first thing that happened to pop in Lacie her mind, but inside her physical pain only grew. Her heart burst in pain, this couldn't be possible as Alice was a destroyer, the Red Whirlwind, that was possibly her nickname, it was a name she had casually caught somewhere. She started to scream, the pain inside her, she was definitely losing it. Everything had always been there for her but had been slowly crumbling down and here was her twin slowly building everything up. Where her sister told her colleagues that she was fine, she wasn't. She started to sob so loud that the noise eventually died down and she could only press her hands against her chest at the height of her heart. It was a devestating view but Lacie couldn't stop. She couldn't only feel her own pain, the jealousy that would make her green so badly that there was nothing to stop her. She pushed the table aside, more towards Alice with her fragile body, she wanted to pinch her, pull on her hair, rip her apart from being a happy person.

"I won't allow it! I won't allow you to be happy," she screeched, she could almost be mistaken like a Banshee like this. "You don't deserve it." Lacie continued and she heard the footsteps again outside the door. She pushed the table with all her might towards it, it was quite heavy but Alice would have to kick it aside to not be hit, and it would reach the door and block it. "No! No! Die!"

#20Adelaide Sokolov 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:51 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Had she made a mistake because of the fact that she told people she was pregnant, that being her colleagues. It was more of a mistake to tell Lacie. She had said it only because she was done with being called a destroyer all the time. She didn't destroy things, her hardest work was into protecting people and doing her job as a Rune Knight and now a lieutenant. She had gone into Orchidia's woods to destroy a bunch of poisonous creatures, she had fought a thread to whole Fiore, she had fought a demon! It was not fair to be called a destroyer all the time by someone who had destroyed her whole childhood, destroying was a far too big word but considering her amnesia and what happened it was far closer for a person as Lacie than to herself.

Where Alice had bended forward to protect herself from screaming and crying and doing things she actually didn't want to do and to push her hands against her ears to stop listening to her sister, the other half had bend down and started to scream, which is why Alice looked up to step away from the table that was pushed towards her, "What the hell is wrong with you!" she said in the fear of protecting herself, she wasn't going to let Lacie take this away from her.

She had to protect herself from her sister, who she stared at with big eyes. Had she thought the conversation was going from screaming, to fine, to screaming again, she would not have expected this to happen. Her sister had lost it completely and she had to kick the table out of her way indeed, she placed her hands in front of her stomach to make sure that would be fine for it seemed that Lacie wanted all of that. She noticed the door being blocked now from the corner of her eye but she couldn't keep her eyes too long away from Lacie as she took two steps away. Had she just taken the decision to end this hate and revengeful feelings with talking, it seemed her sister changed that idea in a matter of seconds. "Get yourself together. All hope isn't gone." but Alice stopped talking when she heard a: "Die!" She simply didn't understand how her sister could think that way but her anger would flare up immediately, "Lacie! I give you one last warning." and she held out one of her hands again, the right one to summon the straight spear. She hoped to use it just as a warning.

#21Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
How could the world be so cruel to her. No, wait, it wasn't the world. It was the Divine, all her life had been dedicated towards it and towards doing good but not losing herself and herr she was. Lost. Forlorn. Everything that she didn't want to be, so desperate, so alone, so much in pain. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she couldn't stop screaming even if barely a sound made it out of her throat. How could this happen, how could everything been taken from her to be given to her sister. She coughed through the screams and didn't even notice the blood anymore. She didn't see anything, she sort of crawled forward, moving her feet slowly one step from another, she was quiet now.

All that was heard was her heel touching the hard stone ground while she took those slow steps forward. Alice protecting her stomach, Alice summoning her spear. It all didn't matter anymore, she would be protected. She didn't care anymore, at some point it would get to the point of no return and that point seemed to be coming sooner than later. Alice seemed to not do anything, which had been the total opposite of what Lacie had assumed from her and how she looked like when they bumped into each other on the street. She heard a second pair of footsteps, trying to open the door, someone running away from here and she only grinned and laughed, "Die. Die. Die." she said with pain in her voice as everything, literally everything was taken from her. There was probably an elder lady that would love to take care of Alice as if she was her own daughter. While Lacie was all alone.

Only people she would see once that would never meet her again and never miss her because it all didn't matter to anyone else but herself. This was the whole reason why she had become who she was, selfish, arrogant, weak. There was no one to blame but herself but she couldn't see. She shoved Alice away from her but her sister was too strong for that in comparison to Lacie. "Stop taking everything from me. I should be happy, with a home, someone that loves me. A BABY!" she screamed, not knowing how Alice had found out and not liked it, "You even seem to have a rare form of magic. You are a lieutenant, why is everything going wrong for me? What kind of parasite are you." she managed to grab a strain of long orange coloured  hair, which looked brighter than her own, it was beautiful full and wavy instead of her own that now looked dull and stupid as straight as it was. She simply pulled on it, not seeing anything else what she did. They would not survive. She was dying anyway, why not take the devil with her and dance forever in hell's fire.

#22Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
She didn't know anymore where it all went wrong. There was no way to understand Lacie, who had been civil at one point to now being absolutely ready for an asylum, which was something Alice had warned her about only a minute ago. However she was no longer the girl who simply thought that everything that was told to her was true. She was no demon, never had been and it had been her mother that had brainwashed the whole family, including her sister. She didn't want to be angry but it was difficult not to be and apart from that she pitied Lacie. Maybe it wasn't so bad that they tried to kill her, considering the circumstances: she was the most normal in this room. Which was weird to say considering she was half cat, her cat ears were absolutely not missed by Lacie, it just didn't seem to matter to her. Or maybe it did but only to point out that she was better, that Alice wasn't even human anymore but she didn't want that discussion.

She just had to avoid Lacie and her stupid actions. She took a step back to find her balance again but immediately was pulled on her hair while Lacie spoke to her. This was the moment that it was enough for the person that was most civil in this room. She sweapt her spear against Lacie her ankles so she would drop because of the force of her sister's strength. "Just shut up!" she raised the spear above Lacie to be ready to let it drop down and actually for this time really pierce her heart because she didn't care anymore. This person was crazy and a thread, she had just yelled die four times in a blink of an eye towards Alice, there was enough justice.

#23Selena Maelstrom 

Fake Happy [Lacie & Alice] Empty on Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:18 am

Selena Maelstrom
Selena clenched her fist tight as her heart began to pound. Harder and harder as she ran to the interrogation room.Why now, Why now!. It had only been a week since she came to Era.

Selena had explained her situation to the higher ups who all seemed to understand. Luckily the did not mind too much since Selena had stayed lawfully good and maintained her role. She was even beginning to feel happy as her life slowly began taking a turn for the good. She was making time tables as to when to go on patrol and do requests, even making time for herself. The luke warm water was all but drained from her body too which was a cause of relief. However while in that space of mind anyone can be blown back by a sudden strike, even a small one. ”Mrs. Maelstrom, your cousins are in interrogation room 1! It is beginning to get hostile and we need some help!” Just the word “cousin” caused Selena to have the wave of water inside her crasha round with such force she thought she was going to burst open. She herself was running before her brain gave the order to her legs but as she did the nerves she had cast away, the anxiousness she had buried the fear she had forgotten had all come crashing back within the storm brewing within her heart.

The door to the interrogation room was slammed open and for a moment all was still. No movement, no breathing, no heartbeat, no fear, nothing. Selena felt as if she was in a house of mirrors, as two women who looked almost identical were attacking each other. They both looked so familiar to Selena as if the statement the page had told her was true. Were they really her family? ”It’s okay sweetie, go back to sleep….” the voice within her said. As if she was having a spasm Selena began to jerk her arms as if fighting restraints. Slowly but surely She was getting coated in Slime and turning greener. ”I’ll handle everything..~” Were the last words Selena heard within herself. Before she knew it she was under the lukewarm water, shut off from the outside world again.

The Slime was now on the outside. To Alice it would have seemed like Selena had been dissolved in the slime that began to coat her cousin and now all that remained was a large blob of goo with similar dimensions. ”Now now Ali…” The slime said as she approached the Neko. Lacey~ WHy don’t we all calm down?~” The slime would say her voice sickenly sweet as she place her hand on the spear. To make sure it would not budge she coated herself in some extra sticky slime in case Alice would still try to impale her cousin. ”C’mon this is a family reunion, we shouldn’t try to kill each other, now that wouldn't be fun at all!” The slime said smiling. Her words were clearly hollow and she had some other agenda, however as it stood she was trying to stop Alice from killing her sister. As to what the Slime was thinking no one would know, not even Selena, the very girl she had possessed.

#24Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She let out a yelp as her twin had swiped away her feet from under her and with a loud thud she fell on her bum. Which did hurt so much that she was silent for a second and before she could even do something else she stared with big brown eyes at her sister whom held a spear right before her heart. She wanted to yell that it didn't matter if Alice killed her, maybe it was even for the better so the blame did go to her instead of to Lacie herself. She wanted to get back upright, force Alice to take action when the door that the two of them had blocked, she on purpose, Alice on accident, bursted open. Who the he.. Selena?!

She stopped getting up and stared at her cousin. It had been about ten years even longer since she had last seen Selena but she looked exactly like her cousin. Well for a second she did, until she changed into something that looked absolutely gross. She noticed Alice dropping her spear and looking at Selena as if she saw a ghost, well maybe that was the truth but the green version of Selena was very disgusting and Lacie could only understand why they liked each other. Although, it seemed to be a bit different even though she still had now two enemies to fight. She finally got up while they seemed to be distracted but she stood still very close to Alice and quickly took two steps aside.

Had she been very aware of how crazy she had done, no, but she found this glob thing a bit scary. She had accepted to die by the hand of Alice for many selfish reasons but this version of Selena came to end that, "What's it to you? I didn't get an invitation, I was dragged here and she planned to kill me the moment she saw me." She pointed at Alice where the green version of Selena was standing next. She wasn't going to survive this, there was a hollow tone in Selena her voice that didn't sound like she would mind the killing part, although she wasn't sure if it included Alice as well.

#25Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
The spear stopped right in front of Lacie as the table came towards her and the door was opened. She had been defending herself, she had been protecting her future, she looked at Selena and quickly took a breath of fresh air because of the relieve that washed over her. It was Selena. But soon that feeling of relieve changed into something else. What was going on, this was not the Selena she knew and the slime layer that went over her body made her look strange. Well it made sense that she looked strange but she couldn't quite put her finger on it considering the emotions that went through her.

Besides she was never called Ali. She simply raised an eyebrow at the green version of Selena as she lowered her spear and frowned quickly after that when her cousin held on to her only weapon. She wanted to say something but the green version continued and she only narrowed her eyes, "She has a point. What's it to you and who are you?" She said unfortunately agreeing with Lacie at this point but she simply ignored the rest of her sisters statement. Though she had wanted to mutter about the fact that she had offered to find a healer for her sister, who had been coughing blood all the time when they were in this room. That's the only reason there were blood drops on the ground.

She heard more footsteps and looked from Lacie to Selena, wondering who would show up now. But it were the apprentices that she had trained before bumping into her sister, they were holding a few things, "Ma'm. We found the room and took what looked most important. There is a diary signed by Rowena Eventide." It was again quiet for a few seconds, the apprentices looking both from one to the other and it was nicely quiet until she heard in her left ear: "How dare you!" in a high pitched voice, sounding really offended. Not again.

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