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Rum Diary [Shura & Erebus]

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Erebus had arrived to the docs as he had been instructed to do. The mission was not just his own, but his comrades as well. The last meeting between them proved they could operate as a team and that meant doing more missions together would be the safest, quickest, and best method for making jewels. Experiencing themselves-- even developing more trust for other occupational things such as going into heists, or just more jobs in general. It was a trust building exercise while being a mission as well. Erebus valued a partner, especially one in the life of crime. It made him not have to bear burdens of loneliness or set around in his thoughts. The worst place to reside is one’s mind after all. That much had been proven before. Many times.

Here they were though. A duo-- Shura was quite notably smarter than even Strategist. But Strategist didn’t get his branded name from just anywhere, he too had a mind on him. A rapid learner since childhood. The boy had grown up being taught that in a world of magic and mystery, he would need his wits, his strength, his physical body. That was the blessing whatever divinity or karma-esque force residing in this universe gave him. Not that the law of the norm was suppose to get him far, some mages were leveled in sorcery like demi-gods. Able to shift mountains at the turn of their heads. All Erebus could do was move forward, hoping to be better than the one thing he seemed incapable of controlling. Oh well, enough of that, this was a mission. Not a dive into the soul of the lycan. Time was of the essence tonight.


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#2Shura Ranzu † 

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Shura Ranzu †
Once again Shura found himself working with The Strategist. Once again on the docs to do some dastardly deeds. He was reading the daily Sorcerer Newspaper. Trouble was brewing on the horizon, monsters had been spotted around the nation attacking areas at random. Another reason he needed to obtain true power. Attacks like those were sloppy and uncoordinated. Something Shura was not too fond of at the end of the day. He believed chaos inflicted on the land was something that should have some meaning behind it. Then again a part of Shura understood that sometimes that it was just fun to cause unnecessary chaos. That thought just could have been a remnant of feelings from ancestors long passed.

The two had decided to meet up under the cover of night like before. It was smarter that way to do so. The two were already aware of the mission that was presented to them. It was simple really. There were goods that needed to be stolen, and moved to a undisclosed location. Well the two knew exactly where they needed to go. The goods they were stealing was a special kind of liquid that was long outlawed by the importation laws. Shura was a bit late to the party because he had to get ready. Too despite him wearing such a costume he made sure to keep himself clean.

Approaching the scene of the crime about to happen, Shura noticed amount of security congregating. Shura approached the area to see the cloaked lycan waiting for him. He was very aware of the possible combat situation. It had been some time, but Shura was ready to get his hands dirty. In this case he may not have to. “Sure thing, let's be quick about this. More jobs in one sitting equals more money.” Shura entered into a sneaking mode. He knew better not to use his magic in the dead of night. He was a light based magic user and that would only draw attention to himself. There were way more guards present than the night before.



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“Shura? Let’s get this done quickly. If we can, maybe we can kill two birds in one stone and get another mission done before the sun comes up. If you’re up for the challenge.”

Erebus walked along the dock, alongside the masked man. He felt that this warrior deserved to be respected as if Erebus was weaker, not that Erebus would say or admit to it even if it were the truth. But-- it was something to pay detail towards. Just as they were going deeper onto the dock, Erebus could see many things occurring tonight. First off there were way too many workers out tonight, just what the hell man. They would make stealing this booze a lot harder than it needed to be, the lycan gritted his teeth.

“Evidently, they’re not going to make it a simple task. But let’s give it a shot anyways.”

Erebus would proceed to act natural though, mostly out of the way of some workers. He hoped he didn’t come off suspicious, but then again they just working. Likely not to give any care if two people were enjoying a walk at the turn of dusk. Erebus caught eye of a box, the one he assumed they were asked to ‘pay mind of.’


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#4Shura Ranzu † 

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Shura Ranzu †
Shura was quite aware of the respect shown to him by the younger individual. It was quite something to live up too really. It was as if he looked up to him in a way. Shura knew he had no alternative but to make sure he lived up to those expectations. For once Shura cared about what someone thought about him. It was a odd feeling honestly, he made sure to not let it get to him regardless.

“Of course they won’t make it easy, it’s their job not to do so.” Shura replied with a bit of a comedic undertone to his voice. Loud enough so Erebus could hear him but not so loud that others could. Shura carried a small rock that he launched over the boxes into a opposite area. This served as a distraction, and effectively spooking the dumber individuals. Chatter could be heard as the guards moved towards the sound made by the rock tossed into the darkness. It hit the docks and plopped into the water below, away from the two.

The two walked along the sides of the docks without many words being shared between the two. Thanks to the cover of night and the large amount of crates they were able to slip by the workers and security that were filling the area. Thanks to the moon being missing from the night sky on this day there was minimal light in the area. Using the crates as cover the two metal gear solided through the area. Making minimal sounds while creeping by. The guards were a bit on edge due to the incident from the night before. It had spread like wild fire of the attack on the docks. The surviving guards were traumatized from the situation. Not only did they fail their mission that they were tasked with. Someone attacked them leaving a trail of blood behind them as the boat escaped into the moonlit horizon. Something that not many could forget about.



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It had a banana printed over the side, likely proving his assumptions correct based on this minor detail alone. Or maybe it was a major detail, he just hadn’t thought much of such a thing until he was now looking around as many crates were being loaded-- The banana crates were not. Something else to notice was the chicken scratch… That was the ugliest picture of a banana Strategist had ever seen. A retarded oaf must have done it, irregardless, a sigh escape the wolfman. He clenched his left fist-- Popping four knuckles simultaneously. Erebus used the shadows to walk near. These crates were placed away from the rest. Within the shade of a large boat.

Walking around, Erebus slid his fingers across many of the crates until the true was found. Either from himself or his accomplice. Bananas littered the ground. Erebus stepped over them, knowing full well the pains it would cause t slip, and the trouble that would arise should that happen.

“This our target, help me heave it off the ground. Then we can go.”

Erebus would assist his ally in carrying the box away from the pick-up location until they had found Reagan once again. A sack of cash was dispensed into both of their hands. Erebus was vaguely promised more work, along with his new cohort. Next they were to take jobs from a man called Balthazar. “Excellent.”


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Rum Diary [Shura & Erebus] 5oJEfCBQ_o
#6Shura Ranzu † 

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Shura Ranzu †
Not too mention they were pretty sure anyone who was on the ship at the time were killed without hesitation. As they snuck through the area, Shura made sure to keep a eye on things while the two moved through the boxed area.

Erebus seemed to have located the crate with minimal effort. Shura peaked over the boxes while Erebus checked the box to make sure it was the correct one. Shura was still unaware of the Lycan’s true abilities. Shura just pinned it on the possibility that Erebus was good at what he did. Erebus quickly asked for the help of Shura to life the box. Of course the masked man obliged to do so, so they could evacuate the area post haste. “On three, one, two…” with anticipation of three they both lifted at the same time. “Three!” Shura’s voice was hushed but still carried a sense of urgency behind it.

The box grew two pairs of legs and Shura led the way back from whence they came. Quickly moving they were undetected by the individuals looking around in the area. Shura had a bit of a adrenaline rush from stealing this so easily and a lack of bloodshed. Sure he would have wanted some form of action but this was just as good. The two rushed to the meeting area where one of the client’s connections was waiting. A shady individual who was not to be named sat there with two bags of jewels. After placing the box down they only nodded as the man spoke. With the night as their ally the two quickly made their way into the night. Another job in the bag and it was time to move onto the next mission at hand. The two were trying to be as productive as possible before daybreak. “Meet me at the next mission starting area. We will split up here to not draw attention.” With that being said the two went their separate ways for a hour to meet up soon again for the next mission.


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