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Smuggler's Schemes

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After having invited Shura to take a darker mission than what he was possibly use too, Erebus led them back to the docks. The dusk was now coming to it's last stages before the sky drained of it's purple. Back had initiated it's arrival. The night was home for the dark mage. It was where they could finally make their money without worry for being tried and pressed to run from the law.

It was an opportunity to be out. Some would argue that living a life of crime was easier, but it wasn't. There was just as much delicacy put into the underworld as their was on the surface where the light mages did their bidding. There was a lot of security out tonight, Erebus had noticed that much, likely his ally had as well. They were piling a ship full of goods. Hmm, but perhaps, the two could stop them before the ship was filled. If they could they'd be on the right track-- at least in terms of what the mission wanted.

"Alright, so we're going to distract these guys. I can probably do it while you creep around them. If you have your own plan though,
it's only wise I ask. So what do you want to do. Shura?"


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#2Shura Ranzu † 

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Shura Ranzu †
Shura couldn't help himself but feel excited. He was about to embark on his first act of villainy since coming to the land of magic. Ideally he was trying to avoid breaking the law but he could not turn down a invitation to destruction. It would have been rude to do so. This job was a simple one from Shura's understanding of the mission. First he needed to arrive and meet up with his cohort in crime. It was not long before darkness graced the world with it's presence. It was the best time to carry out the task at hand.  He arrived at the meeting point, creeping through the darkness with minimal sounds. There were crates on the docks ever so conveniently to hide behind. Not saying anything he looked over the boxes slightly. Only enough that his eyes were level with the top of the box. 'Awful lot of guards.' he thought to himself before turning to Strategist. Seems the lad had a plan in mind, Shura was along for the ride on this one.

Erebus offered a plan of action that used himself as a distraction while Shura moved undetected. “I think it is a fine plan. I will move when you are on your way.” he talked low so no one outside of Erebus could hear. Shura peaked back over the box, no one really looking in their direction. Authoritative figures flooded the area, keeping the ship from leaving port when it was meant to. Shura was prepared to take the lives of any stragglers who stood behind to make sure the ship left unchecked. "On your mark."

284/1000 WC


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Erebus was impressed by how well-rounded this new character was. Never had he paid attention quite like Shura, he had to say... He was a bit happy to b alongside someone who had a had on their neck instead of little girls trying to play bad guy behind him. This would be a pair-up not quite like any witnessed in the past, the way this character's presence stood out. It reminded him an aweful lot of another respected mage he knew. However, the style and grace that Shura seemed to rotate around was so unlike the chaotic hunger the counterpart he was thinking of displayed. "You're wise to take the back lines."

The lycan placed a hand on his comrades shoulder. "What you see might haunt you so don't look too close if you're a weak stomach, but I'm in full control. This is what my power looks like. Witness in awe, as I break pelvis from bodies and tear their hope to shreds"

If Shura had turned around, he would see a taller, better version of the human from before. Now in his true skin, the lycan's eyes were hypnotizing. The armor he wore seemed to expand with his shape. While he didn't have ears, he still had barred fangs like knives, and patches of fuzz growing out of his cheeks.  He was a real monster. Time being of the essence he launched over the box into the fray. Howling like a madman, and fighting with two hands. Guards with lances ran towards his destination. Each preparing to meet critical damage the mount they were within his readied assault zone. Erebus would claw and punch, kick and hit. The security beginning to diminish as they ran to reinforce the previous party. Some stayed at their post, however if Shura was half as smart as Erebus believed he knew the targets would be erased.

The smuggling could continue it operations hopefully. At least thanks to this wild attack out in the open.


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#4Shura Ranzu † 

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Shura Ranzu †
Shura's eye's wandered to the corner for a moment. The hand of Erebus grasped his shoulder. A foreign feeling that invaded his thoughts at that very moment. Then the lad spoke as if Shura was a stranger to the blood of the battlefield. It was enough to get a chuckle out of Shura as he looked back forward, focusing on his objective. “Fear not, indulge yourself till the streets run red. I will be moving quickly to finish our objective. The more time we spend here the more of a chance we have running into more trouble. So enjoy yourself momentarily.” Shura's tone was reassuring yet firm as he shifted to some other crates closer to the boats. He was not too aware of the transformation due to his body shifting suddenly. But he did feel a change in the tension in the air. It was accompanied by a certain stench. A stench that he was quite friendly with, blood lust.

Then the plan began to unfurl itself very quickly. His companion launched into action with minor hesitation. Something that was desired in a warrior, so it was admirable to say the least. Shura could hear yelling while rushing off to provide backup. Silently Shura moved with the sounds of the fighting and ocean. Shura removed the ropes attached to the docks that kept the ship in the harbor. Men on the ship watched closely as Shura moved. They made preparations to disembark quickly. They could easily take out the few guards that stayed behind on the ship. The boat started to move, alerting the few guards on the ship. The smugglers on the ship began to unsheathe weapons. The cowards of the guards lept into the water in hopes of getting away. While others who clung onto a sense of honor fought to repel the attackers. However, the numbers of the crew could easily eradicate the pest problem in their midst.

With that he moved back into the shadows swiftly. The ship began to take its leave while the fighting raged on. Hopefully his partner could wrap things up quickly. The Guards quickly found themselves in a situation. The ship that brought up several questions is getting away. A unknown assailant had began to lash out with a certain fury. It created confusion and fear in one swoop. Shura just watched the show from a far. In reality he was seeing what the kid was truly made of. He could tell his companion carried him a certain way. This was something Shura learned through the years through people watching. Especially analyzing various fighting styles of people he meets. Everyone carries themselves a certain way.




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The animal barred little respect for the humans who had at first ran at him, and were now running from him. The mere kick of Erebus was strong enough to break jaws thanks to the boosted strength f both his race and his magical leather armor under the cloak. The crown which glowed a vibrant red under his tucked armor also boosted his strength by a moderate amount. He was a fiend worthy of remark. Just as this warrior Shura was one more cunning than even Erebus had at first realized. The way he seemed to steer the battles without even speaking was well within Erebus's knowing. The nose of a lycan could tell where people were, and when bloods spilled into the air. So not only did he know where Shura was, but he knew exactly when and where he was enacting the attacks.

No time flat and the ship was moving. Erebus was busy but he picked up the sound of body splashing water. Most, if but a few of the men who fought the lycan were on the ground praying on life, or stripped of it. The last target took off running, But Erebus was within point blank radius his hand out stretched so violently that when it grabbed the man's neck, the speed at which his foe jerked, broke the neck from the spine. Ending his puny competition faster than he what he was expecting to be against. Not that Erebus had sustained his own damage. Cut on his face and around his neck area trailed blood. Those spears were something else. Erebus couldn't help but wish he had used his sword instead.

Erebus met back with Shura after escaping the scene. I don't know if you're just a natural, or if you have as much experience as I do. But I'm thoroughly impressed." The two would make way to Reagan then, posing as a fisherman-- he was the quest giver.

"Shura was responsible for a great deal of the success. You should open your business to him in the future, his talent has no bounds." Reagan would look from Erebus to the masked man. His lips parted as if to talk, but no words were spoken. Instead a simple nod was given and the money handed out-- though the idea was left in mind surely. Erebus would offer another mission pairing to his new accomplice. The Strategist still desired to see more of what Shura could handle. After all, the other boy was by far more impressive. Erebus felt the wise man might be holding back a thing or two.


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#6Shura Ranzu † 

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Shura Ranzu †
Shura watched closely while Erebus finished his meal. He fought wildly, and that was something Shura loved to do. To let go of ones self and let the lust of battle consume them. To truly let their true self out. After the lad was done he made his way over to Shura quickly for the next step in the plan. Shura stood up and walked out into the open. Not many guards made it out alive. The ones who did escape did not escape unscathed. But it this was not the time to gloat about their victory. They needed to go and collect their reward. “I come from a long family line of warriors. So you can say its a bit of natural aptitude.” Shura was sure to not let the compliments inflate his ego. He had no time for something to trivial as a ego. 'Pride comes before the fall.'

The two quickly made their destination. A older man was sitting down with his fishing rod cast. This was the individual they were supposed to meet. A portly man who was at the center of a lot of misdeeds in hargeon. Shura snatched up his cut of the job. No words were shared just a passing nod at each other. The deal was completed at that moment. Shura had earned a bit more cash and obtained a cohort in crime. He still had his suspicions when it came to Erebus but that was just his paranoia eating at him in the back of his head. He was not used to working with someone so this was just a new experience for him.


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