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Sign me up [Froctis:Cosmiare]

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Softly sighing she would go to the beach in which she remembered meeting that one client. He surely judged her for her height and the fact she was a kid. What was it with people judging the fact she was a kid? Do kids not do this stuff ever here? She made a somewhat pouting face as he would then remember what happened last time - a little bit of it. ''Oh c'mon. I can't be the shortest person to help you!'' she spoke with confidence while her hands went against her own hips. He would laugh and ruffled her hair. 'Seriously? Oh man.' she thought and just dealt with it. Sighing softly she would see a stoll. ''I'll use this for whatever then.'' she would say and grabbed it. ''Good cause you're going to need it short fry. I believe in you man.'' he spoke. 'Man? ...' she thought as she would then corner her eyes and then at him. ''Alright. Let's go!'' she would say as she would put the stand stool where he was going to lift. ''One.... two ... Three...'' he spoke as she would keep going up and down the stool and added more stuff. ''Alright now. Here we go!'' he spoke and lifted up a heavy amount of weights. He seemed trouble so she would get on top of the stool to help it down. Even though she was small looking, she was stronger than mostly anyone would think. As she would help, she'd get off the stool and look at him. ''Wow. You surprised me. Here you go kid. See yea.'' he spoke and gave her the reward. She would leave soon after. That was what happened last time anyways, but for now she was to get there in once piece without him teasing her.



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Froctis had walked to the beach in the hopes of finding more jobs to do and people to help. He had overheard (well more hid in a corner and eavesdropped on the locals of a bar) that there was a contest happening shortly on the hargeon beach. Froctis was sure there would be someone there in need of last minute training, or to sign someone up or... bt his train of thought was derailed as a familiar red head that was close to the ground caught his eye. Taking a moment to assess the situation Froctis wondered what his best option would be. If this meeting was anything like their last then she would have already found a client and he could just tag along with her, but he didn't even know the girl's name, a regret he had was now biting him in the ass. Deciding to throw caution to the wind on the surprisingly calm day he approached the girl. "So I see you're enjoying the beach today, or are you on another job?" He asked almost jokingly. It was more in a friendly tone than mocking the girl as he was sure she would get a lot being so young and off doing missions most adults would find hard doing. wc 216


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She continued on her way in this little quest even when she doesn't really know what it was all about nor if she was going to take it with anyone. Her arms that were rather small would dangle agianst her side as her eyes of golden oceans would shine by the sunlight itself. It was all okay that it was hot outside due to the fact that the wind felt refreshing as well. Soon enough though she would see a guy who looked familiar. 'I-is that...him?' she would wonder as her mouth formed into a shape of an 'o' and eyes widened with sparkles. She was super surprised as usually she never meets people more than once. 'Something must favor me for me to be lucky...' she thought sadly as she had a smile on the outside service - expressional. He would hear him speak to her, saying how he saw he was out and about, enjoying the beach and guessing she was on another job. It could be both since he was here. Maybe they could become friends! Super duper friends, maybe. She would then wave and nod with a giggle. ''Yes! Job it is, but are yooou?~'' she spoke and smiled wide. Her head turned towards the beach guy who wasn't that far away. She couldn't wait now to get started.

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Froctis noticed the surprise on the girl's face as he approached. Froctis simply smiled as he did when they had met. He was glad he could mend his previous mistakes of their last meeting. After speaking to the girl she replied in a light bubbly manner one would associate with a young school girls hich cause Froctis to chuckle. "Well that's why I'm here. I heard there was some competition on and that some people might need help so i came running. Heym do ya know if your client needs any help? We could do the quest together like before!" Froctis suggested still smiling, but tilting his head slightly as he asked the question. "oh I'm Froctis by the way. Sorry about not introducing myself before." He said outstretching a large hand to the girl as a form of manners. As Froctis talked he noticed the girl's head turn to a rather tanned man. Froctis guessed that it was her client, and soon to be his. "Is that your client?" He would ask the girl once he got her name. If Froctis was right he would smile and make a motion for them both to walk his direction. "Well let's go talk to him then, see if I can help~" Froctis said, again chuckling. 216+220=436


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She listened to the guy as he would later introduce himself as Froctis. What a name! She would then think about her own name, it was weird. She would giggle to herself as she would look up at him more, into his eyes with her own golden ones as his were rather pink and red. Her mind couldn't really make up her mind about the color as she would then hear him ask if that was the client. Her eyes slanted as she was rather somewhat irritated. ''Yep! He's a meanie face. Last time he thought I couldn't do stuff all because of my age and height! So ruuuuude I tell you.'' she spoke and then looked back at him and then the other guy and then him. Her mind was completely blank till she then remembered out of no where. ''OH! YA! My name is Cosmiare. Koz-mee-rae.'' she spoke and pronouced it for him. Sure enough a lot of people had trouble with her name. 'Geez.' she thought and then started to walk towards muscle head and waved to him. ''Oh hey shorty. Who did you bring with?'' he spoke happily and waved. He had a paper in his hand in which she jumped and took the one. ''Are we handing this out?'' she questioned. ''Yea run there though with it. Read it.. '' he told them both as they would then be handed such thing.



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Froctis listened and nodded as Cosmiare spoke, looking into her golden eyes. They were rather unique, much like his own eyes. Froctis remembered how when he came back to civilisation how people teased him that he had eyes of misfortune and that he was bad luck. Luckily he managed to shrug off those comments, much like this little girl did but they sounds of things. She had said that the client was mean and that he had underestimated her. To be honest Froctis could not blame the guy, he would be sceptical too, but the girl kept showing Videns how strong and capable she was. This was the second time she had beaten him to getting a client, although she had met this guy before so she had an advantage in a way. "Yeah that does sound rude. You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover." Froctis replied in a matter of fact kind of tone. Although he was sure she could handle herself, Froctis still had this underlying feeling of unnerve of this girl being on her own given her age. As they approached the client he greeted them, a little rudely to Compare. "I'm Froctis, and I'd like to help, provided you be a little more polite to her." He said placing a hand on the girl's shoulder. he man seemed to clear his throat as it seemed Videns was giving him a threatening look. If Cosmiare looked up however the look would be gone and replaced with his signature smile. The two were given sheets of paper to hand out. "Well let's get started!" He said with excitement.


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She would go around as she had a paper gripped into her little wittle hands that were connect to arms that dangled. Her head turned and boooked it since she gotta go fast. Supposedly she looked at the paper as she ran. She saw that he was signing up for some stupid thing. She thougth this was going to be something else. She had a time limit though as the paper had a time that she had to get there. Breathing softly she would job through the kids, ignoring the cool sand castles that they were building, the old people who were really making a fuss and so on. The sand was going through her toes as the wind would breeze into her face, through the strands of her red and and she then wondered if the guy was catching up, Froctis. It was so much easier to say Noctis. Why was that name in her head? Was it because it rhymed? It could be a possibility, but who knows. She would sing softly as she would jog on through. Going to the left, going to the right and on she went to the sign up place oh my was this something. 974


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Froctis looked at his watch. "hmm what time are sign up closed at..." He thought out loud. "Um they're finished in literally 5 minutes." His heart had stopped, much like the watch he was looking at. "Crap Cosmiare, hurry! We have to sign him up before the deadline!" Froctis shouted as he raced up to her. He was tempted to scoop her up then once in a suitable range throw her at the sign up area to get her to write down the client's name, but he knew it would be a bad idea. As he ran he thought about what he was doing. "Damn it i dont even know his name!" He shouted at himself. Froctis decided to indeed go for plan A and scoop up Cosmiare and race to the signup area. "Okay warn me if anything is in the way!" He ordered the girl who he was lifting over his head to sit on his shoulders. Given his big height it would almost be like a rollercoaster for the little Cosmiare. As he ran Froctis would listen to any and all advice that was directed at him. Provided he did everything he was told and reach the sign up area in time he would take Cosmiare down and get her to write down the name of the client, since she had worked with him before and would of course know his name. Once all that was done Froctis would sigh with more relief than he would have ever done in his life. "Good job." He would compliment her as they made their way back to get paid. "Sorry about that, lost track of time." He admitted scratching the back of his head. "So would you like to go on another quest with me Cosmiare?" Froctis asked. The girl seemed to know her way around and it seemed like the best idea to ask her to get to know some clients.


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She had to keep on going as she would try to really get to the sign ups. She didn't want to fail nor be judged because of how small she was. She was kind of getting sick of being judged because of how small she was, her age and so on. She would bit her lower lip as she would charge like sanic to the line. Soon enough she would do so as she was behind all these muscle head guys who were here to sign up. What was this exactly? 'All these guys look so strong!' she thought and tilted her head curiously, looking at all and every one of them. She would get closer to the sign ups. After some moments she would get even closer till she was finally there. "Here you go!'' she spoke proudly and gave them the papers. They nodded and she then went on her way. Slowly she walked with her partner back to the muscle guy. She had to catch her energy back anyways as she would finally meet up with him. ''Yo. Thanks for doing it. Here you two go.'' he would say and gave them their reward. After such she would hear her 'friend' ask if she wanted to do more quests. ''Sure!'' she spoke proudly and they'd leave. 1195


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