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Missing Child [Request][Kon]

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The skies were thick with dark gray clouds darkening the area below, the air was crisp with scent of approaching lightning coming through with sweet scents from flowers intertwining the gust of wind that gently stuck a man hidden in obscurity using a poor quality hooded cloak, this man was followed by a striking stallion with fur of black and white having patterns resembling lightning bolts with a fixed aggressive facial expression. This beast trailed after him without the need for a leash loyal to the core. Despite the bound between them the beast was slightly distracted by the weather eagerly hoping for the chance to soak up some lightning. Because of this he had dismounted earlier and he walked with it as they approached Era town. With his backpacks slung on his right shoulder, cloaked figure walked to the home of the Rune Knights which he too formerly considered home.

His position on the body that was the centerpiece the town had changed during his time within the organization itself to the extent that he merely felt that those within the movement were utterly incapable of what they were hired for which was first and foremost protecting the people from those that wished to harm them whether it’s prior, during or even after the people of Fiore had been attacked. There were many noted instances in which this had occurred with him having been involved in some shape or form, with him attempting to stop those who intended to harm the community or recently the unintentional attack that he had done towards the Fairy Tail guild.  

Nothing as said as they continued down the road that they had been following towards the town for numerous days now. The road itself was vast in size large enough for both incoming and outcoming merchant wagons and was composed of large, thick white slate slabs capable of taking such loads. This road was the main thoroughfare not just to Era but other towns as well with it stretching across all of Fiore with many crossroads and different materials depending on the location. His footsteps were seemingly inaudible in comparison to his companion with each hoof making a resonating clickity-clank, even the noises that were made by his companion were minimal in comparison to the background noise of merchants coming and going around them.

As he had no reason to hurry in fact he had deliberately taken his time to ensure he would minimise being noticed by the public in the first place. His cautious behaviour stemmed from his past activities which whilst had been supposedly overlooked he still felt hunted in someway this also left him feeling hesitation in going to Era town in the first place in case he did end up with a Bounty, though for now things seemed fine besides he had matters to attend with that needed to be addressed immediately. For he had heard rumors of a demon who was situated on the outskirts of the town near one of the entrances to the town.


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For now however he had other concerns primarily finding a place to start in a town where you could easily be recognised by members of the community. Eventually he entered the town with relative ease using the guise of being just another escort for a merchant. It was not long however that he was approached by a balding man who was both tall and thin in frame dressed in the typical Magic Council attire, halting his progress in going further into the town with a raised up hand he began to speak. “Marin Awedin requests an audience with you immediately, he along with other rune knight members are waiting in a nearby restaurant, Freddy’s diner, I’ll take you there myself if you desire.” The name was familiar though he could recall the face that matched the individual. “Uhh, I’m sorry Marin?, Could you give me a bit more information before I just go with you?” With no time to stand around talking the messenger merely shook his head.”Don’t worry you’re not in trouble I’ll take him to you so you can talk to him yourself.”

Relieved by his works, Kon followed after him just as his companion did for him. The restaurant itself that the trio came to was just like any other having just a small sign at the front titled Freddy’s diner and a help wanted sign just below it from the other side of the glass. The entire restaurant front was made of glass, top portion clear while the bottom had some plastic covering blocking people from seeing people eating directly next to the glass in their booths. Marin and the Rune Knights were yet to be seen with the messenger not at all looking surprised, before entering the diner though, he halted Kon once more. “If you wouldn’t mind could you leave your companion here the owner of this establishment isn’t fond of animals.” Reluctantly he accepted to his request and called to his Zebstrika before telling him the plan in hushed tone. “Stay outside keep on guard for anything suspicious if you hear me being in danger of something such as me calling out to you don’t hesitate just charge into the diner, complains or no complains.”

Once the information had been relayed the messenger smiled revealing pearly white teeth which were misshapen, too big for his mouth and otherwise unappealing to look at in general. “Thank you for understand, if you would be so kindly.” Opening the door to the diner for the former Rune Knight, Kon entered noting at first the blaring sounds of old disco-tec music from the speakers that were placed above him, next was the various smells that any diner of this calibre had from the mouthwatering odor of freshly cooked fries and burgers to the disgusting scent of vomit furthest away from that was poorly concealed with a pine floor cleaner. None of these appealed to him with him even needing to pinch his noise to minimise the amount he could smell, unfortunately for them he was led to and past the area where the vomit had been practically gagging himself he needed a moment to recompose himself before the messenger continued to guide him into a room of the diner merely labelled conference. Entering the room by himself this time, the messenger stood in front of the door blocking entry from the other side.


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Inside the room several tables were laid out five in fact with a civilian sitting behind them facing in his direction separated by a temporary wall meanwhile rune knight members were stationed all around them with two of them interrogating each person in different manners without success. The noise of the door opening had alerted all to his presence which would have otherwise gone unnoticed by his abilities as a pad-foot. None of them directly spoke to him however either recognising him as just another Rune Knight or merely seeing him as a waiter, Neither were true however he would continue on with the rouse regardless, even when Marin spotted him he referred to himself with his previous position as he shook the older man's hand out of sight of the people being interrogated and spoke in almost a whisper. “Kon, Konstantin Sokolov, Seated Knight for the Rune Knights.” Recognising his position though with some suspicion, Marin replied. “Marin Awedin, I heard you had left the rune knights anrd were now a free agent.” Not fond of lying to his former comrades he merely retorted. “It's complicated...” Nodding understanding the possible reasons for the lie he didn't press the case instead moved onto why he was there in the first place. “Right that's not the something that needs to be looked at as it would likely be inappropriate for me to ask, but it's fortunate that you are here as I need your help getting information out of these five regarding a missing child.”

Confused about why he needed him specifically he didn't hesitate in asking him how he could help when he had numerous Rune Knights that would likely be able to do the same job as him. “What do you need me for?, you can all these rune knights that should be more than capable of doing the job.” Sighing to himself, he turned his attention to the people within the room. “People don't see the Rune Knights as what they should represent the protectors of the realm...I need your help because you appear to be unaffiliated with us, you're not in my unit, heck you're not even dressed in the Rune Knight attire.” His argument for the most part and it was true that he still had the knowledge of interrogating individual from his training in the rune knights, but he like everyone else had their own methods. Some preferred to throw the book at a person accusing them of doing all sorts of things, others would try to butter up a person and some would use more less civilised methods, he was one willing to do anything to get what he want out of someone which was particularly useful considering his new ability of being a living lie detector how they lied mattered little if they were he would know.

Recognising the job at hand he spoke to Marin once more. “Okay I'll help you out but for me to do my job properly I’ll have to have the room to myself with these people.” Confused by the request but willing to allow it he drew up his hand and whistled out to the rune knights within the conference room. “Men this man will be taking over this portion of the mission, we are to remain outside until he has spoken to all of them, consider it our lunch break.” Protests were heard from both rune knight and the civilians alike, turning his attention to Kon once more as the Rune Knight began to leave, he spoke through gritted teeth. “Just don't hurt them...” Evidently his reputation was known within the rune knights to what extent he didn't know, raising a hand he promised “I won't hurt them much, if they lie to me too much I might have to...” Sighing to himself once more. “Fine...” Understanding that you needed to crack a few eggs to make an omelette he too left the room.


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Starting from the left of the room at the furthest table, he sat down as civilly as possible opposite to the first person, an elderly gentleman dressed in a tweed sweater with wispy white hair who was casually smoking his pipe and reading a book seemingly unaware of what was happening around him, suspecting that he wasn't responsible but still needing to question him regardless he spoke to him whilst tapping his shoulder. “Sir, sir, Do you know where you are?, can you tell me your name” Looking around he spoke with confusion. “My name is Fredrick Murmansk, I have no idea where I am, did you kidnap me? I don't have any money neither do my family.” His response confused him however he continued regardless. “You currently being interrogated for the kidnapping of a child.” Immediately the old man rose from his chair and dropped his pipe onto the table causing the loose tobacco scatter onto the table. “I would never harm a kid much less kidnap one, how dare you!” Recognising that he wasn't lying he merely rose himself and calmed the man down. “I believe you sir, please go back to your pipe and reading.” Having only being given a “Hmpfh” in response he moved onto the next individual.

He would be dealing with a beautiful young woman with features resembling his own mother ignoring this though he would question her as harshly as the man and all that followed after, taking a seat it quickly became apparent that she was upset that the Rune Knights are keeping her there. “How long do I need to be here?, it's been hours.” Smiling to himself knowing it could range for a matter of moments to hours depending her answer he merely asked her a question instead. “I have a few questions I need to ask you, What is your name? And Were you responsible or have any involvement with the kidnapping of a child?” Confusion then more irritation was etched on her face before she giving him her name and otherwise denying the accusation as well just as the old man had before becoming verbally hostile at Kon as the interrogation continues. Wanting nothing more to do with the woman. He merely rose from his seat and spoke to her a final time. “Leave your chair and you'll be charged miss.”

Less than half way through and he was already starting to get annoyed this was why he enjoyed being in the holy knights where he didn't have to deal with matter such as this. He would now be questioning a younger man who was enamoured with the Rune Knights and questioned him about the absence of them. “Where did the rune knights go?” Not one to lie himself unless it was needed, Kon responded in earnest. “They left so I could complete their mission by any manners necessary”, Nodding and otherwise being very cooperative, he asked him another question. “How can I help?” “Give me your name then answer my question and you will have depending on your answer, were you responsible or have any interaction with the kidnapping of a child?” Without hesitating he responded. “I'm Tim Tall, No of course not that would be in poor taste how could I ever join the Rune knights after doing something like that, I'm sure one of the others did it go ask them.”


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This ability he had been given had proven to be exceedingly useful taking out the guesswork in determining the innocent to the guilty with just one question. The issue would stem from when people would refrain from answering or answering in a specific way however until these had happened he would be content with his Geass. The fourth individual was an older woman with rash defined smile lines and crow's feet etched on her face poorly masked with a layer of make up. With her arms crossed she barked at him as he approach. “Rune Knight dog!” before lazily spitting at him only hitting as far as the table. Knowing this woman would be a pain to deal with he spoke to her quickly so he could move onto the last of them. “Were you responsible or involved with the kidnapping of a child?” he was met with further hostility worse than the woman earlier. “No, I didn't have anything to do with a child going missing, I'm sure your beloved Rune Knights had something to do with.” Understanding that everyone was entitled to their own opinion with his own being poorly towards the organisation he refrained from commenting and instead left her alone recognising that she was just trying to bait an argument.

In the far corner was a shifty young man dressed in a dirty clothes unwashed for days covered in mud without a single strand of hair covering his head, the man was like a bowling pin, reflecting all the light that lit the room, he was interested to see how he would look in it but he didn't want to be that rude. Instead he merely slammed his open hands onto the table loudly to get the attention of the man who was eyeing the others in particular the younger woman of them. Wanting to get this over and done with he first asked the man his name receiving a silly answer. “My name is Johnny No-Nose and I have nothing to say to you.” A clear lie as he definitely had a nose, Kon pushed for further information he struck the man with the back of his hand. “Oww what the fuck man?, Let me go!” “Don’t waste my time tell what I want to know, were you involved with the kidnapping of a child?” Just like all the others the man was insulted by the mere judgement towards him. “I wouldn’t hurt a child, under this danger exterior i’m a pretty nice guy to be perfectly honest.”

Having spoken to all of the suspects, Kon opened the door and had all of the rune knight officers come back into room including Marin returning to the client, Kon spoke to him expressing his thoughts on all five of them. “Marin after speaking to all of the individuals that you are holding, I can say with certainty that they are all innocent.” However as he gave him his thoughts on the matter Marin simply thanked kon for his assistance before dismissing him so they, the rune knights could resume the investigation in their official capacity. Still wanting his help but not for now Kon was relieved and stepped outside of the diner as the smell was sickening. Once outside he looked around the hustle and bustle around him was almost deafening causing him to only just hear what sounded like the crying of a small child.

The origin of the noise was unknown for now, but he suspected that the source was likely the child that the rune knights were looking for. Moving closer to the location he turned into the alleyway behind the restaurant where the crying grew louder and louder until Kon found a young girl with a torn dress and messy hair. Spotting the blonde haired mage she spoke to him sniffling a dirty nose, “Who are you?, Where’s my mummy?” After hearing her, he could tell she was the missing child, realizing that nobody had kidnapped her, Kon picked her up after talking to her. “Come I’ll take you to the diner you mummy is there.” bringing her at once to Marin back at the restaurant, members of the rune knights looked at him in confusion. Once he was there, he spoke Marin “This is the little child that you thought was kidnapped, she was behind the alleyway, maybe next time look before nabbing up innocent from the town.” Marin become flustered and frivolously apologised to Kon and everyone and then thanking the knight for helping them find the little girl. Having completed their task for them Kon received a large amount of jewels as a reward before leaving the diner for the final time.


Missing Child [Request][Kon] KHvJeW6
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