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Travel to Era [Magnolia -> Era]

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Travel to Era [Magnolia -> Era] Empty Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:48 am

Videns had backed up all he needed into his backpack to hit the road. He had heard a rumor of a demon and Era and he wondered if he could help. He was not told of the Rank of the demon but how bad could it be? Videns headed out of the small inn he was staying at. Even though it was a small in it was kind of a hidden treasure. There were very few rooms but each was cleaned with care and it just felt much cleaner than any hotel. Videns sighed as he picked up his light backpack to head out of Magnolia. His bag was filled with only the essentials. Money, food and water. Videns figured he could buy what he needed within Era. He wondered if it was infested with knights as the rumors said. Still he was more interested in the suposed demon that lurked there. As Videns headed out of Magnolia he took one last look at it's glorious scenery. He enjoyed the town of the faries and made a promise to Himself to visit it again one day. As he walked he wondered where Kerii was. He had not seen her in weeks and he wondered if she had gone to Era too. wc 212

Travel to Era [Magnolia -> Era] 0aGVVoL

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