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Troubling Transactions. [Quest; Alice and Videns]

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Troubling Transactions. [Quest; Alice and Videns] Empty on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:19 am

Videns wondered why Alice had thought she should've thought of Guad. However he decided not to ask immediately as she asked if he had any other plans as they went back to the counter. “Hmmm, I dunno it's getting dark. Usually I’d look for another quest, but hey, today they are coming to us.” Videns said with his polite smile. Videns would order a beer for himself and was about to order for Alice also before he seen the quizzical look on her face which reminded him of his own question. Once Alice had ordered Videns would take a sip of his beer before asking. “So why did you think it was Guad all along? Run into trouble with him before?” Videns asked, At the mention of Guard, there was a loud shifting of chairs at the far end of the bar and as if it were beetle juice Guad had appeared on one of the stools. He seemed somewhat nervous. Videns was unsure why however. He did seem nervous when he had be caught by them however now he was off the hook he thought Guad should be more relaxed. Deciding to ignore the thief Videns would focus on Alice for the time being. 205

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Troubling Transactions. [Quest; Alice and Videns] Empty on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:20 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Not exactly knowing what to buy and starting to get a bit hungry, she was looking at the menu, listening to Videns but not much paying attention to the rest. Of course her cat ears were perched high up, so she would catch any sound but would filter it out only to be hyper aware if something would go wrong. But there was nothing much interesting, ”Smart.” she said without looking up for the comment that the quest would be coming to them, little did she know one was indeed already on its way towards them. ”Wonder what the next adventure is.” she said as she finally decided on an orange juice and was still looking for something to eat, maybe she should buy something quick at a supermarket instead of eating at this pub. Maybe that was at least a bit healthier, she finally closed the menu and looked up to see Gaud sitting on the other side of Videns, she had not noticed he was sitting there but apparently he just arrived and stared at her, ”Merchants. They get everything.” was the answer to Videns before she turned to Gaud, ”I have a transaction but thanks to that misfortune crest I bought, I want someone to check if this one is a legitimate one. Would you two please do that for me?” So all quest came to them today?

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Troubling Transactions. [Quest; Alice and Videns] Empty on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:20 am

Videns nodded once Alice had answered his question. Without realising he had found his eyes trailing to her class of orange juice. She had stayed away from the tonic, which made him somewhat confused. Although if she was sick like he had guessed earlier than juice seemed like the best option. Almost as soon as Alice had answered Videns’ question Guad came up asking them for help. Startled by the sudden appearance and speech of Guad Videns knocked over his beer bottle. It fell to the ground with a large crash upon the well varnished wooden floor, sending glass and sudds all across the floor. The bartender looked annoyed but said nothing as a young girl came running up with a mop and shovel. Going a shade of crimson Videns tried leaning on his cheek to hide his hot face and to avoid any people’s looks. He was feeling rather embarrassed. His embarrassment soon turned to annoyance as he looked at Guad. “Don’t just sneak up on people like that!” He scolded but Guad looked uninterested. He had asked again would they do the request and it seemed that they were right in thinking that the quest would come to them. Videns looked to Alice for a reply to Guad. 210+205=415

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Troubling Transactions. [Quest; Alice and Videns] Empty on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:20 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked more towards the beer bottle and the flash of red that she could see on somebody’s hidden face. She didn’t say anything just looked at it coolly but her ears were flat on the top of her head because she had not liked the sound. It was too harsh for her ears but she just watched the girl clean it up and looked up with a neutral look on her face to Gaud, ignoring a bit what Videns said to him because she found it a valid point, she didn’t need to point that out again. He asked again if they would do the quest for him and she found him a little impatience but she could understand, she looked at Videns shortly and shrugged, did she ever get time to finish her drink in a normal time frame, ”I’ll be back.” she muttered to the bartender that removed the glass of juice from the bar as she at least payed for it and again lowered herself of the chair, ”Well gimme the details.” so he told them the address of the alley where the transaction would happen and he gave them the jewels that were needed for the transaction as also a map in case they would get lost. She doubted it, knowing Era very well but it was dark and maybe some people did get lost. Her cat eyes would help prevent that for her, it was as if she was walking in daylight, it was perfectly clear for her. ”I hope this will be over quick, I’m starving.” she said to Videns as she exit the pub and looked left and right too see how many people were on the streets before she walked easily towards the alley where the man from the interaction would be waiting for them.

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Vidnes noticed how every now and then Alice put her Neko ears down on her head. He wondered why they would so this. Not knowing too much on the animal or the race he just shrugged it off. As Alice got down from the stool, Videns mimicked her however he turned to the bartender. “Sorry about the beef.” He said with a small bow but the bartender just grunted. As Videns was apologising Guad was explaining the quest again. It seemed Alice had asked for them one more time. Videns listened and took the money for the transaction. As the two would exit the bar Alice said that she was starving and that she hoped it wouldn’t take too long. “Hopefully. Maybe we could go out to dinner after this, as Friends.” He would add quickly just in case she thought otherwise. Although Videns admired Alice, he did not think of her in that way. As they walked Videns was having difficulty in the dark whereas Alice was walking around with ease. Another Neko trait Videns presumed. “I really have to learn the layout of this place.” Videns said with a small laugh. He was yet again following Alice into the alley. “You with guad?” a rough Voice said from the darkness. 212+415=627

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Troubling Transactions. [Quest; Alice and Videns] Empty on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:27 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice nodded, not entirely sure if Videns could see that, ”Sounds like fun.” she answered right after he suggested as friends, good otherwise she would have to explain about Konstantin at this moment and the more quiet she was about that at the moment the better. It was not that she wanted to hide the relationship, she loved him dearly but it was better considering the circumstances around him, who knew who was all aware of the issue at Fairy Tail. ”You will get used to it at some point.” she said as he talked about the layout, she guided him to the alley and heard a voice quickly, her ears immediately getting up. She eyed the man in the dark, he was covered from head to toe, only a line of skin could be seen around his eyes which made it good in her opinion that they came instead of Gaud, ”Yea, we are here for the transaction. Did you bring the merchandise with ya?” she said faking an accent because she didn’t want to be listened in at this moment, who knew what other Knights would do at this hour and she didn’t want any trouble. The man sighed and picked up a large bag and showed them a large tooth that was in there. She didn’t want to question the merchant but what the hell needed Gaud that tooth for? She didn’t say anything but looked at Videns to hand the man the money and if he wanted to take the bag otherwise she would do that.

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Alice agreed that it would be fun to have a purely platonic dinner together. “Great let’s go after this then.” Videns said. It seemed as if Alice was going to explain something before Videns interjected about the ‘Friends part’ Did she have a significant other? Videns didn’t really dwell on this but simply nodded when she said itll be easier and he would get the hang of the layout. As they were in the alley, the man came out from the shadows, but he was totally covered in a cloak. Alice asked for the merchandise first. Videns found it odd that Alice decided to talk differently but did not question it. He could see why as he approached the man with the money. It seemed very dangerous and creepy. Videns gave the man the money and took the tooth. Videns examined the tooth. He could not judge what animal it was from but it was large and sharp and could be used as a weapon. As soon as Videns gave the cloaked man the money he ran away back into the darkness very ominously. “Well that was weird, almost as weird as that voice.” Videns would say as the went to walk to a restaurant. 627+205=832

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Troubling Transactions. [Quest; Alice and Videns] Empty on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:28 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice frowned as she watched the man go, she had her ears on the back of her head, so they would go unnoticed, unless the man was a neko or anything other for a race and she wouldn’t be able to see that like that, in that case he would see perfectly as well in this night as she did. She made sure that the money had transferred safely and that the tooth was now in their hands. She looked at it shortly after they were done and pulled up her nose, she found it disgusting. ”He must be an illegal hunter, how else get such a tooth. And most of all what would you want to do with it.” the idea of a weapon did pass her mind but she found it not that logical, it wasn’t on her priority list to buy in that case, but she had her claws so daggers were not necessary in the first place. She turned around too, to walk back to the pub where Gaud might be waiting for them, since that wasn’t the case she would walk back with Videns, to his shop. She would make sure that he got the tooth, she didn’t want to be too close to it all the time and that he paid the both of them for helping with this transaction before turning to Videns, once out the shop to ask if he had a preference for a restaurant.

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Videns hummed in agreement with Alice. It did make sense since that the man was selling on the black market. Videns now knew why Alice had masked her voice and covered her ears. Although they had no proof it looked bad that a knight would be doing a quest with some shady dealings such as this. “I dunno. Toothpick?” Videns answered Alice as she asked what Guad with want with this. Although the idea for a weapon crossed his mind it seemed to large and oddly shaped to be a practical weapon of any king. It didn't even look sharp and was blunt in places. The two mages then headed back along the darkened street to the pub where they thought Guad was. However he was not there. “Rude much.” Videns sighed, a hint of annoyance in his voice. However Alice had the brilliant idea of going to Guad’s shop. So the two made their way to the shop and met guad. After handing over the tooth Guad loomed at it and marveled. He paid the two promptly and led them out locking the door behind them. “Well I am new here, so I think it might be smarter to get you to choose the restaurant.” He said with a chuckle. 213+832=1045

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