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insatiable hunger [Jeeroy]

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Today seemed to be perfect for fishing on Hargeon beach, there was sun, sand, and the fish seemed to be jumping into the fray without much need for a hard contest of reeling in and pulling. The sea was cobalt this evening, the sun giving the deep a vibrant appeal today as Kenny's fishing line drifted in the water with the cool gentle breeze at his back. Seemed today was his first day of peace over the past few, no one was trying to smack him up or ruin his moment, no, instead he had found peace and tranquility today.

Kenny's attire was quite plain as he sat on a rock at the water's edge, knees bent left arm resting on his left knee holding a beer, the other hand holding his stick fishing line. He didn't feel the need to buy a normal fishing pole so he fashioned one from fishing line, a stick, and bobber with a hook. At Kenny's side was a bucket full of fish, only five or six, which was good catching at the moment, tonight he could dine under the stars... Maybe he could invite someone to eat with him tonight. Though for now he was content with eatting on his own as a small fire blazed not too far from him.

His bobber floated effortlessly in the water, as he sighed contently, he laid back unbending his knees, pole between his legs resting on a Y shaped stick in case something bit.

Kenny put his arms behind his head and sighed, "What a day..."

insatiable hunger [Jeeroy] Qurywgl
#2Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy wandered onto the beach to see what was happening that day.  He had spent much of his time on the beach the past few days only this time it was not to swim.  He was simply patrolling to make sure everyone in this fine town was doing okay.  He wandered up to a man that happened to be fishing at the water's edge and sighed.  The man seemed very familiar to him, he knew who it was.  The man he was fighting under the bar was sitting in front of him relaxing and fishing.  He decided it may be time to make up with the man before him and apologize for joining a fight that obviously was not fair.  He sat down on the beach beside the man dressed in his Rune Knight attire and armor and sighed.  "I did not know if I would ever see you again, my good sir.  It is a great day for fishing huh?"  He attempted to make small talk with the man beside him who seemed to be completely relaxed there on the beach.  Jeeroy could see why he was relaxed, it was a very nice day with the wind blowing and the sea slashing on the sand.


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Kenny relaxed further, hair making for a makeshift pillow as he nuzzled his head into his furry mane in contentment. It seemed today was perfect, too perfect, normally when he had good days like this he either was going to be attacked by someone or something, but at the moment all seemed alright with the world, even his back had healed up from that over-sized ape landing on it, it was a miracle he could even walk right now he was in so much pain that night, the shock alone should have been enough to stiffen his muscles and make them fall limp and loose, sort of like string cheese. Kenny’s good time, his day off of sorts would soon come to a screeching halt, he heard a pair of thumping footsteps crushing the sand and soon his private little hubble, he opened his eyes and casted a glance sideways to see no other than Mr. Let me dive mybig ass on your body, himself. “Oh shit… You again.” Kenny grumbled under his breath sitting up, “Yep, a perfect day for fishing and relaxing, which I have to do alot of because of your little acrobatic trick you did on my back…” Kenny smirked, before laughing aloud.

“Good to see you Uh… What was your name?.”

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Jeeroy Lenkins
"Jeeroy, Jeeroy Lenkins is the name.  Yours?"  He would ask the man sitting before him.  "How are the fish biting, caught anything good yet?"  Jeeroy sat quietly after that, waiting on the man's responses.  The waves were rolling over the beach loudly and the smell of salt water inhabited the air.  The seagulls continuously chirped over head and he smelled the wind.  The wind was blowing ever so slightly to the point where it was blowing Jeeroy's strand of hair.  The day was beautiful, the sun was shining, the babes were out and about, and the men were all trying to get in their bikini shorts.  There were some kids running around in the background and people sun bathing.  It seemed like it had been a while since the sea serpent had invaded there, but the news had said it was only a few days prior.  Jeeroy still saluted those who fought long and hard to destroy the snake that threatened their town.  They would have made fine Rune Knights.  With a sigh, Jeeroy glanced back at the women splashing in the water and began to think of taking one of them home for the night.  Surly he could with his looks.


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Kenny looked into his bucket thinking about the man’s question, he had a few smaller fish, no clue what the names were but one did have whiskers so he assumed it was a catfish, that or something he had never seen before. The giant seemed to be intrigued by what Kenny was cooking, or well what he had in his bucket. “Well good sir I caught a hot red eyed babe, some smaller fish, and a cold, but all jokes aside they’re biting well, seems like they were iffy at first, but they are practically hopping out of the water to get into my bucket. Kenny looked down at his bucket and nodded, “They are really getting in there, find a stick you could make yourself a pole and we could fish together.” he took a sip of his beer and placed it in the sand. “There was a really big one a week or two ago.” he yawned as he picked up his stick and tugged on it checking to see if he had a bite.

Kenny looked up at the giant’s eyes confused as to what he was looking at until he spotted the women frolicking in the water. What was he… Was he thinking about- Yikes, god have mercy on their spines if he is. “You oughta talk to one of them instead of starin’, I mean I’m not one to give out relationship advice, I don’t even know if I still have my lady…” he feigned a chuckle and looked at the water… Oooh women.

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Jeeroy Lenkins
"Oh man," Jeeroy said as he grabbed a new stick to attach a line to.  "What is going on with you and your woman?"  He asked as he attached the invisible like fishing line to the end of the stick.  "Women are complicated creatures, but there are always ways to save it."  He attached a hook and bait to the line and cast it into the water as he sat next to the man and ordered a beer from a woman walking by who seemed to be a waitress on the beach.  That was honestly a very good idea to make money.  "I could help, if you want me to.  I could give you some advice.  I may just like looking at the women, but I have pulled my fair share in the past as well.  I have some words of wisdom if you want to listen to it.  Though I know I am just a guy you just met, you seem like a nice guy and I am willing to help you out."  He waited for the guy's response as he pulled the line a bit to see if he had a bite which unfortunately he had not.  Setting the line down again, he waited.


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“Oh man what is going on with me and my woman? I messed up bad man, I messed up real bad.” Kenny sighed, “I flirted with another woman, but I ain’t mean to hurt her, I love her so damn much, I’d give up my left arm if it meant I could make her happy.” he was gesturing with his hands, shaking them as he spoke.

“Let me tell you jeeroy, I’m Kenny by the way, let me tell you about this girl man she is an angel sent straight from above I swear to god she is man. Her voice is sweet like spring honey, her eyes are like two burning pools of ruby when I see them I get lost man, I get so lost but I can get used to seeing myself in them ya know? And then, oh boy her smile, she could light up a room bro, that smile would brighten my days even when I left her to get stronger I used to think about it and buddy let me tell you it got through some rough patches.” he was talking a lot, but he had so much to say, he couldn’t hold his tongue, “And then man lemme tell you about her personality she’s kind, but fierce, I remember this one time when i tried to jump out and scare her she elbowed me in the jaw and then nursed me back to health the next day man…” he shook his head and buried his face in his hands.

“I’m sorry man, I’m sitting here rambling, but she’s so wonderful and she makes me want to be so much more than I am, I want to get stronger to protect her and our family, our dog- or well her dog.. Sorry I’m rambling a lot, but I don’t know what to do.”

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy laughed and pulled on his line, pulling in a nice fish.  He decided the man might have needed some time alone, so he shrugged his shoulders and stood, looking out among the water.  "Yes women are complicated creatures.  You must do some soul searching of your own to figure them out.  First you must ask yourself what you did wrong.  A woman is always going to believe she is right.  It is just easier to go with the flow.  Whatever you did wrong, apologize for it.  Take her out, have a nice dinner, and make her feel special."  Jeeroy patted the man on his back.  "You should have some fun with her, after all that is what relationships should be, fun with a bit of...wink wink nudge nudge fun."  Jeeroy said and shrugged and gathered his things.  "Have a nice day man, just remember Jeeroy is my name is you ever need anything.  I am a Rune Knight so you can usually find me around their headquarters."  With that, Jeeroy walked off with a smile upon his face, whistling a happy tune as he breathed in the salty air with a sigh.  It truly was a beautiful day out.



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Kenny nodded at the man’s words. He did indeed need to begin thinking and listening instead of reacting on a whim. This giant wasn’t so bad, even if he crushed Kenny’s back, gave him a concussion and more than likely took a few years off of the Omega’s life, he was damned right. Shit, why didn’t he think of any of this. “You’re right! A nice dinner, like we had when we first met.” Kenny laughed, it was so obvious yet he was blinded by his own ego to the point that he didn’t think of what Lyss and Alyssa might have liked. “Thank you so much Jeeroy! I’ll never forget you!” Kenny called after him with a smile on his face. He picked up his bucket of fish, and line and kicked up some sand.

Alright, so he had a few things to do, he needed to go to his place and grab a few things, and oh! Some nice clothes! She was in for a treat, Kenny raised up to his full height and looked out to sea. This was going to be the hardest thing he’s ever done… Yet it would also be the most rewarding what a day. He began his way back home.


insatiable hunger [Jeeroy] Qurywgl

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