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More White Claudia

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More White Claudia Empty on Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:55 pm

Zoe walked about with a twirl as she giggled happily like any child-like person. She was wearing short shorts in jean-like fabric and overalls that connected with her crop top-like shirt. She would smile brightly and then looked at the sky. ''It's so nice outside. I wonder what to do on this night day, ya?'' she wondered and chewed on some bubblegum. Her brown eyes would look around as she roamed through the streets she was passing and even the strange little alleys she would not even dare to go in alone. The only time she actually did go through alleys alone was when she ran after that kid who she ended up beating the crap out of. Sure enough that kid did actually learn his lesson. After that though she has been ending up helping the kid out more than that shop keeper ever again.

Shortly she would meet in the magic shop, her expressions changed once more like always when she's questing. Some people found this weird, but it was a part of her in which she doesn't even know the answers to. Her eyes would meet with Dr. Stephan Mabuz in which she didn't know much about him besides that Dr. Stephan Mabuz runs a quaint little magic shop nestled in the streets of Oak. She would walk in to see if he was all agitated again which would scare her a little bit - not really. Her childish side of her might've been scared, but this 'her' would not. As soon as she got in all the way he would be waiting in that dark hall that would lead to that secret room....

She wasn't highly sure if she really wanted to do this, but once again it was kind of too late. Once she was in here, she signed her fate. What would happen this time? She was curious... 'Too late' ...

Too late...

'Too late...' she thought about turning back, but it was indeed too late. The guy was smiling as he strapped her to a chair and finally injects her with whatever that crap was. Zoe felt weird, eyes started to see some red and then bam, things changed. The area formed into a cave-like area as the doctor would change into... into 'No....' she thought as her eyes watered, eyes went wide and glared at the thing that scarred her very being. The thing that was there when she hid from that game of hide and go seek. She screamed, but it didn't last long due to her then blacking out - causing such trauma to her head in a way of its own. That's what happened last time she even though about it, but as she was in that trance she was in the secret room with a needle in her hand filled with liquid - door closed and locked. She would look at the needle and closed her eyes, injecting herself with it.

She injected it into herself and then bam, she would slowly see shit again. ''Alright... let's see.'' she spoke and saw all these god damn doors and shit. She would go through one and then saw an ocean and then a little bit further was that cave. ''W-why...Why this again!?'' she questioned and teared up. She would then hear something that was so monsterous, so familiar which made her run up the random stairs. It felt like it was forever that she was on the stairs. The ocean was there, getting closer and closer as if she was walking towards it and the other thing that was getting closer was that god damn cave. ''LEAVE ME ALONE!'' she screamed as she would see a breach of light that shined in her face. Her eyes would be seeing the room she was once in and the doctor would come in. ''So... What did you see this time?'' he asked all creepy-like. ''A room of doors, I went through one and it was my fear...only fear. Some stairs I ran up then after hearing a monster-like noise and here I was.'' she explained simply. He nodded as if he was satisfied and he must've been satisfied as he was smirking, smiling like he finally got laid. After getting her reward she would leave right away once again.



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