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Practical Uses [Snowflake & Isabella]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Practical Uses [Snowflake & Isabella] Empty Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:15 am

Venus Rosé

It was of common occurrence to find Snowflake with her particularly unkempt silver hair in the most austere locations at the most random times, and that wasn’t entirely made of her travel reasons. At best, she was a wanderer by accident – not because she wanted to, but it was almost as if her significantly awful directional sense granted her encounters by chance. The young maiden stood in the middle of the streets, her eyes gliding around the area as she took in everything that came into her sight. Magnolia was crowded, as always, with townsfolk going shopping within the area, tourists roaming about to see the wonders of the town itself while the shopkeepers yelled from the top of their voices to attract their attention so as to purchase their products.

Above her was a stretch of sky, and though the pale blue colour was inviting in its own right, leering  into it echoed nothing but forlorn thoughts. It wasn’t until a sudden gust of wind swept past her figure that her brain waves suddenly reacted with a jolt, her eyes blinking as she looked around frantically. A mild disarray was brought into her train of thought by the stares of people who would turn to look at her as they walked. It wasn’t an issue of confidence, rather it was something more akin of her habit to over-think things and she was inclined to believe that she was receiving a mix of both welcoming and unwelcoming gazes, particularly due her eccentric appearance that stood out more to others than herself. The girl gently tugged at her eyeband uncomfortably, before she decided to push the thoughts to the back of her mind and proceeded onwards.

The paper that caught her eye a few hours prior was a quest written with precision and grace, as if the write spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to help test out the shield for the Magic Council. In her hand, the paper request would fold and crinkle, the words now a jumble of objectives that she had stapled into her prior.


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#2Isabella King 

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Isabella King
Isabella was getting annoyed with Magnolia. She was tired of people staring and just having to deal with the craziness around here. She already had Justin, and then Rishi and Tien, and just she couldn’t take it anymore. She needed to do something different with her time here. She was going to crazy with everything being just down right fun but not fun. She walked out of the hotel she was saying at in her Grey dress. It was a long elegant dress. The front of the legs were cut away and it flowed in the back like water after the tide had crashed. The dress it self hugged her nicely and she felt a bit better with her day.

Isabella wasn’t really sure what she wanted to do with her day. Vulpix was tired of walking, as he kept making a face and noise every so often, but Isabella wasn’t sure what to do with her day. She had passed about ten clothing stores since they all had nothing but jeans and crop tops. Today was just not her day. She couldn’t really figure herself out at the time and it was driving her crazy. People stared at her as she clicked down the street with her heel so and she wasn’t a big fan of it. A bunch of old and creepy men stared her down. One of them even tried talking to her but Vulpix caused a bit of a fire on him; which made Isabella laugh for a bit.

Isabella sat at a bench after all of this was sad. She now didn’t know what to do. Well that lasted for a moment. Soon a flyer had caught her eye. It was a quest to test out a shield. Isabella was happy. She finally found something for her to do. She ran down the street in her heels and was ready to take this quest. Not only would the jewels help but just doing something was amazing. She ran to this drug shop in Magnolia to already see a sliver hair lady talking to a old wizard man. “Hi, I’m assuming you are here for the quest as well. I’m Isabella King but please call me Bella, and this is Vul. If you don’t mind can we please tag along in this quest?” Isabella asked giving the girl a smile.   


#3Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Mag Drug Magic Shop – the word states, carved onto the wooden board that had been raised up on top of the building. It was a familiar location to her, for she had been to the Magic Shop countless number of times previously. Her arrival at the store was greeted by a withering smile of an old man, his height a few inches shorter than hers, dressed in a cape that is almost too long for his physique and a wizard hat. With just a single glance, anyone from the town would be able to tell that he was a wizard and also an owner to this so-called magic shop. Snowflake would be invited inside and the scent of fresh books wafted into her nose the moment she entered the store. The store remained the same, just like the last time she visited; how Khalash’s working table was messed up with beakers of potions and books, some all strewn out on the carpet.

Fingers gently grazed over the dips of the rowed books stacked up neatly onto the bookshelf, feeling the textures of their spines. Books were her favourite and perhaps, she might attain some knowledge about creating potions and whatnot, if she would be allowed to borrow these books from Khalash himself. Just as the old man was about to go into the details of the quest, a rather young girl barged through the door, demanding that she would partake on the quest as well. Startled, Snowflake responded with a blink, her brain still processing on what just happened until she completely understood.

”Sure. I’m Snow.”

Snowflake exchanged glances between the girl who introduced herself as Bella, and her companion. Being a woman with little words, it was hard for her to communicate with people. The girl appeared to be almost the same age as Snow, perhaps even younger although Snowflake was a few inches shorter than the other girl. Her eyes were still fastened on the young girl, taking in the appearance of her and noticed how her jet-black hair cascaded down her shoulders. Now, that those who had taken up the quest had arrived, Khalesh quickly moved onto briefly explain the details of the quest and how he needed assistance to test his shield. The two mages would be taken into the back of the shop, in which they would see an empty, open area for them to use magic freely. Khalesh handed a shield to each of them and commanded them to stand in the middle of field while he casts the spell.


#4Isabella King 

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Isabella King
Isabella was happy that she got to work with the SNow. It was a different name but still really pretty. Isabella questioned the girl’s name. SHe really liked the name, just was curious as to why that name. WAas she really name Snow? SHe starts to questions people’s names ever since Justin and his damn fuckery he played with. Snow seemed like a really great person so Isabella just dropped the questioning altogether. Vul seemed to like her as he rubbed his head against her leg. So clearly she couldn’t be mess up person or someone bad

The old WIzard man name Khalesh who owned the shop walked the two ladies to the back of the shop. Isabella started to feel a bit uncomfortable since she wasn’t really sure why they were going in the back. After her other experience with the old perv. She hasn’t really be feeling that great with other people, but lord and behold he showed them two shields. They looked wonderful and perfect for the magic council. Isabella thought she was going to have to talk to Alice about these, HE then lead them to a open area. Isabella was feeling a bit weird since no one was talking about anything. Just grabbing and moving so she thought she would talk to Snow. “If you don’t mind me asking Snow, where're you from and what brings you to Magnolia of all places.” She giving the girl a smile and holding the shield like the old man told her. Isabella thought it was weird that the old man needed mages to do this. I mean she was shocked it was a quest. This was a fairly simple task. Soon the old man had fire around his fist and afterwards a ball. Now she saw why he needed mages. Isabella held on to the shield tightly and planted her feet into the ground. Hopefully her dress will survive this. She knew she should've read the damn flyer completely.  


#5Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Fingers gripping onto the handles of the shield firmly, Snowflake held the shield up against her chest and embraced for impact. Her legs were parted slightly in a stance, as her heels dug deep into the ground. As she prepared, she noticed how Bella had scooted over closer to her side, questioning how she had gotten to Magnolia. ”I didn’t have any intention to come here. I’m just a traveller so somehow, I ended up in Magnolia.” The girl responded to her question and despite how she tried to put on a friendly act, her expressionless face and her icy tone of her voice would ruin everything.

”What about—“

Just asked Snowflake was about to return her question to Bella, she noticed a glimpse of a fireball flying towards her way before it smacked hard against her shield, forcing her to stumble a few steps back. It was fortunate that she was just on time to embrace the impact otherwise, she would already fallen over flat on her bottom, which wouldn’t exactly be a good sight. ”What about you?” The girl attempted to continue her sentence, but this time her eyes were fastened on Khalesh so that she could see the attack coming and somehow prevent herself from getting hit.

After it was done, Khalash requested the two of them to attack the shield with the strongest attack possible to test the durability of the shield. This time, Khalash was the one behind the shield, holding it against his petite body and it made her wonder if the old man would be able to withstand the force. Nevertheless, she wasn’t the one who would back down just because of their age or the size of their body. Curling her fingers into tight fists, she parted her legs wider and took a combat stance, her head slightly lowered at an angle. With that she pummelled her fist into the shield and the sound of metal clashing resounded against the walls of the room. Despite how she had summoned all her energy and force in her fists, there was barely a dent on the shield.


The old man exclaimed, proud of his own masterpiece and rewarded them with jewels for their efforts. ”It was nice knowing you, Bella. Hope I can work with you again soon.” With that, the white haired girl bid farewell to both the girl and the old man with a bag of jewels clutched in her hands.


#6Isabella King 

Practical Uses [Snowflake & Isabella] Empty Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:55 am

Isabella King
Isabella wasn't sure if Snow was being nice or just that was how she was at all times. She just smiled at Snow. Maybe she is trying to open up. She did notice that Snow was a bit not happy but tried to be friendly and it was just confusing. Isabella was happy though. She met a new person and it was fun. Snow tried to speak to her but soon the old man started to shoot fireballs and that quickly stopped her from talking. Isabella felt bad since she was the one who started the conversation and she saw the attack coming and didn't tell Snow. Well nice going.

After the attacks stop which took forever. The old man kept firing balls and it was becoming annoying to be honest with her self. Soon the attacks stop like stated before and Snow asked a question. "Actually I'm here on business. I had a meeting with some Rune Knight members. I'm a new member of the guild actually." Isabella said as the old man asked them to attack the shields. Isabella watched as Snow repapered her self and was readying her self to attack. Isabella thought she was screwed since she hasn't train any of her spells yet. Snow shockingly didn't do a spell. She went into straight combat. She attack the shields with full strength and the shied stayed in pieces. Isabella was impressed with Snow's strength but also the shields it self.

It was now Isabella turn and it was going to be weird. She could fight in a dress but she wasn't a huge physically fighter. She then remembered  she had Vul. She smiled and cheered. This was going to be nice to show off how strong her companion is. "Alright Vul. It's your time to shine. Let's give that shield one good Tackle Burn." Isabella said and Vul jumped into action. Vul howled loudly and then began charging at the shields as his body was covered in fire. The shield had survived the hit and Isabella was shocked. Soon the man thanked them for everything and Snow was glad they met. "hopefully we do get to see each other soon, and maybe do another mission in the future. Who knows, but it was nice meeting you. Take care. Isabella said waving off. Today was a really fun today indeed for her.

-End of Quest-


Practical Uses [Snowflake & Isabella] Untitl10
Name: Vul
Race: Vulpix
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Health: 1x S-rank
Mana: 200
Height: 2'00" | 0.6 m
Weight: 21.8 lbs. | 9.9 kg
Evolution:  Ninetails
Personality: ???
Physiology: Vulpix is a small, quadruped, fox-like creature. It has red-brown pelt, brown, pupil-less eyes, large, pointed ears with dark brown insides, and six orange tails with curled tips. The tails grow hot as evolution approaches for this Pokémon. Vulpix also has curled locks of orange fur with bangs on top of its head. At birth, Vulpix has only one white tail, which apparently splits and grows more beautiful and warmer as it grows older. Vulpix has a cream underbelly, and brown feet with lighter brown paw pads.


Strength: 11
Endurance: 11
Speed: 8


Name: Fire Spin
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Vulpix Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user opens their mouth where a ball of fire is formed and then shot at the target. The ball is about the size of apple.

Name: Fire Fang
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Vulpix Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: 0 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user opens their mouth coating their teeth in flames before dashing towards their target intending to bite down dealing damage.

Name: Tackle Burn
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Vulpix Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user howls before fire erupts from their body encasing them from head to tail. The user then charges forward to tackle their target dealing damage.

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