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Bella's Emergency [Seira]

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Seira stumbled through the streets of Magnolia Town. It was late at night, there were barely any people on the streets and the vampire felt as active and awake as ever. She had rebuild her sleeping schedule and made sure to turn it into something that allowed her to wake up late past noon, but not too late so she wouldn’t miss out on the stores, but late enough for her to avoid the sun for the most part. Seira decided that after her latest incident with a wizard who used light magic, she wasn’t going to bother with going on missions during daytime anymore. At least not as much as she used to. She wanted to improve herself and to do so she had to train. But she also needed money, so missions were kind of unavoidable for the poor girl. The Sorceress, if you could still call her that, was thinking about going around looking for people she had worked for before, but Magnolia was, unfortunately, a fairly positive place and most people didn’t do any sort of shady business here. The clients she’s had before were often parts of legal institutions and of course people like that didn’t work at night. If she wanted to do shady business it would make much more sense for her to go to Oak Town, where the Phantom Lord guild was located that, but frankly Seira wanted to have nothing to do with that place for a while. After going there a few weeks ago and clashing with some of the people who lived there, the vampire had decided that it wasn’t the place for her, at least not now. Even though she was a vampire she remained soft and kind of gentle-hearted and she couldn’t really deal with anything evil that was coming at her. She still had to get used to her new position as a vampire and knowing that there were probably, most likely, people who considered her evil and bad, she figured that it wouldn’t be a good idea to walk around revealing what she was. Everyone and everything within Oak Town was awfully curious, something she really hated having to deal with and she felt that every time after working with a client they knew much more about her than she knew about that, and that was something Seira couldn’t have. The people in Magnolia were different and she had done some things here that had led to unplanned events, to say the least. Seira, however, wasn’t bothered by that and she didn’t mind being surrounded by people as long as she had a safe place to return to at the end of the day or night. Seira was still rushing through the streets, wondering who she could meet so late at night that could possibly give her a job. There was always the request board, she figured, even though there is probably no one who was still looking for something this late, at least not from what Seira knew.


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The request board was a fairly popular place and many people went there to look for quests to go on. Because Magnolia Town was such a populated place, however, most quests were often gone or taken immediately and shortly after they were put up. In spite of there being a magic guild called Fairy Tail, many wanderers still crossed this town to find work and it didn’t come as a surprise to Seira when she approached the board tonight and found only one flyer hanging there. It was probably a leftover and most likely going to be a bad deal, but it couldn’t exactly be helped. At this time of the day no one really checked the board anymore, not even the guards of the town so it wasn’t unusual for strange people to put their requests up there, sometimes even quests that didn’t appeal or follow the guidelines. Seira looked at the piece of paper and then turned around a few times to check if someone was spying on her. The last thing she wanted was to get into trouble, considering that she had really been dealing with enough for now. There was no one there, however, so she picked up the flyer. It was closed, like a letter and it had Bella Missandra’s name on it. Seira knew that woman fairly well, more or less at least. She was the owner of the local bath house which Seira had visited many times before. Though she is apparently fairly old, rumor has it that Bella uses magic to make herself look significantly younger and going by her personality, that wouldn’t really surprise Seira the slightest. She was extremely vain, to the point where it got annoying and irritating but she was a well paying client so Seira had never asked her or bothered her with it. Furthermore, most people in Magnolia assumed that she had a clean register, and that there was nothing wrong with her but that wasn’t completely right either. Everything that woman said should be taken with a grain of salt and in spite of her relatively good reputation and the great bathhouses she owned, she wasn’t a perfect angel either. The letter with the details was still sealed when Seira picked it up and knowing her, no one would think that someone like her had anything bad in mind but Seira knew that she had put up the job late at night on purpose. Of course, when Seira opened the letter and removed the flyer there was nothing specific mentioned in there. Bella only stated that she needed to meet people at her bath house, where else after all, and that she needed it to be at night so the person who read this should show up as soon as possible. Seira decided that she would take it and started walking down the streets. The bath houses weren’t too far from where she currently was, but it still took her about ten to fifteen minutes to arrive there.


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There was still a little bit of light in the bathhouse, although not the entrance but one of the backrooms. After being there so many times Seira was already somewhat familiar with the instance and the building and the way the place worked. The backroom was fairly large, led into a garden where Bella had her own rooms and often spent the night. She walked up the stairs and knocked the door. It took a while for the lady to move, Seira could hear her but she took her sweet time before showing up and opening the door to the girl. She greeted her politely and let her in. “I see you are back once again,” the bath house owner said and Seira quietly nodded at her. She had worked for Bella before so this wasn’t the first time, nor was it really a big surprise to either of them. Seira wouldn’t say that they got along very well, but she certainly tolerated the woman and in spite of that Bella’s reputation was very good and she didn’t want to ruin it, which is why she often hired other people to do the dirty work for her. “Please, take a seat. I have the details right here for you. I’m assuming you understand that all of this will stay between the two of us? It’s a rather tricky job and I need someone I can rely on, someone who will take the blame of me. Of course I will pay you accordingly, so there is nothing for you to worry about. I need someone who is fairly stealthy, I believe you can do it. Even though the floor is quite creaky here I didn’t hear you making a single sound while approaching this place, that’s why I was startled and took so long to open the door for you. I don’t know how you did that but it doesn’t really matter either, clearly you can do the job and you are suited for it. I have a specific remedy for my skin that requires only the best ingredients. Unfortunately, they are very rare and expensive and I have run out of a specific ingredient and they aren’t willing to hand it to me. I need you to break into the factory and steal it for me, simple as that. It’s the last supply for my eternal youth cream and it’s very important. Can you do it?” Seira nodded quietly, she wasn’t really surprised that it was going to be something like that. Her beauty was all Bella cared for after all. “Yes, I can do that. Is it the pharma warehouse down the streets, a few blocks down south?” Seira recalled there being such a building about 20 minutes away from her. Bella nodded slowly. “Yes do it and remember there are guards so I need you to be careful. Very careful. You cannot be caught under any circumstances. Remember to check the times in which they are around, and sneak in quietly. Knock them out, though. I want them knocked out. Just in case.”


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Seira agreed on all the terms that Bella had for her. Technically speaking, it was a fairly simple job. Retrieve something without getting caught. It was late at night and Seira could see in the dark, which made it even easier for her. Furthermore, she could walk without producing sound, which was even better. Of course there would be guards around, there were always some guards around somewhere but in the end it would be easy for her to knock them out as well since she was quite powerful. Bella even stated that she could accept if someone actually died, because she didn’t care that much in the end. Retrieving the last supply was more important to her and Seira left the bath house with those words in mind. When she arrived at the warehouse of the pharma company she spent some time outside to check on the three guards that were walking around, patrolling the area. Clearly, there weren’t many thieves going around here since none of those men seemed to be paying much attention, which was fine with Seira. Seira decided to do what Bella had suggested and knock the guards out before entering the warehouse. It was quite big and finding the right box would most likely take her a while anyways, so it would only make sense for her to take some time with her while she entered. The first guard was walking around the backdoor and Seira decided to go for him first. She approached him from behind, without making a sound, and delivered a few clean punches against his neck that caused him to collapse onto the ground. The other two were stationed at the front door and Seira approached the first one of them quietly, knocked him unconscious and then went for the second one. She was tempted to bite them first, but decided that this wasn’t a very good idea so she knocked him out as well. When he fell over and his body stopped moving, Seira removed the keys from the guard’s clothes and opened the doors. She quietly closed them behind herself and began looking through the large warehouse and all the shelves. Bella had given her a good description of where to find certain items but because it was so much it still took Seira quite some time before she found the box with supplies that Bella desired so much. Once she got it she decided that it was time to leave. The guards were still unconscious when Seira left and she locked the doors and made it look as if she had never even been into the warehouse in first place. She then snuck away and returned to the bathhouse with the box of things in her arms, where Bella was already waiting for the girl impatiently. “I’ve brought what you asked for and no, no one saw me,” Seira explained and handed Bella the box. She checked it carefully and made sure that everything was there that she needed. She seemed to be very pleased by that as well. She paid Seira the promised amount of money and then the vampire left.


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