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Chained Wolf

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Chained Wolf Empty on Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:14 am

Cosmiare yawned softly and childishly as she would enter Era. She was kind of new to here which made her wonder where the hell she was going to stay. Truly Cosmiare wasn't sure where the place was nor did she want to ask. She would drag her bag and her spear with her as it was going against the right side of her body. 'I should find somewhere to sleep. Hotel perhaps?' she would think. Her head would turn as her eyes would wander about to see what was around here. There were tons of buildings surrounding her and clouding her mind with ideas that really didn't make sense. Why was she thinking of chaotic things like blowing up buildings or even bizarre things like... like killing!? She didn't seem to understand herself anymore, slowly and slower every moment she was alive, every moment she remained. The are was quiet to her as she was walking all alone on the cobbled stone. Hearing only the clacking of her boots while finding a hotel to go to. Her hips would sway while she walked forward till she then caught eye of a sign about a hotel not so far from where she was standing. 'Hopefully it's a good one.' she thought. Quite funny-wise she would seem to seek a rather expensive one. Her eyes would glow a rather vibrant lioness gold color as her hair would give a red glow. Slowly she walked forward while not even moving her head to look straight, but she hoped to not trip on her face. Slowly she walked inside and saw beautiful arts and designs. The floors were made out of marble in which felt smooth by just sliding her feet. Her heart was beating rather fast as she was somewhat nervous. She would have a small smile as she would wonder then where the people that worked here was at. Were they busy? Did they have lunch or something? She wasn't quite sure as it was super super quiet as it really made her feel weird. She heard the Rune Knights stayed here? She kind of wondered that. Did the run knights have a place for them already or was that provided only through actual ranking or did they perhaps have to get their own place?

She would start to walk towards the counter and up the stairs to even get to the counter. Her eyes of lioness brown would then look forward to see a single bell. Was she to even touch it or was she to just leave it alone? Her mind kept on thinking on what to do and honestly part of her didn't care if something happened because of the button pressing. Her lips would frown though as part of her felt quite impatient. ''Greetings.'' she somewhat spoke in hope to get someones attention. Still no one even said a word or anything for that fact. Noises didn't appear as all she could hear was herself breathe. As small moments went on by even more she would then look around real quick and then forward, pounding her fist into the counter. 'Now...I'd like a room so I can sleep after all this traveling. Here's the jewels.'' she would say and slammed the money on the counter made out of glazed oak unlike that bocote in that other hotel. Sighing softly she would try to chill herself out. 'You got this...right?' she would start thinking to herself as she would then look up at the lights above her. Truly in a way it was hurting that she was alone after all... she did come here for Selena. 'She ditched you probably. Even just stringed you here.' the voice would speak as she'd hear chuckling from the back of her dark mind. Cosmiare shook her head as her eyes would water up. 'No... Why would someone ask me to appear if they were just to ditch me?' she would think. 'People are like that... You get use to it.' the voice would say before it drifted off. Cosmiare would then be handed a key to go to a room. ''Thanks...'' she would say in a low tone filled with sorrow. She turned away from the counter and walked towards the elevator to be taken up stairs. Her other hand would have the bag of her stuff as she would then go all the way up. ''Wonder what room I was given... Who cares though...'' she would talk to herself as her eyes blankly watched outside from the windowed elevator. After small moments she would finally then hear the door open. Slowly she turned to see a rather exotic room. ''I guess once again I'm alone here... in some fancy room.'' she would say emotionless - walking inside. Soon she would then black out.

She could smell the metal beyond not too far from where she was standing. The area was like a string of silence, streets filled with cobbled stones, halo-like street lights that were shining upon the ground - light up the darkness. Her heart... she couldn't feet the heart beat as if it was touched by the sound of silence. She could hear then some voices that they turned into nothingness. Her hair of brown would wave behind her as her arms dangled against her side. Thankfully she couldn't smell the blood nor the dead of those who were abused by the coldness of the dark as she only smelled the aroma of flowers and creme. Her mind was a one way train so honestly she was only listening for some screaming. Was this fate that she would finally get to take over Arisa or was this just for the time being? For now she was enjoying the sound of silence. Continuing to walk she would finally then hear something. A scream perhaps? Oh how lovely it sounded as a woman it seemed was screaming. Swiftly she would run towards an alley where it was coming from to see that it was feasting upon her body. Her eyes would light up as her lips formed into some insanity form as of the Cheshire cat. Quietly she would chuckle as her fists would clench. Her heart was ready where ever it was as she would honestly take her feelings into this wolf. Soon the wolf would eye Cosmiare as it would stop feasting upon the woman's flesh to jump at her. Due to it being an obvious move of an animal to do this she would turn 90 degrees away from it. She was somewhat happy that she knew animals as if she was one. Her magic was not only nature, it was to speak to the animals as well...to know them as her magic it made her need to learn about them. She knew how reckless a wolf can be, a savage perhaps like she could be. There was no room for mercy as she would see the wolf miss to then turn around again. As the wolf would leap again towards her making Cosmiare lean back, arching backwards to then throw a fist up into its stomach. Due to that she would hear the wolf make a hurting noise. Her eyes would watch the wolf hit against the alley's wall to then hit the ground. ''No mercy for you, doggo.'' she would say with a frown and determination as she saw the wolf try to get back up to go after the kids. Her eyes saw them scared as they must've belonged to the woman. Slowly Cosmiare would walk towards the wolf that was inches away to kick her feet into the wolves skull. Sadly the wolf would leap up to bite her leg. 'Shit...' she would think as she would then lift her leg that had the wolf attached and kicked its skull into the brick wall. ''Get the fuck off you useless piece of shit.'' she would say as she would continue till the wolfs neck breaks and dies. As the wolfs teeth let go of her leg she would then walk towards the kids. ''Someone will be here soon...I'll send someone.'' she would say softly trying to not fear the kids. 'Poor people.... They're never going to get adopted.' she thought as she would then leave the alley. Finally she would find Daragast who wanted her to kill the stupid wolf. His eyes looked down and saw her leg bleed. ''It's nothing, now where's the money?'' she questioned. ''H-here...'' he would say as he would hand her the reward. The girl would take it, go to the hotel to then pass out to later wake up all better as she would think about that poor wolf...



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