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Magnolia to Hargeon [Erebus]

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Magnolia to Hargeon [Erebus] Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:08 pm


Erebus moved quick but silently out of the city, heading to Hargeon, a port town where he'd visited once before. It seemed that he could get some pretty good jobs there now, ones that weren't there in the past. So he prepared himself for the travel, packing a few outfits and his gears. The Scarle Diadem tucked within his coat, for a just in case scenario. The path taken was a stretch, many hours and of foot travel was in line to hold him away from his destination. Though to say he cared, not really, or necessarily. Erebus liked the sound of his feet, and the beautiful sunsets. Travelling was something that could actually be a lot of fun. It had been months since he'd missioned, Icarus must have been aggravated. The wolf really needed to stop enjoying the simple things and get himself to work. "I'm positive my slump is gone. I should be fine. If I'm not, eh, not like I'd be missed." His venture carried him far and wide, until a town was off to the distance, and by nightfall, he had reached his destination. The lycan walked narrow streets illuminated by lamp light; until a secluded inn on the outskirts of the port allowed him a pace to rest.


Magnolia to Hargeon [Erebus] 5oJEfCBQ_o

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