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Beach Gym [Auberon]

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#1Auberon O'Leary 

Beach Gym [Auberon] Empty Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:04 am

Auberon O'Leary
It was a bright and sunny day, one excellent for a swim or tanning on the beach. A cool breeze blew in from the ocean, cooling off what would have otherwise been a scorcher. The beach was rather empty, which was good for a change. Today, Auberon would be doing his first quest ever. It was something a bit underwhelming, but he liked the idea of helping people anyway. The clouds above were puffy and white. Hopefully, it wouldn't rain today.

As Auberon approached the gym, sand entered his sandals, the warm gritty feeling calming to his feet. It was always a sensation that the electric mage enjoyed, it reminded him of home. Not wanting to get homesick, Auberon quickly dismissed the thought. The sounds of grunts and groans grew louder as he came upon the gym. It was a fenced off area, but still completely exposed to the elements. The idea of an outdoor gym sounded a bit weird, considering the possibility of rain and the such, but perhaps it would be rather novel instead. All he knew about the client was a picture of Jay Holiday. The man was blonde and rather handsome, so Auberon had no trouble spotting the guy in the crowd of gym rats. His warm ups included him curling a few weights that looked pretty intimidating.

The redhead wasn't weak by any means, but he preferred to get stronger through labor and hard work instead of slaving away at the gym. It was probably more time efficient to get muscular from lifting and moving things as a job instead of just going hard at the weights. He respected those who did, but it just wasn't for him. Upon coming closer to the guy, the man in question waved at him from behind the fence. Checking to see if any staff was present or watching, Auberon hopped over the fence, bending his knees upon landing to soften the shock.

"Hey duuude, you must be that wizard I requested.!" The man's voice was deep and smooth.

Nodding, Auberon responded.

"Yes, I am the wizard you have requested. I'm ready to start when you are, Mr. Holiday."

Laughing, Jay corrected.

"Nah, just call me Jay, dude."

Sighing a bit, Jay returned to the rack to return the weight he had used to warm up. He took a sip from his purple water bottle, it was that new expensive kind that was en vogue. Auberon thought they looked kinda dumb but he held back his unnecessary comment. Motioning for him to come over, Jay walked over to a machine that looked kinda scary. It was a long black board with a rack which held a long metal bar. Next to it, were racks of weights that were presumably to go on the metal bar.

"This is what I'll be using today. It's called a bench press. Basically, I just lay back and press a bunch of weights. It's very good for sculpting and building muscle. You'll be spotting me, which means keeping your hands hovering under the bar just in case I can't lift it. You'll basically just be my protection.

#2Auberon O'Leary 

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Auberon O'Leary

Getting into position, the blonde man laid back and breathed deeply a few times. The man had a rather appealing form. Auberon shook his head, it wasn't the time for this. Jay pointed towards the bar.

"Hold your hands under the bar now, and move them as I push the weights up and down."

Nodding, the mage did as he was told, placing his small pale hands under the metal bar. It was kind of nerve wrecking, wondering if the man was going to drop it suddenly, but a quest was a quest and Auberon needed the jewels in order to rent out an apartment. As the man started his first set, Auberon couldn't help but admire his rippling muscles. Keeping his hands steady under the bar as it moved up and down, the mage refocused on the task at hand, which was not oogling the gym rat. Counting the amount of reps he did for set, it came to a total of eight each, Auberon helped with the last one. It was a large amount for what appeared to be a very heavy set of weights, but considering the amount of muscle belonging to the lifter, it probably was as easy as pie. Breathing deeply, the man wiped sweat from his brow before placing the weights back on the rack in order to grab a drink of much-needed water. Sweat was dampening and darkening the hair on his head, so maybe it wasn't as easy as Auberon thought it to be.

"Thanks dude, I gotta get myself more weights now though. Muscle mass comes from challenging yourself so it needs to be a bit heavier now. You're doing a great job."

Auberon was relieved, previously thinking that he was doing a horrible job and therefore embarrassing Jay. The exercising man continued.

"I gotta do a couple more now, but they're gunna be heavier so this is when you should be prepared to grab it, okay?"

The mage nodded, "Okay."

Jay sauntered over to the weight rack, returning with large discs that slid onto both sides of the metal bar. Getting back into position to start doing more reps, he smiled up at Auberon, who simply blushed in return. A grunt was heard as the bar was lowered by Jay down to his chest before pushing it back up. This grunting and struggling continued for eight more times until once more, Jay had finished his set. This set took a bit longer though, probably around six minutes if he was even counting in the first place. This one was a lot heavier to help pull up on his last rep. Upon finishing the set, Jay exclaimed,

"Oh wow, can't believe I actually pulled that off. Haha."

Smiling, Auberon replied, "I'm sure you could have done it. Sure, look at the muscles on ya!"

Taking a few more gulps of his water, Jay walked back to the rack to return with more weights that slid effortlessly onto the rack. This was his last set, and the most difficult one too. Auberon got himself prepared to grab it just in case Jay failed to lift it properly. As the blonde man got into position, he bit his lip while grabbing the metal bar. Jay grunted while he slowly lowered it down, muscles rippling even more than before. For a moment, the mage thought he'd have to intervene, but it was unnecessary. One completed rep turned into two, which turned into four, and then eight. Auberon helped him pull up the last one, causing him to break a sweat. Now, Jay had finished.

Getting up and wiping the sweat from his face, he said,

"Thanks dude for spotting for me, you did an excellent job! Hey, I was wondering if I could get your number."

Blushing a bit, the mage responded, "Sure. I'll write it down on a piece of paper."

Fishing around in his pocket, the mage produced said piece of paper before scribbling down his number. Jay handed him the jewels and patted Auberon on the back. With a shy grin, the number was exchanged with the jewels before he waved goodbye.

"See you later, thanks for the job!"

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