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Traveling from Baska to Oak [Foot Travel]

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Traveling from Baska to Oak [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:34 pm


Traveling by foot
After arriving at the train station of Baska, the male quickly headed out. He bought a bottle of water and other basic things he'd require to be fit. He was feeling oddly sharp today. With all of his equipment strapped on his back, he headed out. His step was light, and quick. Being a fast walker has always been one of Maarschalks tendencies. He certainly didn't hold back when walking anyway; the only exception being if he was joined by Arisa. Nonetheless, he carried on, ruthlessly denying the Baska beggars of their golden coin. He didn't intend to fetch juicy information about the politics in Baska, not today.

The heat was ungodly today. It almost felt like it was melting him to the ground. Maarschalk took a few breaks, even though Oak was just a few miles away from Baska. He couldn't bear standing under the sun for over an hour a day, it just felt like he was constantly walking in a sauna. His darned magic had cursed him, goddamn Hades, he could hear him, laughing at him from the underworld. Lest for the sun, Maarschalk carried on and eventually ended up in the town of Oak. He'd been here before, this was the town of evil.


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