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Eyes Wide Open [Quest - Phoebe]

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Phoebe Rainsworth
As Phoebe arrived in Magnolia in the early morning, she had walked the whole night. Which sounded much braver than she had been but the place where she could have stopped looked absolutely disgusting and now here she was. In Magnolia and it looked really busy and active as Alice had said. She was sure there was enough to do here and she would first catch a two hour sleep so she would wake up again around nine in the morning and planned to again first see around the town before she would see what to do. She was a bit giggly, as she wanted to see the Guild and the Cathedral she had seen when she arrived in town. She went to her bathroom and washed her face and upper body because of the long sweaty walk she had had, she had been too tired to do that before she went to sleep. Thank god she had been awake enough to take care of her hair before she would simply hit the pillow and not think about anything anymore. She blinked at her reflection after she washed her face and thought about a lot of things she could do. She braided her hair in two separate braids and dressed herself in a soft pink crop top and white dungarees. She found some sneakers that she had brought along this time, a set of bright red converse and put them on. She checked herself in the mirror a couple of times and finished her make-up before she headed out.

She took her purse and checked the jewels she had left before she headed out to go do some shopping for breakfast and check out the city in the mean time. She had no idea what she would want but a sandwich would be fine. She would stay here a couple of days before she might return to Orchidia, unless, well she found someone that she could travel with, which would be much fun! She went to find a cafe that sold sandwiches and ordered a chicken teriyaki one and sat down. She grabbed her the letter out of her purse and started to continue writing while she was waiting. She had to immediately reply to her father that she had arrived and that everything was fine with her. She didn’t want to neglect that again because even though she understood that her father said he was not worried, she was sure he had done. So it was just something so small she could have done. She hurried on to tell him the first small impressions she had when she arrived this morning, she didn’t tell him stayed up so long. She yawned a little while she was writing and hid her yawn because it was unladylike. She quickly finished it and caught an envelope from her purse as well and put the letter in there and wrote in her fancy handwriting her address on it. When she was just finished and dropped the letter in her purse, her sandwich arrived. Which was a great timing and she took great care in eating. She did love her figure very much and she seemed to know what to eat and when at the right time, she also did a lot of walking and jobs so it wasn’t that she was only eating green food but who cared about that, but Phoebe.

She paid for the sandwich and the orange juice that she had and headed out. She was looking around until she found a magic shop, which sounded really interesting so she headed inside. Maybe she could find something interesting related to her fire magic or something about Fire Starters, which were rare and yet there were enough fire mages, she didn’t doubt that but they were probably not related to their thinking and emotions. When she arrived, the shop owner looked at her with narrow eyes and she would almost step outside again because he was scary. ”H-Hello.” she said as she tried a few steps more inside, he kept his eyes on her and she simply looked away and stared at some items, ”Are you a mage?” asked the old man and she turned back to him and she nodded without the confidence that she felt, ”I need someone to check my shop. Would you do that? I need to go out for most of the day and you will be the new vendor if you accept.” She hadn’t expected that from the man if he looked at her like that. But she simply nodded again because she was flabbergasted. He seemed to be a completely different person after that as he jumped up happily and took his stuff, shook her hand and headed off. She remained there blinking and he waved her away and called something about a note on the counter, which she read. She wasn’t allowed to leave and not to go in the backroom, well she wouldn’t dare anyway.

She simply sat down behind the counter and would see what today would bring, she doubted that this shop was a busy one and she was right. At some point some teenagers were staring through the window and looked at her with the same narrowed eyes but she wasn’t afraid of them. They came in but were acting very suspicious and she kept an eye on them, one wanted to sneak in the backroom but she grabbed him quickly by the collar and held him in front of his friends, ”One step there and I’ll make sure your but is burned you can’t sit for three weeks.” she held up her other hand and showed the flame in the palm of her hand. They quickly went off after she let the one go. The rest of the day nothing happened, she was almost asleep on the counter because of the time, she had closed the shop at 7 pm and got some food to survive staying up there but now she was almost falling asleep as she leaned with her elbow on the counter. Finally when it was midnight Khalash arrived and paid her for her good job. She quickly left after that to go and sleep.


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