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Hotel with all these Beaches [Yasuki]

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Hotel with all these Beaches [Yasuki] Empty Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:20 am

They finally left the forest and started to walk on the bridge that went into Hargeon itself. The bridge was made out of old stone - the strong kind obviously. She wasn't sure on how old, but it was certainly old if he was holding up this long. Her long purple hair would sway left and right as her hip was swaying with every step she was going. Today was rather sunny and the clouds weren't really covering it. It was a good day for swimming, but first they had to go check out the hotel. Hopefully the hotel had everything she would hope for as far as a hotel can be. She would smile as she could see the balcony in her imagination in which she'd be standing on, looking outside the sunset and the beach itself. Her head turned towards the girl who was next to her, Yasuki. She didn't know about judith, but maybe she should talk to her about her when they get to the hotel. Sure enough though they would be in the streets seeing the stores, the food places and then finally the hotel that was right next to the beach, it sure was huge.


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After the two of them exited the dark forest and started walking on the stone bridge, one thing that Yasuki could tell was that this town was an older one - potentially one of the first settled of this time. She wasn't sure how to act in a town such as this - would the town be big or small, or what would it look like. They continued to walk and though she did really want to say something - she didn't because of how it seemed like Arisa was just walking onward. Yasuki would then squint her red ruby-like eyes and pin-point on the straight away to enter the town. Hopefully they would enter soon as it was getting a little too hot for her liking to be out in the heat without hanging by a pool or lake. She wouldn't know what it is like to travel a lot in the mid-afternoon, because on her way to this place she traveled more in the dark then during the day.

Finally they seemed to have entered the city of Hargeon, or what she was told where they were going. She could see the number of stores, and other buildings that lined the roads and straight ahead would seem to be an inn or hotel of sorts that was definitely massive in size on the outside. "Can't wait to see the inside of that.." Yasuki said as her voice did a surprisingly squeak.

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She would stretch and yawn as here head tilted up to look up at the hotel. The place was about 1,165 feet high. Who knows what was all in there. There could legit be about anything in something as tall as that building. How many rooms were in there? These were typical questions, but for now she knew she had to go inside and get her room all set up for Yasuki and herself. Slowly they would go in as the doors opened themselves. 'So fancy...' she thought and laughed a little in her head. Her golden brown eyes looked around and then saw the counter. Arisa walked to the counter and rang the bell. Ding ding ding. went the bell. ''Mmmm... Ello?'' spoke a voice. ''You here for the suite? Only guessed since that was our only booking.'' spoke a man with thin facial hair under his nose. He would grab them their two keys as they would then grab their stuff and get in the elevator. ''I always felt funny about these...'' she spoke softly and sighed. She'd walk in first and then Yasuki would obviously. After that she would finally press the button to reveal a huge suite room.


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Yasuki has seen many tall things in her past, with how she's not short herself... But she hasn't quite seen anything as tall as the hotel that is right in front of her, she just kept on looking up and it seemed as if the hotel just kept on getting taller and taller until she was blinded by the bright sun from looking up at the sky for too long. She followed Arisa in and heard her ring the bell for someone to appear from behind the desk to check the two of them in. The lobby of the hotel looked just as nice as the outside of it so Yasuki could only imagine what their suite would look like because it appeared that when Arisa makes arrangements - she goes all out with making sure it is the best experience possible. The man behind the desk directed them to their room and then Yasuki would follow Arisa to the elevator which led to the place that they would be sleeping in for their stay at Hargeon, who knows maybe Yasuki will even do something wild and have fun at the beach or talk to guys her own age. 'If I'm lucky... Maybe I can meet a few people here.' thought Yasuki as the elevator opened up to a magnificent suite room, a room that Yasuki remembered from her initial travels, "Wait... I stayed here before, I know I did - a kind gentleman he booked the room for me as I was headed to Magnolia town, before I met you." she said as she tried to remember that night where she stayed in this very room.

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So Arisa paid for this very nice hotel room, they got up there and what does she hear? That Yasuki stayed in here before. This room was expensive, how? She couldn't afford it and if someone else did, what did she do for it? ''Oh? What did you have to do in return?'' she questioned darkly as her eyes cornered to look at her with a grim-like stare. She would then look straight, walk towards the room and put down her case on the bench chair at the end of the bed. The sheets looked so nice though and brand new. That wasn't the case though because it's been longer than she could remember and it was the same kind of sheets. She doubted that they made these sheets constantly so they would be new and what would they do with the old sheets? Her eyes would then look towards the faaar right and saw there was a balcony in here. She'd walk, open the glass rainbow shaped doors and looked outside. ''Ah...the beach. So nice, warm and all those people out there..'' she spoke. 'That may or may not die soon.' she thought darkly as her eyes half closed, staring.


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Confused on how she remembers this room, was it that she stayed here or was it that she stayed in a place like it are her way into Magnolia Town initially. She could remember getting off the boat and arriving in a town and then a mysterious stranger, who she guess could see how tired she was, said that he was about to leave town on the boat and had booked a hotel room - seeing how tired she was, he thought that she would like a safe and warm place to stay. "Honestly it's nothing, I'm probably just getting my places confused. I was traveling for awhile before I stepped foot into Magnolia Town when I first got here anyway." she replied to Arisa asking her what she had to do in return. Yasuki would walk into the room and sure enough as she was taking steps on the carpeted floor it felt as if she was walking on clouds, the soft and gentleness of the carpet that comforted her feet as she took steps around the room to walk over to the window looking out at the beach. "That is a nice beach isn't it? When are we going there?" she questioned trying to draw Arisa's attention from what she had said before and onto something new.

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Arisa was getting really deep in her dark thoughts, along with her darker voice that was speaking in her head. That much was true, but when Yasuki out of no where was saying how it must've been somewhere else and probably nothing like this, she avoided it still. What made her think out of it was a different subject such as when they were going to the beach. Her eyes would corner to look ar Yasuki and then turned her head to look at the case she brought. sighing softly she would make a small smile. ''Probably today after some rest - wouldn't you say? Perhaps we could start with the hotel room's hot tub while talking.'' she would tell her dear 'sister'. Slowly Arisa would go towards the hot tub and turned it on. Her eyes saw the water pump out from the tubes that were connected to some other source. After it was at least aye-high she would see bubbles forming as if they had soap already connected as well. Slowly she turned towards Yasuki. ''We better enjoy this for now and probably relax our bones and muscles.'' she would speak softly and motherly. Slowly she would take off her shirt, pants and then got in the hot tub in her panties and bra. sure enough this felt super relaxing.


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Yasuki waited patiently for Arisa to answer when they were going to the beach, still feeling a sense of nervousness about even bringing up the part where she remembered staying in the room before - though awhile back as it was on her initial travels to this land. When she heard Arisa comment that they would probably head to the beach later on in the day after some relaxation, a sigh of relief came out of Yasuki - relieved that they seemed to be over what she said earlier, though she wasn't totally convinced that this was the last she'd hear of it. She looked at Arisa as she was headed to the hot tub to get the water ready. Yasuki still felt a sense of nervousness and was very self-conscious when it came to showing her body to others, she was afraid of being judged and laughed at. But on the other hand they are both girls - so maybe if she were to join Arisa in the hot tub, it'd be easier for Yasuki to help convince Arisa that she really did forget on the place exactly she stayed earlier and how she got her places mixed up.

Yasuki would walk towards the bathroom to get in the appropriate hot-tub attire, as it still took her time to convince herself that she needed to do this - and how after the travel that she was on the hot water would do good on her bones and muscles to help her relax.

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Yawning once more she would look at the water, steaming hot, bubbly and rather relaxing looking. She did finally slip in, let her back feel the tub's texture of nothing but smooth. Her eyes would daze as she would turn her head for her face/cheek to rub against the tub. ''This feels... amazing.'' she spoke softly and dazed perhaps even drifting. Her muscles on every part of her body were relaxing as if she was going to turn into rubber. The smell of the bubbles were coconut with a tint of pineapple. It was really nice. Her head became all cloudy as she would then close her eyes, feeling the nice relaxing hot tub. ''you should really get in here while it's like this. Best part.'' she added and then started to fall asleep after a couple to several minutes. Hot water nor the heat was good on her as she couldn't take so much of it. Hot water sadly makes her faint/fall asleep due to the temperature. Softly she yawned once more before actually drifting off to sleep. What was she actually dreaming? What was she thinking and how will Yasuki wake her up if she even tries?


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In the bathroom, Yasuki was looking in the mirror trying to convince herself of joining Arisa in the hot-tub for some time to relax after a long day of traveling before they headed off to the beach. 'It is just us two in our own room.' she thought to herself. 'No one else is around.' she would continue trying to convince herself. After about two minutes, she would finally have convinced herself enough to join Arisa in the hot tub to talk and relax before they went to the beach. Yasuki would change into the appropriate hot tub attire, and then walk out of the bathroom to see Arisa already in the tub relaxed as ever. As Yasuki made her way closer to the tub she could see that Arisa's eyes were closed, "Uhm, Arisa...." she said gently trying to wake her up, she must've had a harder time on the travel or something. Though Yasuki knew that if you fall asleep, falling asleep in the water isn't something that you should do. She would turn around and walk back to the bathroom to grab a cup of cold water, "This should do it, cold water always wakes you up it's the shock factor." Yasuki would say confidently walking back to the hot tub to pour the glass of cold water on Arisa hoping to wake her from her slumber. "Arisa!" she continuously called out waiting for a response.

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Her eyes would be closed and her mind would be drifting off. She was small, a child and there she was with four other people that were about the same height if not shorter. In between the four were one adult sized character on each side. She couldn't see their face, but they were walking happily around some unknown city. Most of the things were red or gold with some characteristics of green. This place was indeed pretty with tall pink flower trees and gardens of amazing flowers. Not only that the fish here were huge with dots on them, were they Koi fishes? There were plenty of things that were really pretty, but at most she would then see the ocean not that far. The other place that was there with the ocean was some unknown building. ''That's the Shrine, Arisa.'' spoke a female voice. 'Huh? Voice sounds familiar...but from where?' she wondered as her head tilted up to see the no-face character. She couldn't see the details of her face, but in reality arisa wasn't really waking up as the small splash of water did nothing, but made her cough a little as she was in this 'dream'.


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After Yasuki splashed Arisa's face with cold water, and noticed that she got no response other than a small cough she was thinking what she could do to help wake her before this ended potentially badly. "So a small cup of water splashed in your face did nothing. I'll uhm, just turn this down slightly." as Yasuki reached over for the water handles to adjust the temperature to get colder than it was, "Hopefully you'll wake up in no time." Yasuki would say hopeful as she waited for the temperature to be cool enough for Arisa to wake up from her slumber in the hot tub. All this time, Yasuki thought she was going to face her fear with relaxing in a hot tub with someone else in the room and not be covered up fully - but it seemed that she turned into a lifeguard of sorts to make sure that no harm comes to her potential sister while she's asleep in the hot tub.

She still felt awkward standing there, revealed, as she's not used to feeling this way - she's used to having clothes fully on to be less revealed. Out of the corner of her eye she would see a towel on the table and wrapped herself in it as she waited for the water to be cool enough for Arisa to wake up, hoping she would wake up soon.

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Arisa looked afar and there was the Shrine. Why did it draw her eyes there. The ocean itself was there with it, but how did one get there? Was it by boats? She was sure that not everyone knew how to row and move a boat other than just letting it move itself, but that was silly. She would then want to question it, but she was moved away from it as they went to this huge manor-like house. It had multiple triangle-like roofs as it was many stories high. The roofs were red as the walls were a white beige color. The linings were dark brown that looked almost black and as she was going to go inside, she for some reason felt coldness, water, a choking feeling as she would cough multiple times. She saw the no-face people stare at her as she would be gasping for air, but then she woke up. ''Nn!'' she would gasp and took a deep breather to see she was back at the hotel and saw Yasuki there. ''I see...so I fell asleep. It's okay now though...'' she would say as she thought about that weird ass dream she had.


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Standing there wrapped in the towel, Yasuki would keep on adjusting the temperature colder and colder until Arisa would wake up. She would stare out the window looking at the beach - the way the sun glistened on the sand and how the ocean reflected the sun back at it. If she squinted her eyes to see afar she could see the dark outline of a boat that was a ways away on the water. She would keep staring out the window until she heard Arisa wake up, "Did you have a nice rest? Anything you dreamed about that you'd like to share?" Yasuki would ask graciously, "I came out of the bathroom from getting ready and saw you already in the tub. I didn't notice you were asleep until getting closer - tried to wake you up by splashing you with a cup of water so the rest of the water didn't get cold but you didn't, so I had to turn the temperature down." she would comment explaining what she did to help wake Arisa up as she continued to stand beside the tub looking out the window. She waited patiently to see if Arisa would fill her in any one what she dreamed about, but she couldn't hold it in anymore as she said "Look way out there, a boat! It's like one of the ones I came in on when I headed to Magnolia Town." excitedly as she was waiting.

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She looked over at Yasuki and wondered why she was still wrapped up in a towel and how long was she half asleep. Her head tilted a little as she was enjoying this water even if it was somewhat cold. The girl then wondered about the dream or how her sleep was and so on, but she didn't really want to tell Yasuki about the dream itself. A little part of her wanted to tell Yasuki a little bit about it, but perhaps later as right now she wanted to relax. Not soon after the thought of relaxing she heard Yasuki talk about the boats outside and how she got on and off one of those my Mag or something like that. Her mind was still at haze and then Arisa looked up at Yasuki. ''Did you want to go outside or something, Yasuki?'' she wondered as she looked at her 'sisters' red eyes. Slowly she leaned forward so her chest was against the edge, looked up at Yasuki by tilting her head and then questioned more. ''Do you like the oceans and boats as well as nature then, Yasuki?'' she was curious due to the fact that she always talks about things that had to do with nature.


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She gave Arisa some time to wake up fully, but soon enough she heard her asking questions of what Yasuki had said. "Nature, uh yes. Birds, Trees, Grass, Plants, Water - I feel at home with the nature, I guess is what you can say. Peaceful, very peaceful." Yasuki would comment at her questions. She could see Arisa start to lean forward at the edge in the tub asking if Yasuki would like to go outside. 'Out there... Dressed like this?' she would think. 'I-I can't, though if I want to go to the beach it'd be best to fit in I suppose instead of wearing a school-like uniform to the beach.' she continued to think in her mind. "Maybe we can relax here, just for a little more before we go outside." she would say as she unwrapped the towel from her body and sank in the tub, trying to relax as much as she could instead of being all nervous and tense. The water was slightly chilly, and she's sure it felt better when it was hot initially but after a rapid cool off it got cold, though she didn't mind - she was just happy to be finally off of her feet and in a mood to relax instead of worrying about everything.

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