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Checkmate [King]

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It was a lovely day in Hargeon for young couples to have a date. In front of the restaurant door awaited a young boy, no older than 20 years old and whose height was much taller than those who passed by him, for his fellow date partner to arrive. His hands shoved into the pocket of his black pants, he slowly took in everything that came into his view in the surroundings and noticed how he had attracted attention from some female shopkeepers nearby and the waitresses who were working at the restaurants next to him. King was dressed in a suit, not too formal or too casual but something that would be perfect for a lunch date at a cozy restaurant. The buttons on his shirt was slightly loose and showed off his perfectly toned chest and the golden chain that he wears most of the time.

Although King may not seem like someone who would be waiting for a person he barely knows, he does actually put some effort, especially if it concerns to women when he knows that he would get something in return. Seconds plodded by, each separated by an eternity and soon, the girl would arrive, dressed up nicely in a rather short dress which revealed most of her legs. A smirk grew on his lips as he walked towards her and the girl directed him a question; one that most people would often ask: “Have you waited long?” The young man knew his courtesies and shook his head saying that he had just arrived although, he felt like he had been standing there for an eternity. The girl was a beauty at average, not too special to him but then, girls were just something he needed for a bit of entertainment in his daily life.

As he took her inside the restaurant, he wished the day would be over soon so that they could already get to business, which were his original intentions from the beginning. After they had finished ordering their food, the two of them began to chat about the usual stuffs, getting to know each other though he didn’t care much, honestly. King was aware that as long as he used his attractive looks and some flirtatious words, he could win any girl over easily and soon they would be in bed in no time. Truth be told, he doesn’t even remember where he had met her nor her name but just ended up going on a date with the girl because she was so insisting of it.  

”You look stunning today.”

”Does that mean I don’t look nice when I don’t dress up?”

Here we go again. These are the girls that King dislikes the most and he hates buttering up to someone just to make them feel good. These women were the type who wouldn’t stop until they were completely satisfied with their answer, meaning he would have to come up with a nice reason to answer her question to not piss her off, which he cannot obviously bother with. Mentally, he could feel himself rolling his eyes to the back of his head with an exasperated sigh. Often, he would just give up easily and just say something that comes up immediately in his head, which would make the women angry most of the time. But since he was bored the entire day, he needed a reason to kill some time.


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”No, m’lady. I don’t mean it that way. You look beautiful just the way you are.”

With no choice given, King had to come up with a cheesy pick up line and received an ‘aww’ as a reply from the lady. A couple of minutes later, the food he had ordered was delivered at their table; steak with delicious mushroom gravy poured on top and decorated with some salad. Just as he was about to consume his meal, the lady began to blabber about how he wasn’t talking much. Well, duh. I’m just about to eat, how would I talk? The thought crossed his mind but decided not to voice his opinions.

”I apologize, m’lady. My mind has been filled with you lately.” King made a comment, in hope that he would somehow shut up, but to no avail. ”Why don’t you call me by my name, King? M’lady is you know, a bit too formal.” It was when King immediately froze in his movements and stared down at his plate. He was aware of himself that he had forgotten his name but he didn’t expect that she would force him to use his name. ”If you wish…” He paused, recalling all the most frequent names that he had used. ”…Kristen?” And with that, he earned a gasp in reward and the lady stomped out of the restaurant for forgetting his name. Shrugging off, he would continue eating his meal.

For some reason, King decided to pay a visit to the local park in the town. “Checkmate!”, the crowd cheered as he turned to look at the source of the sound and wondered what all the ruckus was about. It appeared that a chess prodigy had been winning against all the opponent that he has played. By the look of his appearance, he doesn’t seem to be any older than 10 years old and one could even see the arrogance in his eyes. King decided to go up for the challenge and growing up in a wealthy family, he was taught all sorts and activities and was expected to be talented in almost everything. Chess was just a hobby that he had collected when he was forced to train with tutors that he had at a very young age and therefore, he had confidence in his abilities as well.

The match was an extremely long one and he’d have to admit that it was a really tough game, for the little boy was a smart one and knew his moves very well. However, the game was in his favour and by the end of it, King had claimed his victory. It was a match that refreshed his mind and it had been a while since he actually had his fun while playing chess games. After the game, they would bond each other as young men and share their details but it was mostly Bart opening up to him, although he didn’t mind one bit. Listening to his troubles was the least thing King would be able to do for him when Bart had rewarded him with an extremely fun game.


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Checkmate [King] VESQ2Ff

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