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Babysitting Empty Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:30 pm

The silence bounded her as she was walking all alone on the cobbled stone. Hearing only the clacking of her boots while finding a hotel to go to. Her hair would sway while she walked forward till she then caught eye of a sign about a hotel not so far from where she was standing. 'Hopefully it's a good one.' she thought. Quite funny-wise she would seem to seek a rather expensive one. Her eyes would glow a rather vibrant gold color as her hair would give a red glow. Slowly she walked forward while not even moving her head to look straight, but she hoped to not trip on her face. Slowly she walked inside and saw beautiful arts and designs. The floors were made out of marble in which felt smooth by just sliding her feet. Her heart was beating rather fast as she was somewhat nervous. She would have a small smile as she would wonder then where the people that worked here was at. Were they busy? Did they have lunch or something? She wasn't quite sure as it was super super quiet as it really made her feel weird.

After so long she would then wake up as it was night. A childish smirk would form from her glossed lips. Truly Cosmiare would get off the floor to then stretch. ''It's been so long since the last time I've been out here.'' she would say once more to herself. Truly the Cosmiare that was normally out was literally out for the evening. Her eyes scanned the room as her hands still had the grip of the paper. ''Well I guess I should find out who I aveh to baby sit.'' she would say once more to herself.

Slowly she would put her hands behind her head, resting as her fingers were through her medium brown hair. Lifting her right foot she would kick the button to go down the first floor. After that she would then put it down fast and walked inside. Her eyes of lioness red would look outside the night. Truly it was beautiful... as beautiful as despair and blood. As she stood there her foot was tapping on the floor, stayed standing straight with her hands behind her head. A couple seconds the elevator music started to get annoying. ''Come on, come on you damn useless technology.'' she spoke impatient and kicked the button. After kicking it she would then stand straight once more. Soon it was finally time as the door would open. The man would peak from the counter all nervous. Swiftly her eyes cornered to look at the guy with a rather glare. Cosmiare wondered on how the babysitting will go due to the fact that she was a kid as well. Maybe it will turn out a little better. Or so she thought as she walked outside, down the steps and into the streets. She could smell the metal beyond not too far from where she was standing. The area was like a string of silence, streets filled with cobbled stones, halo-like street lights that were shining upon the ground - light up the darkness. Her heart... she couldn't feet the heart beat as if it was touched by the sound of silence. She could hear then some voices that they turned into nothingness. Her hair of red would wave beside her ears while her arms dangled against her side. Thankfully she couldn't smell the blood nor the dead of those who were abused by the coldness of the dark as she only smelled the aroma of flowers and creme. Her mind was a one way train so honestly she was only listening for some giggles as the . Was this fate that she would finally get to take over Cosmiare or was this just for the time being? For now she was enjoying the sound of silence.

She would then soon meet the girl who was with her uncle. The girl was right next to him as if she was clinging onto him. Oh man this was going to be interesting. These people don't know if she was a girl or boy as her chest looked like a males. In a little girl's mind, she could be some cute boy. She'd wave as she walked up to the people and then bowed a little. ''Greetings. I'm here to babysit/be a play mate for today while you're busy.'' she spoke with a smile. ''Can't wait to have fun.'' she spoke and grinned wider. The girl that was next to the client would blush and hide behind him. After that she would glare and question. ''So when shall I bring her back?''. The guy just tried to explain that do whatever will satisfy his niece in which she would just nod, thinking innocently as she is. ''Okay!'' she spoke and then looked at the girl as she was left alone.

The girl had bright purple eyes and blonde hair. She was so pretty like a jewel, oh yes. They would go around and towards the beach. She remembered the last time she was on the beach with that muscle guy. It was really interesting... Sighing softly she would go down the sandy hill and waved. ''Hai Mr. Muscle man!'' she would say and wave. He cocked an eyebrow like all the clients did and started to laugh. 'Geez, does everyone always judge cause I'm a kid?!' she thought and did a pout-like expression with her lips and all. What was with people and judging her cause of her appearance? It sucked to be honest since they're always like 'Oh be careful.' something as such. Slowly she would go up to him and looked at him. ''Oh c'mon. I can't be the shortest person to help you!'' she spoke with confidence while her hands went against her own hips. He would laugh and ruffled her hair. 'Seriously? Oh man.' she thought and just dealt with it. Sighing softly she would see a stoll. ''I'll use this for whatever then.'' she would say and grabbed it. ''Good cause you're going to need it short fry. I believe in you man.'' he spoke. 'Man? ...' she thought as she would then corner her eyes and then at him. ''Alright. Let's go!'' she would say as she would put the stand stool where he was going to lift. ''One.... two ... Three...'' he spoke.

She would pick up seashells as she was hearing the girl talk about getting some. After that she would look around and went to get something to shade her. She didn't have an umbrella with her so what?! 'Oh man oh man.' she thought as she was looking around for something to shade this girl with. There were some huge banana leafs, perhaps that will be big enough for this. This guy was the daughter of some lord alright, so bossy. Reign is the young lord in charge of Hargeon Town. Despite most nobles not truly accepting Reign due to his age, he is loved by the citizens of Hargeon Town. He did not wish for the position at such a young age, but had no choice when his father passed away unexpectedly. He does his best to keep the town in proper shape. That was all she knew anyways as her golden eyes would look at the girl, shading her. ''Is this better?'' she asked all happily and positive. She swore she saw a smile and a blush from this girl. Cosmiare didn't get her name to be honest, but was that really important? Soon she would then look over at where there was a forest and pointed towards it. ''I wanna go there!'' she ordered as Cosmiare would nod. ''Sure! Sounds fun. I'm sure it's really pretty.'' she spoke with her golden eyes all wide as when she got there, it was indeed beautiful. ''Collect some flowers for me.'' She ordered. She shrugged as Cosmiare did so. 'One flower, two flowers, three flowers, four - ' she would count in her head, but soon enough she would look around to not see the girl. ''Oh gee wizz. Where did she go?'' she spoke and then walked around. After several minutes - time passing by, she found the girl crying and all. ''Hai there. How about we go home.'' she spoke, not questioned as she would take her home. After finally getting there she would get her reward and even told that she was one of the nicest people ever, making her smile before her departure.



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