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Era to Crocus [Foot travel]

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Era to Crocus [Foot travel] Empty on Sun 6 Aug 2017 - 20:22

Once again she had to leave after being there for a certain amount of days. She was done with what had to be done, for now, but now it was Crocus' turn. Cosmiare was all alone like always and once again she was traveling. She wondered when the day will arrive when she'll have someone to travel with. Her golden bright wide eyes would look around everywhere as she would see the forest that was on its way to Era. She had a schedule in her head, it was here, Era and then Crocus after she was done with Era which was now that time. She was sure there were people there to help and so she would go do so. Her lips would smile as she skipped around the forest with a basket of goodies. She wasn't going to run into any baddies or probably any wolfs because she would most likely use her mightly red spear to spork them to death. Her outer appearance looks rather innocent, sure, but she wasn't mentally like all people that she seems to find. Crocus sounded like some sort of spell or some sort of weird thing you'd find that has to do with a frog or something. Soon enough she would see Crocus, the land of what people in Fiore call 'Holy'. She would then go towards there in which would be food and a hotel.


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