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Beach Gym [Solo]

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#1Shura Ranzu † 

Beach Gym [Solo] Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:38 am

Shura Ranzu †

Get Fit or Die Mirrin - Zyzz

This mission takes place on a beach. A lad stood at the entrance of the beach and looked at a board next to the sign of the beach. He was in a different attire this time around. One that revealed a bit more of skin but he still wore a cloth mask over his face. A simple cloth mask that had two hole cut out in it. A somewhat thin one that he can breathe freely in while working out. He had a work out attire because he figured he get some training done on this fine afternoon. A purple tank top covered his top half while wearing black gym shorts and black sneakers. He would have walked right over to the work out area but there was a job board. The sign that auto caught his eye was a large ‘Need Help’ in black letters on a neon green paper. He walked closer to the board to feed his curiosity of this need for assistance

He read the sign in his head. ‘Looking for a spotter, someone who can help me achieve greatness. Will pay for a day of being a spotter and assistance with encouragement.’ Shura rubbed his chin for a moment and thought once more. ‘A personal trainer for a day. Sure why not.’ He ripped off a piece of the yellow paper that had the man’s name on it. Ya know how most job boards have the papers with tabs and each tab has information to refer too. This was that case.

Shura took his time walking down the edge of the beach. The smell of the salty ocean filled his nose. And the sounds of the crashing waves soothed his very soul. It was a great day indeed to make some money and get fit. It wasn’t long before he made it to the gym area. It was near the main sidewalk, off of the sand of course. There was a large slab of concrete that had a fence that rested around the workout equipment. The sounds of weights hitting metal as they moved up and down filled the air as he got closer. It was still hot from the sun beating down on the planet to despite the sea breeze that danced across the land. Shura made his way to the entrance of the gym before looking around. He took a deep breath so he could yell above the sounds of weights. “Is there a Jay Holiday here today!?” He yelled. A man with a chisled look and curled hairdoo came running to the front.

“Sup dude brah! The name is Jay, sick mask.”

Shura was a bit caught off by the man’s way of speaking but he shrugged it off. “Ya I am here for the job you requested help for. The name is Shura.”

Jay looked overly excited for someone to have answered his call. “Sick stuff brah follow me let's get right into it.”

Shura followed the overenthusiastic body builder into the church of iron. This is where the followers of getting ripped lay their prayers down so the almighty Zeus could answer them. Everyone had their reasoning for wanting to work out. It was not right to judge anyone who was here trying to better themselves. No matter how big or small someone may be.

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#2Shura Ranzu † 

Beach Gym [Solo] Empty Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:49 am

Shura Ranzu †

Jay made his way straight over to a weight bench leading him through the labyrinth of equipment and people. Folks all doing various types of workouts. There were the machines that made working out multiple muscle groups a breeze. Then there was the cardio area with treadmills powered by centralized magic from a power source. Then there was the free weight area where a lot of the bigger guys were at. For once Shura felt like he belonged because no one stared at him. Everyone was there to do something for themselves. Who were they to judge anyone else in a negative light. Jay made his way over to a flat bench with black cushions attached to it. There was a bar suspended over the bench by two silver bars on either side of the bench. The bar had groves where one could place their hands on to push the bar upward. At the moment no weights sat on the bench. The bar by itself was a mere one hundred pounds. It was nothing too really brag about. This was until the two began to slap weights on it.

“So, I won’t question the mask but I will question what ya bench there friend. Also I never caught a name from ya.”

“I appreciate not drilling me about the get up. The name is Shura, tis a pleasure.”

“You already know but I need to introduce myself. Jay Holiday, resident holder of the featherweight lifting belt. Lifting is my life man, I can’t get enough of it.”

Shura did not really comment on the matter at first just a nod before moving over to the weights.

“So what exactly do you need me to spot you on?” He asked while grabbing some forty-five pound weights. Jay had a cocky look on his face when he saw Shura go directly for the bigger weights. “We are gonna need two more of those brah.” said the body builder. In response shura grabbed two more making it a 180 pound bench. “Any more?” Shura asked with a certain look of readiness in his eyes.

“Naw brah, I like to go for more reps over more weights. Gotta tone out.” Jay said this while placing himself directly under the rack. Shura stood where Jay’s head rested. Jay was pumping himself up and Shura stood over him. ‘Maybe I should give some words of encouragement.’ Shura thought for a moment.

“Tone over Bulk brah never forget that.”

Shura said nothing while Jay grunted as he pushed up on the bar. The weights made clanking sounds as he lifted it. Shura nodded in agreement that too much muscle could be a bad thing. Especially as a fighter. Even if one could hit hard, who cares if you can’t hit the target. Several minutes passed as the two worked together. The two shouted at each other like two birds squabbling over a simple meal. Each pumping the other up as they took turns pushing up on the weights.
The workout concluded and the two stood there exhausted. Jay pulled out a small envelope with some dosh inside.

“Job well done brah, I look forward too when we meet again.”

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