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Testing Water [Quest:Solo]

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Testing Water [Quest:Solo] Empty Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:12 am

Froctis was walking the Harbour of Hargeon, more specifically on the beach. He was barefoot and bare chested as he walked on the sandy shore. Froctis also left his shoes at the inn, deciding to embrace his animalistic side and just feel the ground beneath him with his toes. The only clothes he was wearing was some red shorts that came halfway up his quad and could most definitely be considered “short.” Although the did not hug his figure like most other bodybuilders who wanted to boast their figure, they were not too loose either and the strings to tighten the waist lay limp at the front of him. The only reason he wore shorts at all was because it was deemed illegal to wear any less unless you were in a particular area which Froctis found very unfair. Everything about the human body was natural and should not be hid, in his opinion anyway. That being said he had spent the majority of his life in the wild and had no clothes to wear and now found them extremely restricting in so many ways. Some clothes were very hard to fight in restricting how far one could swing or dodge and too many could lead to the wearer being too hot. To Froctis there was little to no upside. Froctis even gound fashion to be a waste of time when it came to clothes, despite being rather fashionable himself.

As Froctis walked he allowed his senses to run free. Since it was early morning he was alone on the beach so he ran no risk of running into anyone, or so he thought. The sun was just beginning to rise causing the sky to turn a soft shade of purple. The colour was very calming and reminded Froctis of his early childhood. It had been a while since he had seen a sunrise such as it. Ever since he had come back to society he had been sleeping in more. The commodities and the normality of normal life was slowly taking over Froctis and his own daily life but every now and then, such as now he would try to get back in touch with his feral roots. Froctis sighed happily as he began to remember his past. Inhaling deeply Froctis breathed in the refreshing aroma of the sea air. Froctis had never been to the sea up until coming to Hargeon. The smell was salty yet sweet to him. Despite not being near the sea Froctis had taught himself how to swim from studying the movements of the aquatic animals in the wild. A smile came to his face as he remembered how he had almost died when trying to study how crocodiles and vaporeon swam. Ahh good times. As he kept walking along the shore he listened the the crashing waves. Although he could not place where he had heard the sound Froctis felt very relaxed listening to them As well as the sound the feeling of the waves wash over his bare feet. wc 507


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As he walked he noticed a girl along the beach with beakers in one hand and a pile of papers tucked under her armpit. She seemed to be leaning down to collect the water from the sea but was afraid to get herself or the papers wet. Froctis could not help but feel bad for the girl. Feeling relaxed and in a good mood to help others Froctis went up to the girl. The girl did not see him coming and dropped both the beakers and the pappers. Not only did she let those items fall, but she herself fell to the ground. Thankfully the morning was calm and the papers did not fly far which made the easy to pick up. As Froctis picked up the papers the girl seemed to realize he was not a threat. “Sorry for startling you.” Froctis said with his signature polite smile. The girl still seemed a little shy to talk. “I seen you were having trouble so I thought I'd give ya a hand.” he then said to her but still no response. “So what are ya doin?” he then asked giving her the papers back. The girl looked up to Froctis as she was much smaller than him and answered him. “Well I'm trying to test the pollution levels of the water.” The girl looked down then. “I usually have help but my colleague is sick. I usually get her to jump in and get the water but she got a cold doing it so much and i can't swim so its really hard.” She said sounding very sorry for herself. Froctis flund it odd how a woman living by the sea could not swim but did not question her out loud. “I can help if you're stuck.” Froctis said as he put out his hand. The girl looked over the moon and handed him some beakers. Froctis walked into the water and for as much water in them as he could. Once Froctis had gotten the beakers of water he went back to the girl. “Okay now to my lab to test for the pollution level.” She said a little more confident now. The girl lead the way to the lab and ordered Froctis to place the beakers in a special machine. Froctis obeyed and with a few movements the beakers were inside the machine and were being tested for salt concentration and traces of other elements. “This will take a while but i can do the rest myself. Thanks for helping. oh wait I never told you my name. Its Raina Burke.” She said offering him a hand. “Froctis.” he replied simply with a smile. Before Froctis left Raina gave him some money for his help. There was some back and forth about weathrr or mor he should take it but he eventually did. The two then spent the rest of the morning talking about aquatic life and how pollution would kill them all and how people needed to be more conservative. 507+507=1014

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