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[Quest] Eyes Wide Open

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#1Tiên Linh 

[Quest] Eyes Wide Open Empty Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:58 pm

Tiên Linh
Hatred Clouds Judgement
But Our Regrets Still Stalk Us

Tiên had taken his second quest, and was now heading towards the location he needed to go to. He had been here before, on his last quest and the man who owned the shop was kind, as far as Tiên could tell anyway. He continued to walk, as he looked around for the shop again, on top of his head was a ball of white fluff, sitting atop of his hat. the veils of red swooped down, and stopped under his arms, attached to his shirt, his hair looped and tucked under his hat tied in with his bun for now.

Reaching the shop, Tiên stepped inside and bowed his head a little to the man, and smiled softly. "I'm here about request you sent out... The one about needing someone to look after the shop." The old man looked at him before humming and nodded, before stepping around the counter and stepped up towards Tiên.

"Ah, yes. You are the one who helped me last time. Thank you, young man." Khalash rushed out before, looking around. "Alright boy. Today I will be out for a while, so you will have to look after the shop. Important things to remember. You can not leave your post, or go into the back room..." Thinking a little Khalash hummed before collecting his bag. "Oh, and please do not mess up the shop."

"Yes sir. I will do my absolute best."

At that Khalash soon left the shop, leaving  Tiên to look after the shop. The kid soon turned from the door, and stared at all the different items in the shop, it ranged from potions, to fresh herbs all the way to weapons and armours. It was amazing, and Tiên was so intrigued by it. Stepping over to the counter the kid soon sat down, and leaned over the wooden surface, staring at the door as he waited for customers or anything to just come visit.
Ningjia floated around the shop looking at the different things that surrounded them. "Be careful Jia... I don't think I can pay for anything that is broken here." The ball of fluff looked over at him, as the boy just neatened up the surface of the counter. He was intrigued by the books that are sitting near the counter. So carefully Tiên went over to the book case and removed a random book, before setting it onto the desk.

Slowly flipping through it before the bell of the door rang, leading the boy to lift his head up, and looked at the customer, before smiling softly at the women. "Hello ma'am." Nodding his head, the female nodded back and soon began looking around the store, by the time that happened his companion and returned to sitting on his hat again.

"Hello. I would like these." She set the herbs and potions down, before Tiên moved the book to  one side, and soon racked up the price for the women's items. "Okay so that will be... 600,000 jewels." The women soon nodded, and handed the amount over as Tiên nodded. "Have a nice day." smiling softly, as he chuckled and waved at the women, as she waved back.

Eventually Tiên soon slouched again and went back to reading the book, before pausing hearing the bell ring again. He looked up seeing a bunch of teenagers show, and Tien didn't really wanna deal with them. Frowning a little he kept his eye on them along with Ningjia's help, as the strolled around the place looking at the herbs and potions, testing the weapons and shields.
Though soon enough the teens, headed towards the backroom. A place he wasn't supposed to go to. Frowning, he looked up at Ningjia, as the companion soon floated beside him, making a small whine. Tiên glared at the three boys, before stepping down from the counter and walking over to them, stopping them from going near the room.

"I'm sorry but you are not allowed in there."

"Move brat. What are you gonna do about it."

"Look at her, she thinks she can stop us."

"So adorable."

"I'm not a girl!" Tiên snapped, before being shoved to the side by the buff teen, and stumbled before gaining control of his footing again. "H-Hey! Stop!"

Tiên stumbled over to the room, and gulped as he looked at the board that was the threshold of him disobeying Khalash. Sighing he looked at Ningjia, who nodded her body in a way that told Tiên she was ready to obey any request from him. Turning back to the boys who were now rummaging through the back room, Tiên stomped his foot down and glared at them.

"That's it! Please leave now, or I will have to use force!" The boys turned towards Tiên before bursting out loud and annoying Tiên even more. He was giving a job, and he had to follow through but these boys were making it difficult. "I mean it!"

They just laughed again before going back to rummaging through the back. Grinding his teeth, Tiên soon stepped over the threshold, and stared at the males, Ningjia, soon followed her master, before Tiên moved his to point at one of the boys, and Ningjia soon began to produce a small ball of green energy before blasting it towards the targeted boy. The other two looked towards Tiên as their friend squawked and moved out of the way, the ball of energy soon hitting the back wall.
After that the three boys, turned towards Tiên before running from the room, shoving him out of the way again and leaving the shop. Though Tiên sighed as he stared at the hole in wall and biting his lip. Walking over he looked around before finding the small planks of wood, and a small hammer and nails. Then he headed back over to the hole, and soon began to boarder it up, hoping that Khalash wouldn't berate him too much.

When he was done, Tiên headed back to the counter after neatening the papers and stuff. He also put the book he borrowed back before, turning to sit at the counter again. After a few more hours, before hearing the bell ring, and looking up towards the door seeing Khalash come back.

"Welcome back sir."

"Any trouble?"

"Just a little, but I took care of it as carefully as I could."

"Thank you, boy. Here is your payment, and have a good night."

"You too, Sir." smiling, he soon took the payment before bowing. "Have a nice night too, Sir."

Smiling, Tiên and Ningjia soon left the shop, heading back to where he was staying, to rest up before going to do another lot of quests in the morning.

Word Count : 1122/1000 | Sinese #336666 | Fiore #ff3333
Mana : 210/210
Buffs : None
Ningjia: 175/200 | 5/18/7

Energy Ball:
Name: Energy Ball
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Cottonee Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Nature
Range: 5m
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user opens their mouth and a ball of green natural mana forms at the tip 30cm in diameter. The user then fires the ball of magic that deals damage.

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