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Test The Waters [King]

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Droplets of water cascaded down his body like a waterfall, through the dips of his toned muscles and down his slender legs. White hair washed into a stormy colour, his locks was soaked wet from the hot water that seeped out through the shower head. King lowered the temperature of the water and allowed the cold water, which was once warm, to wash away the dirt on his body. The room was entirely filled with steam from the water, blurring his vision as well as the mirror. After doing the quests to and from between the places in the town, his body had grown tired and a long, nice shower was what he needed all along. It soothed his body and cooled him down from the summer heat that had been rising through the entire week since he arrived. Back in his own country, the heat wouldn’t bother him much, since he would get carried through special carts wherever he wanted to go but not in Fiore. Everyone walked on foot, or travelled by train, which would require money; something he doesn’t have plenty at the moment.

King noticed how his skin had become slightly tanned from being underneath the sun too long and decided that he should somehow stay home for the rest of the week although, he would need money to feed himself until the end of the week. A sigh escaped his lips, vapour rising up from his lips as his hand rested against the cold walls of the bathroom. Strands of white hair fell down his face, concealing part of his attractive visage as he switched off the tap and retrieved a towel, in which he placed it around the lower part of his body. Coming out of the bathroom, King would be introduced to the sight of young, beautiful woman lying naked on his bed, as if she had been waiting for him the entire time.

”Are you finally awake, m’lady?”

The girl replied with a nod, her lips curving into a small smirk. As King crawled on top of the bed, she would wrap her arms around his neck as he approached closer. The two of them had a rather rough night the day before and to his surprise, the girl was much more….lively than he had expected, which led to them having a couple of rounds until they passed out on top of each other – no wonder he woke up this morning so tired as well as refreshed at the same time, to let it all out from his body. ”Would you like to go another round?” The female, whose name he had already forgotten, more like he didn’t even make an effort to remember her name, attempted to seduce him to giving her what she wished. It was something that most girls would use on him and after experiencing it so many times, it hardly had any effect on him anymore.

”Apologies, m’lady. I have an important appointment soon.”

Honestly, King was itching to get out of the place and even planned to creep out of the hotel until he decided that he would only do so after he had taken a refreshing bath. With that, he dressed himself into his usual attire; white robes and cotton pants, with a white cloak on top intricated with golden and teal unique patterns, hand stitched from the maiden of his country.


Test The Waters [King] VESQ2Ff

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Walking through the streets of Hargeon, it was a common sight for him of how girls were swooning over the sight of him, some blushing heavily while some others thought he was a celebrity and thus, gathered around him and ask for his picture. It was pretty easy for him to stand out among the crowd, due to his eccentric clothing as well as his immensely tall height thus, wherever he went he would have a swarm of girls following behind him, which was quite annoying to be honest. As much as he liked receiving attention, he also doesn’t like people bothering him when he’s about to do something important, such as doing quests.

In front of the quest board stood King, staring at the papers pinned up against the board while the girls screamed out for him from a distance. Ignoring all the comments and the deadly glares from the men nearby, he would strip the paper from the wooden board as he began walking towards the destination. His steps would all but falter as he addressed the message written on the sheet of paper which was of a simple request; to go meet the client and test out the samples regarding about pollution and stuffs. King has never been good with science but since he had studied about it when he was younger, he figured that he wouldn’t be terrible at it.

His arrival at the client’s location was greeted by the appearance of a young female, smiling up at him upon his entrance. The man raised his eyebrow and immediately thought about flirting with her during work, but pushed his thoughts away. After all, he was here to get some money, not to seduce every woman. He would be welcomed inside and was directed into her lab where there were tables filled with numerous chemical substances inside tubes and beakers. The smell of chemicals was pungent and he could immediately feel himself scrunching up his face due to the odour. Noticing his sour expression, the female would hand a mask over to him with a slight giggle.

”Seems like you’re not used to these. I’m Raina, by the way. What’s your name?”

”I call myself King. But, feel free to call me King or Z.”

It was a rather strange name, or so would the responses would be whenever he introduces himself to anyone. He preferred if people didn’t call him Zenon since it would remind him of his country and seeing how everyone just referred to him as King, he decided that it would be his official name. Raina then requested him to collect some samples of the water and thus, he had to go all the way to the docks to retrieve beakers filled with sea water and then, brought it back to Raina. In the lab, they began to test out the samples that he had brought. With some glasses and a lab coat, King did truly look like one of those attractive students in a famous university. The thought crossed his mind to pretend himself as a scientist although he pushed it to the back of his mind immediately as they started to test the tubes for salt concentration, pollution levels and so on.

The liquid would have to be mixed with some other chemicals before they do so and through Raina’s guidance, he was easily able to follow through all the steps. Since he had some knowledge regarding this area before, he didn’t struggle much and even gained a compliment from Raina, herself that she even thought he was a veteran in the area since he was doing so well at it. Of course, he wouldn’t be entirely satisfied if he didn’t get a chance to flirt with the female and thus, even included some pick up lines between his sentences which would bring a blush to her cheeks.


{ Quest Completed }

Test The Waters [King] VESQ2Ff

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