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Clean Up Crew [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Clean Up Crew [Bianca] Empty on Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:05 am

Bianca Fleur
Back in Oak Town once again, Bianca was ready to take about a hundred jobs since she was going to be here far longer than she stayed in the other towns. She had not met the master yet but she would meet him eventually but for the meantime she was feeling quite energetic for about coming back home. The first request that she had decided to take was one where the task was to clean up dead bodies. Leave it to Bianca, she thought, chuckling as she read the details about the job while walking around in her room with a mug of coffee. After staying in Nanuq Town for a while, she seemed to have gotten used to the cold or something for a while, so she was wearing the thinnest outfit she had - which was the silk dress that she wore on her way back to Oak Town. The silk dress had slits up till her thighs, so she did not have to worry about restricted movement. She could move as freely as she wanted in the dress. So it did not matter what kind of job she was going to do - be it carrying corpses out of a building or whatever. After she finished her coffee, she put on undergarments before the silk dress. It would be inappropriate to go out without her undergarments, as her female parts would be hanging out inappropriately. Although it did not feel inappropriate to her, it was to others. Maybe the manners of a lady she was taught when she was younger were starting to fade.

After downing the coffee, she headed for where she would meet Remy, the client of this job. He was a Martello, and if Bianca remembered correctly, she had met him before, probably while taking a request as well. He was probably part of the whole Martello drama that she had to solve. If it was not the one she did together with Varian, it was probably a job she took alone. She was going to be seeing a lot of Martello bodies too, which She remembered having to deal with Martellos in the job she took with the spikey haired man from who knows where. She never found out where he was from or what guild he belonged to. He was quite a mystery to her, as she was to him all the same. But what she did not know of course, was that Varian was not his actual name! That did not matter anyways. She did not think she would meet him again, so whether his name was actually Varian or not did not matter to her. So now she was walking to the place that she would find Remy. It was near the building in which she would have to do her job. Remy probably did not want her to enter the building immediately, which Bianca thought was a good idea, too. They could have a chat outside before diving straight into it.

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Clean Up Crew [Bianca] Empty on Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:53 am

Bianca Fleur
They met at a corner near the building that was under construction. There were no workers however, and according to what Remy said, they were taking a break until their payments were sorted out. Bianca did not really about any of that. She was here for the job so she just nodded and said nothing until Remy got to the point of the conversation. He brought out a cigarette, offered one to Bianca which she gladly accepted and they lit their cigs before speaking again. Remy gave her the instructions for the job, telling her that her part was to pass him bodies and he would chop them up with an axe. Bianca was about to ask if it was alright to chop up Martello bodies since he was a Martello himself and that was when he said that they were not going to chop up Martello bodies and those bodies would be moved to the back so that they could be picked up for proper burials. Bianca nodded and that seemed to be the end of the instructions as he killed his cig which was not completely finished yet. The vampyress did the same, and followed him inside the building. She was not unprepared to see the dead bodies. She had seen far too many of them, and seeing some now was not going to faze her.

“Here,” said Remy Martello as they arrived at the place where the fight must have occurred. Bodies were scattered all over the floor and it seemed Remy had been waiting for her arrival before doing anything. She nodded and looked at the faces that were not really recognizable. “Alright, let’s start,” he said with a sigh. She wondered what he felt about this. Angry? Sad? Disappointed?

So they began their work. Bianca carried the bodies for Remy to chop up, making sure they were not Martello men by asking Remy so that he did not chop his own family. The Phantom Lord sorceress had enough strength to carry bodies of men. They were not even that heavy, so she did not sweat too much. The sound of the axe hitting the board after slicing through dead bodies rang in her ears, but soon she got used to it. Remy seemed to need rest more than she did after they were done with the men who were not Martellos. Bianca asked if he was fine, which he replied to by saying that he was, of course, probably not wanting to be looked down by a woman. Bianca smiled and then they continued to take the Martello bodies to the back. Someone was supposed to come and pick them up for burial, according to what Remy said. After that, she went outside, waiting for Remy to pay her so that she could leave. The Martello man came out of the building later with a large bag of the body parts he had chopped up and brought out some jewels, paying her for the job.

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