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Eyes Starting Forward [Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
There was nothing the Jeeroy felt like he could not do. After meeting many new friends in the town of Magnolia and completing jobs for the people in the town, he felt more welcome than he had in a long while. He was inspired again to get out and make himself stronger for the people of Fiore. He did not care who he had to go through to get to the top, he would protect the people under his care with all of his might. Those evil guilds had better watch out, he was on his way to the top in a direct line, moving quickly. No one was going to stop him on his journey. He would be the strongest one day and then everyone would love him. There would be nothing keeping him from being one of the best Rune Knights, even if he did not have magic. Maybe one day he would be a captain and get to lead his own team into a battle. Maybe he could climb higher in the ranks than that. Then the other Rune Knights would look up to him as well! He was climbing quickly, doing as many jobs as he could to raise his fame and his spot in the guild. Though he knew it would take him a while to get where he needed to be, he knew his strength would do nothing but grow and that made him motivated to get out and do his best. He may not be the best yet, but he could sure handle some of the stronger mages in Fiore, and that he believed without a doubt, especially with the rest of his armor now secured on him tightly. He had bought the most expensive items he could, the best the blacksmith had to offer him. Not very many people would have the ability to break the expensive set of the red metal that fit him like a glove. Though he could not pull of his shirt and flex, he could throw his glitter making his armor shine even more than it did before. Plus it was perfect fitting where he could still flex a bit and his large arm muscles showed up, especially in the Rune Knight garb he wore underneath it. He had to say, he looked very good. His strand of hair was extra curly today as he walked to the request board in central Fiore. He had yet to pick out another job to do and that meant he was slacking. Stepping in front of the board he noticed there were not many requests he had not taken. Meaning he was going to have to move towns soon enough. While he was very sad about having to leave his new friends, he had to get stronger in order to protect him. That and he did promise that he would take them to the top with him. He could not lie to the humans. He would carry them to the top.


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Jeeroy Lenkins
Tearing all three requests that he had not completed off of the board, he wandered back down the empty streets glancing at the writing on each of them. They all seemed a bit boring, but Khalash had left a new one on the board as well. Jeeroy was surprised, seeing himself standing right in front of Mag Drug Magic Shop as he stopped to read the well written request. There seemed to be an aura around the shop that day, one that made it seem a bit dark and gloomy. He could feel a strange magical energy stemming out from the inside and it made him extremely curious to what Khalash needed help with. Jeeroy touched the cold metal door handle and almost did not pull it. Something felt extremely off about the shop today and he was nearly scared to find out. Knowing that Knights did not back down from a scary situation though, Jeeroy pulled the handle and the door creaked open as usual with a bell alerting Khalash to his presence. The older magical man wandered out of his back room dressed in his normal magical attire and smiled a bright smile when he saw Jeeroy. Saying nothing because of the strange aura still bothering him, Jeeroy handed the man the request paper and he nodded solemnly. "Do follow me." He led Jeeroy back to the back room where on his desk, something was wrapped in a silky cloth. Jeeroy knew it was too small to be a body, but it still freaked him out a small bit. Khalash unwrapped the item that the aura was stemming from and Jeeroy found it to be a simple two-handed lance a lot like the one he carried upon his back. He wiped a bead of sweat off of his face and took the lance from the man, seeing how it felt in his hands. It was a very nice weapon no doubt with magical energy flowing through out it. "This is what I need you to do, mister Jeeroy. Take this weapon and find a sparring partner to try it out with. Do not hurt the person too much as I do not need it tracked back to my shop. Plus you are a Rune Knight and that would just be in bad taste. You do not need to know where I got this weapon, but just know it contains an aura that will frighten any opponent you will fight. It is extremely unstable though, so do be careful with it. I am trusting you with one of my prize possessions, Mister Jeeroy, please do not make me regret it." Khalash said, turning his back on the man to get back to whatever work he was doing. Jeeroy tested the weapon in his hands once more before he walked back out of the shop and headed to the nearest park where he knew many weapon artist's trained their skills with similar people that found in the same vicinity as themselves.


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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy soon found himself in the beautiful park, and before he did anything, he sat down at a secluded bench and rolled himself a nice joint. If he would be fighting against someone, he would need the extra pain numbing that the herb gave to him. He found himself a lot more durable when he was high and that helped in many fights. As he was already slow, there was no way the herb could make him slower. Giants had that against them and sometimes it really sucked. Jeeroy remembered back in school when he wanted to play baseball with the other kids, he was never allowed because of how slow he himself was running from base to base, though he could hit a ball a long way he had almost killed a guy by hitting the ball into him one time. His strength was too much for the game. It made him sad, but what else could he do besides listen to the man who was his coach. His parents had taken him out to dinner after he got kicked from the team to help, but it barely did. Still made him sad to that day.

He began wandering around looking for someone who would spar with him, though whenever he got close to anyone looking like they wanted a challenge, the people would run or just say no. No one wanted to fight a giant, especially one with a sword that made him double as scary to other people who wanted to fight him. As he was giving up hope, a kid ran up to him with a grin on his face and a sword on his hip. "I'll fight you mister!" He said. He reminding Jeeroy of himself when he was younger, so Jeeroy shrugged and pulled the weapon from his hip and stood in a fighting stance, waiting on the kid to attack. Soon their weapons clashed in battle. Jeeroy had not expected the kid to meet his blow for blow with his weapon as he had, but soon the kid's stamina ran out, and Jeeroy knocked him to the ground. As he stood, he gave him a round of applause and ran off with his weapon, thanking Jeeroy for actually fighting him. He seemed to be such a good sport. Jeeroy had been that strong when he was a child as well, leading him to a great understanding of weapons of all types. As he walked back to Mag Drug Magic Shop, Jeeroy studied the weapon in his hands that did not scare him anymore. He would have to invest in something with magical powers one day, just like his Armour had. Once he returned, Khalash looked at him expectantly, waiting on the results of the test.

"The weapon worked well as a weapon, Khalash, and scared off most of the people who I wanted to fight. Only one child stepped up to fight me, named Tyler. He went blow for blow with me with just a regular common weapon though..so those who are not scared by the aura can keep up with you very well." Jeeroy said as Khalash grabbed his reward from behind the counter.

"Okay, so it did exactly what I intended. Not everyone can be scared by them, only worthy opponents can in kid's words these days, 'step up', to battle you. That child must have been very confident in his abilities. He deserves a reward." Khalash said with a grin. So only people who were worthy, hmm, that would definitely help Jeeroy out. Thinking about that, he walked out of the shop.

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