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To Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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To Magnolia [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:30 am

There she goes, away from what was somewhat fun. She got to beat a sea monster and it felt really fun! Oh yes indeed it was fun. Her golden eyes were looking forward to see what was in store for her there. A bright smile was on this kids face, oh yes. her red hair would sway as she would skip along to the next area. Magnolia was heard to be quite relaxing as well as Hargeon was. 'This aught to be fun.~' she thought as she would stare around upon the nature with her golden eyes. She could smell the flowers - so pure, so nice. She wondered what it was like to be super girly, look really girly with the hair, the outfit and appearance. She was alone in this world though so it didn't really matter. Cosmiare's little arms dangled against her sides as she skipped along. Her heart was beating nervously as she wondered if those people at Mag that gave quests were going to be really judgemental too. When was she going to meet someone older than her that wasn't going to judge her? A small frown went upon her face as she would think of how judging some are. At first she would leave Hargeon and after that there was some town she never really noticed before, Dahlia. What the hell was this? It was all dark and cloudy and fog on the lower grounds. The place had creepy people, but thankfully there was a safe route as she went around it. Why would she even dare to go right through it? Her golden eyes were curious though so it didn't stop her from peeking in the town itself. A smile of relief would escape her lips as she would see what was next, Magnolia. The name sounded like some type of cheese which was weird, but she would soon enough get there.


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