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Construction Workers. [Quest: Froctis, Cosmiare

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Construction Workers. [Quest: Froctis, Cosmiare Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:02 pm

Froctis awoke to the sunny morning that greeted him in the Harbour town of Hargeon. Since it was still summer he had no reason to light up the room with his magic since the rays of the sun did that for him. Normally he would be up so early that the sun wouldn't even have rose from the sky yet! So Videns saved some time and mana with his morning routine. Since he had showered before journeying to hargeon he was fine on the Body Oder side of things however his oral hygiene was still to be improved upon. After a small breakfast consisting of some fruits and berries Froctis went in and brushed his teeth thoroughly. Froctis looked into the mirror and smiled. His dazzling white teeth made his smile wider. it was always so refreshing to see that one could look so could with hard work alone and without the aid of magic. Once he was finished Froctis would exit the inn he had crashed at after arriving and head out in search of a job to do, as a mage should. Only being in the town a short while Froctis knew nothing of it's layout but if he ot too lost he knew he could ask a local resident, who all seemed friendly in his eyes.


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''Weeeeeeee.~'' she would squeal as she twirled around in her dress that she wore last time. Oh man she did start enjoying this dress. She didn't get to wear many elegant dresses according to Fiore's fashion senses since the elegant dress code in the Country of Sand was different. The dresses in that country was more revealing and weird, but this covered a lot more areas. She did really feel funny wearing dresses that showed a lot since she was a girl, a girl with no womanly stuff. Her head tilted back to look at the sky. 'Wonder what i'll look like as a woman or a teen even!' she thought to herself as she never got to talk to her parents about things like that. Before they ditched her to some guild - or that's how some people see it. She was to meet someone to work on the matters of this quest. Cosmaire wondered who it was since this was the very first time she gets to talk to someone from here that isn't about questing, such as clients. Her head then turned straight to look around for anyone that looked like they were searching for someone too.


Construction Workers. [Quest: Froctis, Cosmiare Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:06 pm

After walking around for about an hour Froctis gave into his urge to ask someone for help. Although he was considered a social man to most he did have his pride as a man and asking for directions to someone who needed help seemed rather dumb. As Froctis walked he was wondering who he could ask for help. He'd prefer to ask someone young enough that they would not think twice about giving him details and make fun of him. And sure enough as he turned a corner there as a little girl twirling around at the speed of sound, looking up into the sky as if looking for a rainbow. She stopped a few yard away from Froctis and their eyes met. Froctis being the giant he was keeled down to be on the same level as the girl still being a few yards away. "Hey there little girl, know where there's any jobs to do, or a quest board around here?" He asked gently, showing her his white smile looking rather happy. He wondered why a girl as young as her was just twirling around the harbor. Froctis thought it was rather dangerous but said nothing, he didn't want to tell others how to live their lives, unless of course it was painfully obvious.


Construction Workers. [Quest: Froctis, Cosmiare Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:07 pm

The sun was rising and the clouds were passing as the time just went on by. It wasn't really a long time, but it was long enough to where she could tell a difference of the lightening on the ground and the builds, perhaps what they called shade. Cosmiare would smile softly and sweet while walking all about, dangling her arms against her sides and her red hair just barely moving by the winds. She wondered on how people were in her Country as she never even get to say goodbye to them even if she only knew people from her Country that were on the boat itself. The people on that boat never got off though, she wondered why. As she was thinking, not paying attention she would close her eyes for a mid-second if not longer. She'd hear a voice grabbing her attention, opening her eyes and cornering them to see a rather tall guy with red hair too! Oh man wasn't that a rare sight to see. He had red hair, she had red hair and it was kind of strange, but that never really matters. Does it? She stopped walking and turned straight towards him to listen to his words and questions - whatever they were. First he called her a little girl, asking if there was any jobs to do, sometheing about quests. 'Maybe he's talking about the quest she's on! Her smile went wide and nodded. ''Im' doing a quest!'' she claimed and jumped up all happy. ''Are you my partner perhaps?'' she would questeion cluelessly and giggled. This guy was a stranger, but he seemed nice. You really can't judge a person by the book, ya?

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Construction Workers. [Quest: Froctis, Cosmiare Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:07 pm

Froctis was taken aback at the girl's reaction. She seemed to be on a quest herself and asked Froctis if he was her partner. Shes on a quest? She doesn't even look 10! is that safe?" The dea of the girl being in some sort of danger like a vulnerable little animal rank through his mind. Froctis thought of lying for a moment, telling her that he was indeed her partner for the mission, but if he was caught he would be in serious trouble for sure. One thing was certain to Froctis however, he had to make sure this girl was alright, she seemed to young to Videns to be doing anything by herself. Eventually after a brief moment Froctis replied. "No sadly, I was looking for a request to do, but maybe you could bring me to your client and we can work together then?" He asked, keeping his face in the same position. He didn't want to look suspicious considering he was talking to a girl half his age and wanting to go off alone together. Froctis was confident that the pause to respond and the way in which he spoke was normal. He just hoped the girl was as accepting as she was happy go lucky. Not many young girls would react the way she did when a huge stranger asked them a question like Froctis did.


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She looked up and then down at him, wondering and thinking on what he was going to say. She hoped he wasn't the type to just lie to her or to judge her appearance since that's just plain rude. Her head tilted as she had it also up and listened to him then say that he wasn't, but he was looking for a requestt o do and maybe they could work together. In her mind it was the same thing, making her smile. ''Finally! I won't get to work alone.~'' she cheered with a happy childish smile. Swiftly she twirled the way they were going to go in which case, the client. Sure enough she doesn't really remember the clients name nor does she really care cause she was only going to know him for a little bit. ''One time I went on this mission alone and I killed a fluffy wolf! Oh man was it sad. Mostly the noise...'' she started to speak rather happily and then disappointed in the end. The doggo was fluffy even if they did call it a wolf. Too bad that the wolf had to eat the farmer's sheep. Her lips frowned but that was okay since not too long she would then smile once again, seeing the man they needed to meet for this mission.


Construction Workers. [Quest: Froctis, Cosmiare Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:08 pm

Froctis' trigger meter at the back of his head was beginning to reach boiling point. She was working alone before this! He couldn't imagine how dangerous it must have been for her! Froctis was not sure how but he was still suppressing the urge to find this girls parents and scold them over the fact that they just let their daughter do how many quests alone! With the vein on his temple growing in size, Froctis with an outwardly happy appearance followed the twirling girl to the where the client was. Froctis then listened to the girl's gruesome description of how she killed a dog on a mission. At this point Froctis' smile faltered, however the girl was in front of him so she could not see this. "W-Well that's too bad. Still you must be pretty strong, being able to kill a big bad dog..." Froctis said half heartedly. He began to think of how the girl that age go about killing a dog! "So I'm guessing you must have some sort of magic to be able to do that kind of damage?" Froctis asked. Weather or not the girl would reply to this was a mystery as she seemed to have spotted a man in the distance. "Oh is this your client?" He asked looking at the blonde man at the construction site.


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She looked over at the guy who was really tall, red hair and very gentle or so he seemed. She would then look over at the client who then nodded. ''Alright. I just need you guys to do some reconstructing things like carry items, help around. Something. Look around to see if anyone else needs help even.'' he would say as he swayed his hand for them to move along. 'How rude...' she thought and rolled her eyes, looked away and turned away as well. ''Come on mister. Let's go find stuff to do.'' after she said that, she would follow what was instructed and carry tools, items and all that other jazz around to help out. It was kind of fun. Rather or not her new and only partner was helping was up to him. She would enjoy it more if he did help out. She would smile, look up at him every once in awhile and honestly he reminded her of someone she knew. The name she didn't really remember, but the clothes - yes. Softly she would smile and after so long she would go back to the client and tell him how much was done. The client would nod, give them both their reward and sadly, this was where she had to say goodbye. She had a hard time as she thought his was the last time due to what she was costumed to so she just ran off with her reward in a sad way.




Construction Workers. [Quest: Froctis, Cosmiare Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:09 pm

Froctis nodded at the client's request and walked with the girl to where they were instructed. As they did Froctis wondered should he ask for her name but he was not sure if he was going to even see her again. Although he had to admit he reminded him of someone he knew, but very very small. Deciding it would be best not to know her for the simple fact that if he did, froctis knew he would end up cursing her parents out of it for letting her do so many dangerous missions alone. As they did their mission, Froctis made sure that he carried a lot more than he was meant to so that the girl didn't need to. he hated to think of what would happen to her if she over worked herself so he tried carrying too much for himself and hoped for the best. Luckily he survived and even felt some physical growth when they finished. He felt a lot stronger. He figured it was due to the more or less work out that mission was as he brought far too much. Once they were paid he said goodbye to the girl and as he did he felt a twinge of guilt spread through him. "Really should of got her name." -exit-

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