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Beach Gym [King]

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The sun glared down the town of Hargeon, filling the sky with radiant colours of orange and red. The heat was blaring, although the air currents from the sea somehow soothed his chest. Lying on the sand underneath a large umbrella was a playboy, no other than King, who seemed to be enjoying the view in front of him; numerous hot girls playing in the sea. His long legs were crossed on top of each other and his arms were located behind his head as a kind of support as a grin danced onto his lips. He hummed a song to himself while his feet tapped along to the rhythm of the said song. With nothing to do, he idly collected the sand in his hands and it would slip through the gap between his fingers just as fast as he had gathered them.

”Ugh. I wish I had a girl to spend some time with.” The young man groaned and rolled back his head, his summer hat falling on top of his face.

”Boy, do you want to play?”

The feminine voice spoke near him and it almost caused him to roll over due to the suddenness. King tossed the hat off of his face and turned around to look, only to see a sexy lady right next to him. He could feel her breath crawling onto his neck which almost brought goose bumps on his skin. Despite how creepy it may be, it seemed like his previous wish was just granted. Golden eyes dropped down to her chest, which revealed much of her cleavage and down to her large bottom. She was only in a red bikini so he could see almost every part of the exposed skin that she had shown.

”You think I’d reject such an invitation?”

With that, King was dragged off by the woman into a game of volleyball that she had been playing with her friends. Somehow, King had expected something different when she mentioned the word ‘play’, definitely not beach volleyball although, it was not entirely a bad choice for him either. After all, he could use it to kill some time while he was at the beach. Just only in his trunks, he began to play the game with the rest of the people, who were mostly good so it was a good thing that he had decided to take up the offer. Since he was an athletic person with extremely long legs, he was able to receive the balls perfectly as well had amazing serves. Before he noticed, he had already attracted attention from the girls nearby and they had begun to squeal whenever it was his turn to serve.

The corners of his lips curved upwards into a smirk and although he had expected that his team was going to win, he pretended to act humble towards his enemy team. Just after the game was done, numerous girls crowded around him, seeking for his attention and begged to spend time with him.


Beach Gym [King] VESQ2Ff

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In a distance, King caught sight of a man doing warm ups in his own gym with the rest of the people working out on their own. A gym – something he had never seen of, or never even existed in his country and thus, he was drawn by the sight of it. ”Sorry ladies, I’ll have to go. Next time, maybe.” He ended his sentence with a wink which only caused the girls to squeal even more, some jumping up and down from excitement. He tipped his hat upwards and gazed beyond him as he approached towards the building machines. Among the crowd who were working out, the one that stood out the most was the blonde with tanned skin working on his own. King gazed around the area, awed by how everyone seemed to be motivated on building muscles on their bodies.

”Hey, young man. Do you think you can help me?”

Startled by the sudden request, he approached towards him and the man would begin to introduce himself as Jay Holiday. He explained that he needed assistance to perform a couple of sets and despite how King interrupted him to tell Jay that he had no experience in working out at a gym, the man would shush him up and inform him that it would be alright if he listened to him carefully. Thus, King ended up as his spotter and assisted him with his sets of work outs. With the help of Jay’s explanation and his guidance, he would do whatever Jay would request of him, such as hover the hands beneath the bar when he lifted up the medal in case he needed some assistance. Despite how King was entirely new in this area, he was starting to catch up with the things that he had learnt today.

Jay’s entire workout only consisted of lifting weights so it was not that hard for him, which was just to add the weights, remove them when necessary and help him lift up the bar when Jay is struggling with his set. The last set was the hardest since it had the heaviest weights and even King, himself had to exert a lot of his energy to help him lift up the bar by the end of the set. Throughout the entire process, King noticed that he had bonded with Jay and made a mental note to himself that he would come visit the beach gym once again, if he was ever in the mood to work out, although it was unnecessary for him since King always maintained his best in his appearance in his own way. For assisting Jay, King was rewarded with an ample amount of jewels, which he decided to use them on a few drinks afterwards and perhaps, hang out with a couple of ladies from the beach that he had met earlier. All this time, he had failed to notice but since he himself was a buff man, he had attracted the attention from the ladies from the gym. With a signature wink of his, the man would exit the gym with a bag of jewels in his hands.


{ Quest Completed }

Beach Gym [King] VESQ2Ff

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