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Magical Bait [Solo]

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#1Shura Ranzu † 

Magical Bait [Solo] Empty Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:40 am

Shura Ranzu †
“You put drugs in this bait didn’t you.”

Shura found himself at the docks for the same reason he was yesterday, a job. Something that would put bread on the table and jewels in his pocket. Being a supervillain took time and work after all. Everyone had to start somewhere, even if it was remedial tasks. Shura saw it as a journey to the end game, what fate had in store for him? Well only fate could have known that. Shura stood in his usual attire at the docks waiting for the client who had several jobs he was looking to get done. A fisherman requested some help, but first they had too meet up.

The water crashed against the dark brown wood. Shura peered over into the water for a moment before a boat pulled up. A lad dropped anchor so his vessel would not sway away. He did the usual things to lock a boat down on the docks before disembarking onto land once more. A blue haired lad with a sort of freshness about him. That meaning he was still rather young and inexperienced. Someone trying to reach their dreams that are so far away. Shura could relate very easily to this boy on so many levels. The boat wasn’t large, but it was a decent sized one powered by a lightning lacrima. ‘Technology has come quite a way.’ he thought to himself.

The boat was just tall enough the lad could walk directly off onto the docks. His eyes met that of the masked man. He raised a eyebrow and a silence fell between them as their eye’s locked. What could be a romantic moment between the two ended up being a silent ‘what the fuck.’

Shura finally broke the silence with a calm, “Hello.” Jacob broke out of his confused daze and began to speak. “I apologize for staring, just don’t get too many folks around here like you.”

“No offense taken. I am used to it by now. I am here for the job.” Shura explained.

Jacob nodded calmly before hopping back onto the boat. “I have this new bait I want too try out. This bait is ‘magical’ at least that’s what I was told.”

Jacob could not see Shura’s expression but it was one of worry. A raised eyebrow was followed by a mental thought. ‘Hopefully you didn’t get bamboozled.’

Of course it did not matter, why? Shura was gonna get paid for going with this guy regardless.

“Sounds like a plan, let's get going shall we?”

Jacob nodded in agreement before beginning the disembarking process. Shura was not a seafaring man so he was not too familiar with the sailor stuff. He was just along for the ride at the current moment. The two sat off into the horizon with Jacob at the helm. Shura stood at the front of the ship with his arms crossed. His purple coat tails fluttered in the wind as he stared off into the horizon. Lost in thought for a moment as the boat moved.

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#2Shura Ranzu † 

Magical Bait [Solo] Empty Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:58 am

Shura Ranzu †
‘It is a shame all of this beauty will be wiped away when my ambitions are realized.’

A dark thought that came into his mind as he admired the view. After that though, the two would travel a bit more before reaching open waters. Shura let out a yawn while Jacob took the time to drop anchor. Shura looked over his shoulder to see all the noise made as Jacob grabbed equipment. Jacob made his way to the right side of the ship and placed two lawn chairs down. He followed up with a chest full of the magical bait. Two fishing rods and two hats. Jacob put one of the hats away when he realized the mask covered Shura’s head completely.

“Well this is the spot, pop a squat and we will fish.” Jacob had a grin on his face as he sat down in the chair with a sun hat. There was another chest that was next to his seat. It was already open and full of bottles of beer. He grabbed one and popped the top. “Can I entice you with something to drink?”

“No thank you.” Shura responded as he sat down and grabbed the rod. Jacob only shrugged and drank a bit of his beer. “More for me.” The two sat next to each other and Jacob took a moment to set up both of the rods. He even gave Shura some quick tips and tricks on fishing.

“So when casting the rod pull back and throw it forward without letting go. The bait will be sent outward into the water.” Jacob explained.

Shura nodded and launched his bait into the air. It soared like a baby bird first learning to fly. Jacob gave a nod and followed suit. “Well done, now here comes the hard part.” Jacob slowly reeled in the bait. “Now you gotta reel the bait in, jerking motions to entice the fish. They are attracted to slight sporadic movements.”

“Like this?” Shura asked.

“You are a natural at this, now here is the boring part. We wait.”

They both sat down for a moment and took turns reeling in their rods. Then five minutes passed as the two sat in the chair shooting the breeze. Getting to know each other, then it happened. Shura’s rod suddenly started to jerk, “You got something!”

Shura grabbed the rod that was sitting in the holster and began to reel in but it wasn’t easy. Suddenly the rod tugged to the right with a lot of force. “Shit!” Shura yelled as he was almost yanked off the boat. He was caught off guard by the power of the fish. Jacob grabbed some binoculars to see what Shura snagged. There was a large shadow in the water where the bait was. Jacob began to bark out orders at Shura.  “Alright don’t fight against it too much you might break the line. Pull and reel in the directing it is going!”

“Understood!” Shura yelled back while locked in combat with this fish. He was reeling it in closer but it was pulling harder. Jacob also grabbed onto the rod to help pull it up. With a few mighty heaves a fish came launching out of the water and onto the boat. Big enough to cause the boat to rock suddenly. The fish landed and flopped on the boat widly trying to get back into the water. Jacob lept into action, he grabbed a piece of equipment he prepared from earlier. A harpoon that would put a end to this fish. He jabbed it in causing blood to spill out onto the deck. The fish clung onto a fading flame before it finally stopped moving. Shura sat down in the chair, winded from the fight. “That was amazing! Won’t have to eat for a few days. Maybe that bait is magical.” Jacob yelled, filled with adrenaline.

“Indeed it is.”

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