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getting a lay of the land(Xandra)

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#1Gala Nakamura 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:06 pm

Gala Nakamura
Gala yawned as he approached the entrance to Magnolia town, he had woken up before sunset and had made very good time to reach the town in the early morning. Seeing the guards at the front gate point their spears at him the red eyed knight sighed.” Halt what is your business in Magnolia?” one of the guards asked before Gala turned slightly and revealed to the two his rune knight tattoo on his right shoulder made visable due to his sleeveless Chinese shirt.”I’m here for work and to help out with a few patrols here in Magnolia now will you point the damn spears somewhere else” he grumbled. The guards quickly dropped their spears and motioned for the young man to enter the city.”sorry sir just doing out job I hope you have a pleasant day” they said as Gala walked past them and waved behind him to tell them it was fine.

Looking around the streets the apprentice knight kept his eye open for either a rune knight to help him around or a coffee shop for him to get some much needed caffeine.

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#2Xandra Queen † 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:32 pm

Xandra Queen †
The sun beamed gloriously at the magnificent town of Magnolia, which as usual was bustling with people. The commotion of footsteps and the sounds of idle chatter waltzed through the air along with the journeying wind. The morning birds chirped loudly and played with one another underneath the blissful warmth. A truly lovely morning it was, thought the female as she strolled along the streets of the town. It would be even lovelier, if she wasn't so tired. The blonde let out a yawn which was covered by the back of her left hand, making her lilac eyes squint ever so lightly. Her eyes closed, momentarily only to reopen once again as she tried to blink away her fatigue.

She had only been in the town for two days and had so far, barely done anything for the people. She was content on spending as long as needed in the town and helping out as much as she could. Xandra was determined to be productive that day, right after she stopped by a cafe and found herself something to eat. Her hand instinctively rose to pat her stomach which was dire need for some breakfast to boost her energy. She looked around as she walked, her face not changing from it's monotonous and boring expression that she always had, whether she was happy or sad. People around her usually end up taking her inability to facially express any emotions as arrogance but that was something she was rather used to.

To her right, she spotted a boat moving along the well-known canal that passes through the town and her eyes landed upon a group of men, laughing and chattering together. It must be nice to have someone around and be able to talk freely with them, or so she assumed for she knew not how that felt. Xandra was so distracted and lost in thought that she ended up colliding against something, or rather, someone. Her eyes closed from the impact of the clash, but that was all there was to the difference in her expression from before.  She reopened them once again and looked up at the person she had bumped into and in her low, monotonous tone said, "Oh, my apologies." Oh dear, when ever will she get over her clumsiness?

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#3Gala Nakamura 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:42 am

Gala Nakamura
Gala was just about to head toward a café to find something to eat when he suddenly felt someone run into him and while he managed to remain upright the person who had ran into him had not been so lucky and had toppled to the floor, turning his ruby slitted eyes down he saw who he had caused to fall and he was slightly surprised.”Its alright though you might want to be careful next time” he said softly as he offered her a hand to help her up.”are you ok?” Gala asked while he glanced at the woman. She was younger then him if her height was anything to go on though what caught the apprentice knights attention was the womans eyes.

He had never seen someone with Violet eyes or at least not ones as vibrant as this womans. He helped her up while he relized that despite her appearance she had a great deal of strength in her frame much like himself and he stretched his neck a bit before speaking again." I’m sorry I haven’t even introduced myself I’m Gala Nakamura apprentice knight in the Rune Knights” he said with a small bow though his face was still rather serious but it was obvious he was trying very hard to be friendly.

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#4Xandra Queen † 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:05 am

Xandra Queen †
Xandra had expected a lot from this day, but fate seemed to have a different idea for her. When spoken to, she just gazed upon the man whom she had collided into. He was rather tall, but of course seemed so as the young female herself was on the ground. Realizing that, she was about to haul herself into a standing position when she noticed that the man had held out a hand, asking if she was alright. Maybe she should've accepted his kindness, she thought and so , with a small nod at his question, she placed her palm in the possession of his hand and he helped her lift her body into a standing position before she dusted her hands and then proceeded to dust the dirt off her clothes.

Her gaze lifted yet again, to take a better look at the man. Yup, he was definitely tall as she had to stretch her neck ever-so-slightly to have her lilac irises meet his own bright red ones. His jet black hair fell over his eye as he introduced himself. Oh, so he too, like herself was a Rune Knight, but at a higher position than herself. Xandra couldn't say that she may have thought of the man as suspicious as she wasn't very used to kindness, but maybe, that was just her. She studied his face for a few more seconds, realizing that he had been trying hard to be polite. It was quite noticeable, especially for her of all people as she often finds herself attempting to wear the same expression and evidently failing. With a small bow of her own, brimming with respect, she greeted the man, Gala.

Although she dislikes having to talk, she can't deny that in some cases, it is quite impossible to avoid a conversation, "Xandra Queen. I too am a Rune Knight, a page Knight however." She too tried to be polite but it hadn't worked. Her voice was the same, as monotonous as it always is, whatever the situation may be and her face, as usual, displayed no emotions.

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#5Gala Nakamura 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:41 am

Gala Nakamura
Gala smiled slightly as the young woman introduced herself as Xandra Queen and told him that she was a Page knight in the rune knights. Her Monotone voice didn’t avoid Galas notice but he knew that some people trained so hard that they either lost touch with their emotions or they had an extremem level on control of them which one matched this girl he couldn‘t say.”its nice to see a fellow knight out here, I just got asked if I could help out in this city with jobs and patrols but” the red eyed man explained before he was cut off with a loud growl from his own stomach and he could only blush slightly in embarrassment.

I don’t suppose you would be up for getting breakfast with me, I haven’t eaten anything since I woke this morning and I need something in my stomach before I do my morning training.” he asked Xandra before a familiar bat shaped creature appeared by his shoulder.” Shade I thought you would have remained in Era with my Sister LeeAnn” he mumbled before the creature just shook from side to side for a moment.” no she already has to deal with Hans besides I’m your familier so I need to stick with you” it said before it looked at Xandra and Gala sighed.”Xandra this is my Familiar Shade don’t worry he is harmless” the man explained as the bat spirit just blinked at her for a moment.


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#6Xandra Queen † 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:16 am

Xandra Queen †
Meeting a Rune Knight in this town was truly a splendid thing, and moreover, having a conversation with one was even better. Xandra, although being a Knight herself, never really had the chance to interact much with others, not only because their work doesn't allow them the liberty to be frolicking around so leisurely but also because, she wasn't someone who could hold up a conversation. Talking was rather difficult for her. The man in front of her, Gala, however, seemed to be a natural talker, or at least, that's what she thought. As he spoke, she didn't feel the obligation to have to reply to everything which is usually not the case with others. It was comfortable for her.

It looked as if he too, like herself, was here to help people which was of course, to be expected. It was then that a growl assaulted her ears. Ahh yes, the cry of an empty stomach was something she too was trying to suppress. Joy seeped through her as she thought, better than getting to know someone better on the streets, was to get to know them in the presence of food. She simply nodded, hoping that she could understand but that probably wasn't very likely, "Yes, let's go get some breakfast."

Her gaze never left his until a small creature flew to his side. Gala mumbled something to the creature, which she couldn't quite catch because she was too engrossed with its appearance. She was fascinated, and it was quite evident on her face as her expressionless face had gentled down a bit as her eyes widened ever so slightly and her lips parted imperceptibly.

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#7Gala Nakamura 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:02 pm

Gala Nakamura
Gala nodded to Xandra about getting food before he glanced over at Shade.” So did you see any good spots to eat on your way here?” he asked the bat like creature before it nodded.” I did catch sight of one on my way and from what the customers were saying they had good food” it explained before the knight nodded.”Very well lead the way Shade” Gala said as he motioned for Xandra to follow him and shade as the dark spirit flew ahead of them to guide them to the restaurant. The bat spirit led them to a small diner that seemed to be very popular with the locals in Magnolia though there was still plenty of spots.

Seeing the blond look at his familiar with interest Gala smirked slightly.”he is odd isn’t he? He is a dark spirit and yet he causes no evil of any kind” he commented as he moved over to a booth and a waitress approached them once they were seated.” What can I get you two?” she asked before Gala though and looked at the menu in front of him.”I’ll have an order of Pancakes, two orders of hash browns and an order of bacon with coffee” the red eyed man said before shade looked annoyed and poked him with his tail.”Oh and Bring a pitcher of coffee for my familiar here” he said as the bat spirit seemed to become happy again.

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#8Xandra Queen † 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:19 am

Xandra Queen †
Fascination was indeed evident in her eyes as the small, dark creature continued to converse with Gala. She was tugged out of her amazement by the motion of the man's hand, which indicated him asking her to follow. With a small nod, she followed the man and his familiar who appeared to be leading the way. Her eyes again, traveled over to creature, watching as it led them to a small diner that was bustling with people rejoicing the taste of their breakfast. The scent of food hit her as a small growl reluctantly escaped her stomach, voicing her hunger at that moment.

It was quite lucky for them that they found an empty booth. it seemed as if Gala had noticed her look of interest and proceeded to tell her more about it's familiar, which she was indeed, very allured to. Being a dark spirit and causing no evil was a first for the female. She had never heard of anything like that. The waitress walked over to the Knights who were accompanied by a creature, asking them what they would like to order.

The man seemed to have his order ready as Xandra glanced at the menu and skimmed through the variety of mouth-watering dishes. Once the man gave the order for his familiar, the waitress turned towards the female who simply stated her order without removing her gaze from the booklet in her hands, "Pancakes, scrambled eggs, french-toast, the sausage breakfast combo and coffee, sweet please." It was quite evident that she ate a lot as she had ordered these for herself alone.

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#9Gala Nakamura 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:21 am

Gala Nakamura
Gala chuckled slightly at Xandras stomach growling and he yawned as they sat in the booth and the waitress quickly returned with their coffee sweet for the blond and straight black for the dark haired man. She also placed a large pitcher of coffee on the table for Shade which the spirit nodded politely to her before he glanced at Gala who sighed and gained an annoyed look.”Alright already I get it” he grumbled as he unscrewed the top of the pitcher and the bat like creature shifted to shadows and dove into the coffee causing the pot to wobble.

Hey you spill my coffee and I will drown you” The dark haired knight grumbled at the spirit before he glanced at Xandra.”Im guessing from how much you ordered your either going on a mission or training?” he question, he knew he was planning on training so he needed a lot of energy to burn while he worked out but this new knight he didn’t know so for all he knew she was planning on going on a mission.

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#10Xandra Queen † 

getting a lay of the land(Xandra) Empty Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:26 pm

Xandra Queen †
She sipped her sugary coffee that had arrived within a matter of minutes. Slowly letting the hot liquid pass through her lips, her gaze flickered from the beautiful brown shade of her drink and the interaction between a man and a creature that was going on right in front of her eyes. Xandra noticed that the man, Gala had a rather friendly and comfortable relationship with his familiar, which she for one, found amusing. Not because she hadn't seen love between human and companions, but because she found that to be delightfully amazing.

The contents of the beige cup were already half by the time the scent of the delicious edible delicacies assaulted her nose. The silence yet constant cried of her stomach had now halted as she wasted no time digging in. Grabbing the knife and fork that lay to her right, she cut through the warm pancakes that were bathing underneath the chocolate sauce. Xandra quickly cut a small piece and plopped it into her mouth.

The flavor exploded as she finally felt alive. Any signs of fatigue were gone as she chewed through the fluffy pancakes and the scrambled eggs, occasionally sipping her coffee. Her mouth was full as she continued chewing, waiting to eat the rest as her stomach had plenty more space left. It was then that she was asked if she was to train or to do a job for which she was eating so much. Oh my, if only Gala had known that food was the woman's biggest passion and her best friend. She didn't need to have to train or do jobs for her to eat as much, she would shove her mouth regardless.

However, it was unlikely for her to want to explain herself so she simply nodded. Finishing all the food, she left the money on the table for the waitress to collect and stood up. Facing Gala, she bowed lightly, "Thank you for accompanying me at breakfast. It was nice meeting you, but I should get going now." With another bow, she walked out the door, probably heading to look for jobs to do.


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