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The Mysterious Little Girl [Sage]

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#1Audrey Namatzu 

The Mysterious Little Girl [Sage] Empty Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:48 am

Audrey Namatzu
Audrey was walking along the beach, her blue hair was glistening as the sun hit it directly. She had her normal outfit on, as she wasn't planning to go into the cold waters. She hadn't known much about Hargeon and she was willing to explore all the wonders that it held. She sat with Snowy on the sandy floor, as she thought about what kind of music she would listen to next. As she thought she sipped some ice cold lemonade and said to Snowy "Such a beautiful day isn't it? perfect weather, everyone seems to be having fun and I have some lemonade" She slightly smiled for a second as it faded away quickly, as she wasn't really all about smiling too much. She hated people seeing her smile. The problem was... she had no friends. Maybe today could be a day that she would make a new friend. Or maybe it was just like any other day, everyone would avoid interacting with her and she would be left all alone. All she could do was let the day play out as any other normal day and see just how this day would go about greeting Audrey.

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#2Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage was walking towards the beautiful beach where the breeze of the sea calms his mind and soul and the warmth of the sun relaxing his soul. It was a perfect day to hang around the beach and to meet new people as today many people were at the Hargeon Beach. While walking towards the beach, Sage saw someone, a little figure with glistening blue hair, she was sitting beside a really light blue figure that looks like some kind of a fox. Sage don't know what it is but he was attracted by the little girl, maybe he should talk to her and make friend with her, maybe she is a mage too, Sage thought. He then decided to walk towards her with a smile on his face. When Sage reached her, his tall shadow covered her from the sun and with a bright white smile, Sage said, "Excuse me, my name is Sage, and perhaps you are?" After she said her name, Sage continued "Oh, nice to meet you, can I join you watching this beautiful sea?" he said with no shyness as Sage is a mage with an open heart and he would talk with just about anyone.

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#3Audrey Namatzu 

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Audrey Namatzu
Audrey had seen a taller figure in the distance, yet she had no idea who it was. Then again she didn't really know who anyone was really. She saw a boy many years older than her walk up and dintroduce himself then asked her for her name. "M-my name? Oh right, uhm... my name is Audrey... Audrey Namatzu, and this is Snowy, my snow vulpix." she said awkwardly while petting Snowy's head. Why would a boy of this age stop and talk to her? " Uhm... sure... you can sit down. I picked the perfect spot with just enough sunlight and just far enough from the waves that you get slight mist every time they come down. She set up a towel for him to lay down on as she spoke. She still had a hard time understanding why this boy would even want to talk to her in the first place. Who would want to talk to a little girl like her? Well it didn't really matter, because today would be the day that she just might be able to manage getting her first friend. "So uhm... I was wondering... why did you stop to talk to me? No one ever even acknowledges i'm around when they see me but you stopped to hang out with me." She kept wondering as she awaited the answer from the boy.

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#4Sage † 

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Sage †
As she introduced herself and her little companion which Sage find cute, she placed a towel next to her so he can sit down, Sage then thought that she must be very nice to do such thing. She also said something about the place she picked was the perfect place due to the heatwave of the sun and the distance between the place and the sea and something about the mist. Sage thought that she must know many things about this place. "I can see that you have a very smart brain Audrey." he said, complimenting her knowledge. Sage sat on the towel next to her and before he could say anything, she asked him why did he stopped and sit next to her while no one ever acknowledge her, Sage looked at her with a calm smile on his face, "Because you seem lonely and I am here to accompany you, plus I dont have any friends at this moment, maybe we could be friends and hang out often together? Plus I can sense your magic power, you must be a mage just like me." Sage said without stopping, he does like to talk to people, Sage kept looking at her and then shifted his eyes towards her little companion called snowy, "And your little buddy is very cute, I love animals, can I pet him?" Sage asked with thrill as he really like cute animals.

WC: 237

#5Audrey Namatzu 

The Mysterious Little Girl [Sage] Empty Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:42 am

Audrey Namatzu
Audrey had been happy that someone wanted to be her friend. Then again she had never had one before so she wasn't really sure about what to do. She had read books about friendship, which she really didn't enjoy because of the poor plot set ups and the predictable endings, but she had never thought of trying to have a friend of her own anytime soon. He then complimented her on her knowledge, which she also appreciated very much because she had never received a compliment. What if she made a book dedicated to her first things she did with her friend? That wouldn't be a bad idea, but then she might lose it, with all the traveling she will do in the future.She was kind of annoyed to hear that she looked lonely, which wasn't an image that she wanted to put up for everyone to see, but she was happy about him saying that they could friends. What were all these mixed feelings? Is this what having a friend meant? If it was then she wasn't planning to take any part in it. He then asked to pet Snowy."Y-yeah of course you can pet her" she said just as Snowy came out and Sage put out his hand for her to smell. Just like Audrey she wasn't very good at socializing so she walked up slowly and then allowed Sage to pet her. "I think she likes you" Audrey said as she looked the two of them. She then put her hand out and pet Snowy's back, which she really enjoyed. She then sat down between the two of them and they just enjoyed the mist of the waves with every splash.


#6Sage † 

The Mysterious Little Girl [Sage] Empty Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:08 am

Sage †
Audrey allowed Sage to pet Snowy, and he did, he could feel the soft fur of the little creature and the tenderness of its body. The little snowy then allowed Sage to pat her even more, Audrey said that Snowy likes him, Sage blushed, he likes the feeling when he is being loved. Audrey patted Snowy too, and Snowy sat comfortably between both of them. They watched the waves as the balmy breeze swept their faces. Sage haven't felt anything like this before, having someone to sit with and enjoy the wonderful creations of nature. After they talked about life and laughed together, Sage think that it is time for him to go. "Hey Audrey, I must go now, there are things that I have t settle with. Maybe we could talk to each other later when we meet again, it is nice meeting you." he said to Audrey and stood up, "Bye Snowy." he said to the little cute creature beside Audrey and smiled at both of them. He kept his right hanf in his pocket and walked out of the scene while waving goodbye with his other left hand. Sage felt like he should turn back and hang around a little bit longer, but he resisted, he have something else that he must do. He said to himself that he is only 15 and life is just about to start, he shouldn't be thinking that this is the end but the beginning, plus he only meet Audrey for not up to one day, how can it be so sad and grief? Sage thought while grinning thinking how stupid he was.



#7Audrey Namatzu 

The Mysterious Little Girl [Sage] Empty Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:41 pm

Audrey Namatzu
Audrey was very interested in what this boy had to say, as he was also very intelligent and fun. They had talked for a long while before Sage had to leave. Both Audrey and Snowy were sad, and Snowy seemed to be real fond of him. Her head started to droop down but Audrey had cheered her up instantly with her favorite treats. She was also kind of bummed but coming and going was a part of life. Maybe soon they would meet each other again in the future. Small world, so there is a big possibility of them meeting again. Well it wasn't time to be worrying about that, all she wanted to do was enjoy the nice cool mist that the waves would give off as they crashed down. Today was a good day, she made a new friend, and Snowy actually liked her choice. All she had to do that day was sit back and relax, for she had long travels ahead of her. She had to travel to a town called Oak soon, because she had heard there were good paying jobs in that area. Well it was just time for her to enjoy her relaxing time while it lasted.



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