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Rune Knight For a Day [Mission]

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Here she was carrying her spear in both of her hands yet soon she would unsheathe it by a strap on her back. It was true that it was a really long spear, but most of it's height was towering over her. She was strong so it didn't really affect her much. She would smile as she would roam around the town of Hargeon. There were so many things that she has done within the days she has been here. The time was small, but all that she has done was a lot. She would smile as she would remember it all. True enough all the clients were enjoyable, but there was one who did tease that she was a kid. The guy at the beach who was bulky. Sighing softly she would dangle her arms against her side, walking on the sidewalk, halo lights of the lamps that towered over her rather much. A small smile formed now as she would feel so rather alone. The past couple quests she was with someone, someone named Froctis. It was an interesting name at most or least.It didn't really matter anyways as she was walking to her next quest. Her head turned as she saw some buildings and then realized that maybe instead of sleeping at parks or outside, she should get a hotel. Cosmiare has been doing quests and such, enough money to get one for a couple days plus food. It was a nice idea and maybe a nice shower.... a nice bed. It sounded so good and so well as she would then turn towards such a place. She would look around with her golden hues and smiled or at least tried to while looking for a place for herself to stay. She had no where to go other than the guild hall, but they didn't really have a place for her. They did in a way, but it wasn't the place she needed. She wanted a room, a dresser, a shower things.... Stuff to call her own and didn't want to share. Softly she sighed as she felt a little down. It was hard since she never really had much time with her mother and father. 'Why did you go anyways?' she wondered to herself as she would feel the brick walls with her hand and followed an unknown trail. Soon enough she would feel her hand on a window and looked inside. She saw a child, a mother holding hands as she would look around for something certain. The kid was using their other hand to point at something certain as well. She bought it for her child of course because that's what a mother does right? Love and spoil their child - or so she would think. Her mother loved her a lot and so did her father, so why did they leave her all by herself? She would then turn away and walked straight to where she was walking in the first place.  The area was semi-dark yet it had some light to it. Her heart was beating rather slow and her head started to hurt. Out of no where the growl of her stomach finally stopped. Why was it though? It was a mystery that would probably never be solved just light the owl and the candy mystery. Something came up though as if she changed her mind. Perhaps she would get food and get a hotel room later. That sounded about right. Something came up though as she would see a client that looked like the person on this page she got not that long ago what seemed to be a day. She would dangle her arms, walk towards him with a smile on her face.

''Hai mister! Do you happen to need any help today?~'' she asked like a cute child would with a sweet voice. Her eyes sparkled and were wide like golden coins from oceans of gold. Slowly he turned and once again, like always, the people cock their eyebrow as they look at her. 'What's with people judging?' she thought and suckled on her right lower lip, trying not to blow up. Rather or not that she did, it wouldn't really change the fact that he may need help or not. Did it? She didn't really think so. Softly she would smile as she would then think of the only one who didn't judge her, but that was because they were the same age.  ''Bart! Right?'' she questioned and giggled rather nervously. He would blush as they were around the same age, or so it looked like it. He would nod and sat down. ''Alright then, your name?'' he would question in his own tone. ''Name's Cosmiare! Let's play then, shall we? I must note that I have never played this. Haha.'' she spoke and laughed playfully. He nodded. ''It's simple. Let me explain.'' he started and then started to explain the rules. After the rules the two would play a game. It was silent for a couple minutes, but then asked questions. ''Do you ever have problems with your siblings?'' he wondered as he took his turn. ''Nope! Don't have any. Do you?'' she questioned back and took her turn. He just nodded. ''I feel so under pressure...you know? I feel like I should compete. To be the very best. Like no one ever was.'' he started and took his turn. ''I think if you feel the need to compete then to try your best.'' she would say sweetly with a smile. She may not understand the whole sibling thing, but on the other news, the game was over. ''Check mate.'' Bart spoke and smiled. ''Thanks for talking and playing. Here. Hopefully we meet again, Cosmiare.'' he spoke and smiled back. She giggled and nodded. ''Yea!'' she spoke and then waved bye after taking her reward. He was cute to be quite honest, making her blush softly as she thought about him, but then again she was the type who thought flowers are cute.

She would listen to him tell her how she needed to watch out for somethings, do this and that. Cosmiare would nod her head with a sweet ever-lasting smile. ''Sure! Sounds fun.'' she would say as she would then turn away to watch the areas. Out of no where though she would see two people in a dark alley. ''That person looks familiar....'' she whispered and squinted her eyes. 'Could it be someone I know?' she wondered and tilted her head. Soon enough though they would see her and they booked it. One ran one way, the other the other way. Who was she to go after? Gripping her spear she would then run after the unknown man who didn't look familiar. 'I gotta go fast! Yeppers!' she thought and ran with her little legs. ''GET BACK HERE OR I'LL STAB YOU BY THROWING THIS...THIS THING SPEAR!'' she yelled as she would grip it tightly before throwing it at him. She threw it for sure, but gladly she didn't stab him and instead it caught his shirt. The sharp part was in the ground in which wasn't cement. If it was, it would've never been received unless in a crack. Sighing softly she would make a smile. ''Hai there! Thanks for stopping. I thought I would have to do more. Like that one sea monster I fought.'' she spoke sweetly with a wicked smile, tilted her head to look at the stranger. ''Wanna tell me what was happening?'' she questioned, grabbed her spear and put it to his neck. He had a sweat drop which made him look around. ''F-fine, but I wasn't apart of it.'' he started as the guy would explain what happened. She would slap the guy and ran off laughing. ''Hahaha, what a bad guy.'' she would say and smiled. Her run would turn into a skip as she would go find that client of hers. After she found him while holding her spear she would tell him what happened. ''So there was two guys talking about some deal. I didn't get to really hear all the details, but the guy I caught said that it was some drug deal with a guy named Reagan Hullston. I don't really know who that is for sure, but I made sure he wasn't lying. Because of this handy dandy spear! Haha.'' she told him all she could remember or so she thinks. He nodded and gave her a reward. After that the guy ran off. With that Cosmiare would finally leave with her reward.


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