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Sign Me Up [King & Jeeroy]

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”Here we go. Another day at the beach.”

The young man murmured to no other than himself, as he gazed forth at the sea, lost in the rhythmic percussion of waves on sand. The sound of ripping tides crashing onto the shore filled his ears as golden orbs remained steady on the horizon, face aglow with the rays of sunlight that shone down upon the vicinity. Scrunching his toes, he could feel the softness of the sand, still damp from the retreating tide. He enjoyed the view of the beach; seagulls bobbing up and down due to the large ripples of the waves. Above the tide-line, the grey rocks are splashed gorse-yellow with close growing lichen, while others are differently coloured and beneath the rocks are vivid weeds growing wildly.

Dressed only in trunks, King bared out his muscles on his arms and chest, showing them off to females nearby who walked past him. His face was slightly concealed with a summer hat that he had purchased somewhere on the beach since he preferred to have his head covered, at least to protect himself from the sun. In spite of himself coming from a country, covered with nothing but deserts, he disliked the heat and even more, loathed getting tanned. Even then, his attractive features were notable, seeing how girls would stop to stare at him for a brief moment before a wave of colour would splash across their cheeks. King liked the attention, especially from the girls, while most men would glare at him with envy.

As much as King would like to enjoy the beautiful sea, the warm water as well as the hot babes that filled the beach, he was not here for entertainment but for an appointed meeting with Jay Holiday, his client, to run some errands on his behalf since he was a busy man, as well as a hard-working one since he is too occupied with working out and building up those muscles.


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#2Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy needed something to do for the day.  While he was waiting on a job to take, he decided to go to the beach.  Dressed in only some swimming trunks that were pink, he made his way down onto the hot sand, ignoring the burning feeling on the bottom of his bare feet.  The sun beating down on him felt nice even though he knew he would be leaving later with a hell of a sunburn.  He looked around the beach, finding another man walking around in swim trunks, flexing for the ladies.  Jeeroy decided to walk over and introduce himself to the man.  

He made his way towards the man who was standing closer to the blue salt water that was splashing onto the sand.  He stopped by the man and began stretching near him.  "Lot of nice looking women out here today, aye?"  He let his eyes rake over the women in their bikinis wandering in front of them, eyes tracing over both of their bodies as they would walk by.  A lot of eyes were on Jeeroy himself simply because he was a giant and stood nearly three feet taller than many of the other people walking along the beach.  Turning his attention back to the man, he smiled friendly, hoping the other man was friendly as well.  "The name is Jeeroy, Jeeroy Lenkins.  It is very nice to meet you, sir."



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In his hand, the paper request would fold and crinkle, the words written on it now a jumble of objectives that he had stapled into his prior. Beaches were something that almost never existed in his country, for there were nothing but deserts and sand. Instead of beaches, his country would be rewarded with sandstorms every now and then, sarcastically speaking. If it was possible, he would visit the Hargeon Beach every now and then, if only it didn’t mean for himself to get tanned. The tide would wash by the shore, sweeping over his legs as he walked by the coastline. Golden hues would search for any attractive female on the beach and when he noticed a girl staring at him, he would smile and grant her one of those deadly winks that is mostly used to swoon all the ladies.

Beyond him was the sky, stretching on for eons without seeing the end to it. He’d tip himself a loop-sided grin as he weakly conjured up random analogies in his head; something about the blue yonder above him, and a journey too, maybe even the distance it took to span the entire sky. His array of thoughts was brought to disarray and he was snapped out of his reverie by someone who came to stand beside him. Bright yellow orbs turned to look at the person beside her and he saw something that he would never expect; a giant. King may be tall but this person was meters above him, that he had to strain his neck so much just to look into his eyes and his height towered over his figure like it was nothing.

It took him a moment to register his thoughts until an amusing smile was drawn to his lips and a glimmer of sparkle in his eyes. ”Most definitely.” King was surprised, and never had he even seen a giant before in his life, which was why he was rather excited to see one. Ah, Fiore always have strange things. The thought crossed his mind.

”I call myself King. Or Z. Whichever one you prefer.” The young man kicked a stray pebble at his feet, a smile still lingering onto the thin line of his lips. ”What brings you here?” He would ask, curious as to what a giant might be doing at the beach, perhaps, to look at the beautiful sight of the sea and the females scattered over the location.


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Jeeroy Lenkins
The man would ask what brought Jeeroy to the beach, and Jeeroy would respond with the truth.  "Well, I have taken a job here for a man, plus it helps a lot having pretty women wandering around in bikinis.  It has been a week or so since I have taken a woman to bed and I believe standing here and flexing is a good way to get the attention of the women.  Though, I really should be doing this job.  I promised my client that I would sign him up for this competition today and honestly I am not ready to go and sit in that line of sweaty men."  Jeeroy shrugged.  "The company here seems much better, though the sun is beginning to set so I really should get going towards this job."  Jeeroy would then bid farewell to the man before booking it towards the line of sweaty men on the beach all showing up to sign up for this request.  

Jeeroy would have to make his way around a group of rowdy teenagers that were throwing a football back and forth.  He caught the ball once, throwing it back to the kids out playing.  He would then have to run between a group of guys chugging beers in which he would grab a beer and shotgun it before being cheered for and running off in the direction of the sign up sheet.  Jeeroy had to make his way around a group of elderly that were sitting in the middle of the beach tanning their old wrinkly skin.  Jeeroy found it quite disgusting and hoped his skin would never be as loose as their's was.  The sun was setting lower in the sky, making him rush a bit more which was difficult since he was a giant and it was in his genetics to be slow.  He was much slower than any of his friends, anyone he knew really, yet he was much stronger, much more powerful than any of them as well.  He guessed it sort of evened out in the end.

After passing all the groups of laughing teenagers and children along with the elderly and stressed out parents, Jeeroy finally made it to the line of burly men signing up.  A few looked at him with strange faces and a couple even left the line when they saw him, thinking that they had no chance now that the giant was signing up.  Jeeroy would laugh at them and make small talk with the man beside him.  They would talk about the weather and how beautiful the sun setting over the beach was.  Jeeroy would learn that the man beside him was a father of three and his wife had left him with the children when they were all very small.  After the line dwindled, Jeeroy would finally get to sign up the man, writing his name on the list.  As he finished his job he began to make his way back to the man he had signed up, who was still on the other side of the beach.  Jeeroy did not know why the man did not finish the job himself, but he did not care as long as he was getting paid what he was owed.  After the man had thanked Jeeroy for signing him up, he threw some jewels his way and told him to buy something nice with them.  Jeeroy would then smirk and thank the man before walking off.  

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The giant bit farewell to the silver haired mage, claiming that he needed to attend to the quest for a man to sign him up at a competition and before King could say another word, Jeeroy had already walked off, in a hurry to complete the quest. The young man stared down at the paper crinkled in his hands and pondered that he didn’t even get to tell Jeeroy that he was doing the same quest as him. Either way, now that they’ve departed their ways, King began to walk towards the direction of the open gym to meet Jay Holiday to retrieve his information. Girls dressed in sports outfits would check him out, the way he would do the same to them, his golden eyes raking over their nice body and ample assets while he waited for Jay to fill out the information. To be honest, he didn’t actually want to take part in this job, since it required so much effort however, since he was able to meet a few sexy ladies, he supposed it was worth it.

The booth was located at the far end side of the beach and thus, King had to hurry to make it on time, which was due at sunset. Using the advantage of his long legs, the man sprinted towards his destination. Little did he know that all the people at the beach was blocking his way, despite how they have no intention of doing so. Girls would flock around him, squealing over his appearance and his toned muscles while a group of children ran around the beach as if a tiger was by their feet. If it was possible, he would’ve knocked them out since it was such a big distraction to him.

Who gets drunk at the beach?

The thought crossed his mind and he couldn’t help but roll his eyes and heave out a sigh of frustration. The teenagers cheered, mumbled about something he couldn’t understand but he assumed it was most likely about girls and alcohol. The elderly were the worst. King may have the patience of an old cow however, when he’s in a hurry to do something else, there’s no one else who would be more quick-tempered as him. Tapping his feet furiously against the hard ground, he forced himself to wait for the old people to finish crossing the road.

By the time King arrived at his destination, he was already sweating bullets as beads of sweat cascade down his temple and his neck. What’s worse was that, he had to queue with a bunch of sweaty weightlifters who were too busy lifting dumbbells. Nevertheless, he was glad that he made it on time otherwise, Jay probably would’ve nagged at him for not being able to do as he told him. When it was his turn, he handed out the sheet of paper that Jay had written on while the people behind the booth would take note of the information.


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Sign Me Up [King & Jeeroy] VESQ2Ff

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