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Basic Duties [King Z]

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It has barely even been a week since King arrived Fiore but here he was, in a room of a cheap hotel, in bed with a rather seductive girl that he had met the day before in the streets. It was late in the evening after he had finished his first quest in Hargeon, when he was on his way back home and encountered this young lady, whose name he had forgotten. The lady was a blonde and although he wasn’t specifically attracted to blondes, this particular one was a really attractive one for him to not let go. She had approached him and asked him if a fellow attractive man like him would love to sleep with her for a day. Seeing that he had such an alluring body, it was apparent that he wouldn’t reject such an offer and thus, ended up spending his earnings on a cheap hotel nearby.

King fluttered her eyes open and stared up at the white ceiling above her, the ceiling fan cooling the summer heat. He had his arm underneath and around the woman’s naked back, while she snuggled against his chest, their legs tangled together. It wasn’t until then he noticed that his arm was numb for the entire night that he could barely even feel his hands. A sigh escaped his lips, out of frustration before he pushed the girl away to get her off her arm and without any intention, pushed her off the bed that they were lying on. His lips parted in shock and before he could grab her in time, the woman had already landed on the ground with a thud, followed by a yelp.

”…A-ahahaha. I think I accidentally pushed you off in my sleep.”

He could imagine a sweatdrop on his forehead due to a mistake that he had just made although the woman doesn’t seem to notice. Her hair was messy and his eyes would glide down her naked body as she climbed back onto the bed and crawled towards her. His eyes were fastened onto her lady assets and he would have to admit that the lady had a really nice body, which caused her to wonder if the women in Fiore were this beautiful. The lady began to approach towards her face, her lips slightly parted and her eyes closed, as if she was expecting a kiss and just when their lips were about to crash together, King pushed himself out of the bed, his body naked which revealed his abs and toned muscles on his arms and chest.

”Sorry, my lady. I’ll have to leave now.”

”Awww, why now, King? Would you like to have some fun later?”

”I’d love to…Sorry, what’s your name again?”

A gasp escaped her lips and after that, he would be kicked out of the room without any regrets. He wasn’t lying though, he did truly forget her name since he never made an effort to remember names and it was also partly due to his terrible memory.


Basic Duties [King Z] VESQ2Ff

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Underneath the blaring summer heat, King was dressed in a white yukata intricated with unique golden and teal patterns on his outfit as well as his cloak that fell past behind his knees. He tugged onto his chain necklace located around his neck ever so slightly and glanced around the town. It was as lively as the city he used to live in back in his country and he enjoyed how active the city was. Even from this distance, he could hear the clamour of the market and waves crashing onto the shore and the docks. As he was wandering through the streets, he stumbled upon a police officer on duty who appeared to be around the same age as King, possibly older. The officer gave him a quick look from head to toe, observing him before he approached. ”I don’t think you’re from around here, are you?”

”Nope, sir.”

”Perhaps, you’re a mage from another country. If so, I’d like your help to stop some children from vandalizing the walls of the city with graffiti. I’m finding them at the moment as well, but a little help is always useful. I’ll see you at the station afterwards.”

King wasn’t actually in the mood to be helping someone else at the moment since he just woke up however, the officer had requested him personally to help him out so he didn’t want to go straight out and reject his request and thus, ended up helping to search the brats for him. With the two of them searching the entire town, he wasn’t sure if he would be lucky enough to stumble upon them though soon enough, he heard some giggles round around the corner of an alleyway. Curious, he peeped into the alley only to find the kids red-handed with spray bottles in their hands. ”Well, well, well, I just caught you guys red-handed.”

”S-so what?”

”Well, I don’t really care but I’ll still have to take you to the police office.”

Since he didn’t want to waste any more time dealing with kids, he slightly outstretched his hands by his side and formed a spark of lightning in his hands. Startled by the sight, the children stumbled back a few steps before submitting themselves to him. With guilty expressions written on their faces, they followed him all the way to the police office. Upon reaching the station, he met the officer from earlier again and handed them a bag of graffiti bags as well as the children who were responsible of vandalizing the walls, just like the officer had requested earlier. In reward for getting the job done, King was rewarded with a hefty bag of jewels before departing the building. He figured that the children would receive some sort of punishment, such as a small fine or perhaps some easy labour. He couldn’t wait to spend the money he had just earned for the day and pondered on what he should do for the rest of the day.  


-Quest Completed-

Basic Duties [King Z] VESQ2Ff

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