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Proletarian Shopper

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Proletarian Shopper Empty Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:26 pm

The day was dimming as it was turning rather dark slowly. The sun was going down and the moon instead was coming up. Truly that would mean more bad shit was going to happen. Maybe she would at least get to go on a quest. She would smile every so sweetly, her eyes glistening with life as she twirls on about in her little dress of flowers and pink. Her hair of green nature would sway a little as she would skip along. Sure she looked like a young girl, but she wasn't really super young like the kiddies that were here. Soon enough she would see a person that looked familiar, someone who triggered a bad part of her. 'What is that little shit doing here?' she wondered as she thought of what happened last time. Her eyes saw the client in which he would then point to the boy. 'That's the person she has to teach a lesson to?' she thought. As she was thinking that she saw the boy book it. 'Oh god.' she thought as she would book it as well right after the guy. She would look around as he would move it behind buildings and such. Like a tuger going for the prey of all things she would be on its tail. This kid better hope that she doesn't catch up to its ass. Her hand was going to beat the living daylight out of this person. Her eyes glared as she would then think logically. 'Okay, if I go through this dumb alley REAL quick then i'd be able to make him or her trip...' she thought and then did so as she turned to the left and then right. As soon as she was at the corner of the alley itself she would put her foot down which within seconds the kid would be flying and face smashing into the build. ''Alright you little punk.'' she spoke coldly and irritated. She walked and as she picked up the kid, she'd look at his face. Her free hand smacked him hard across the face where with her nails it caused a small cut like a paper cut. ''Owe!'' it spoke. ''I swear if I have to find you to kick your ass, imma make sure you can't sit on it you little brat.'' she spoke and spitted next to her. ''Now get your ass home.'' she spoke with haste as she would then go towards the shop keeper and glared more coldly. It was at most of what happened as she would then look down at him.

The kid smiled rather uneasily as he wasn't sure on what to do. He was partly afraid, but then she really glared at him. ''I-I swear I'm not stealing from that guy. I was actually w-wondering if you'd steal for me. Enough for a week or two! I swear I won't ask much more afterwards.'' he spoke, bowed down all nervous as she rolled her eyes. 'I guess at least he'd pay me. But why doesn't he just buy it himself if he can pay for my help?' she wondered and then waved bye with a nod. He looked hopefully. 'How disgusting...' she thought as she would then walk to the store itself. She remembered that the guy owed her in which case she would open the door right up without caring. ''Imma take some food. Is that a problem?'' she spoke coldly and looked at him with a deathful glare with her brown color dimming. He would only just shake his head no at it being a problem. He looked the other way as she grabbed a bag. 'What do kids eat...' she wondered and then remembered that a part of her was like a kid. 'God I'm dumb.' she thought in her womanly tone and then grabbed some fruit, candy, meats to cook over fire as well as things to drink. 'Fucking poor bastards.' she thought as she would then leave the store with a wave. The guy that was her client just silently watched. ''Yo here you go.'' she spoke and threw the bags of food and drinks at him. The kids eyes went wide, gave her the reward and with that Zoe left like always.



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