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Gang Tension | Solo Quest

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#1Eiko Jitsuko 

Gang Tension | Solo Quest Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:29 am

Eiko Jitsuko

The summer's sun woke Eiko up with it's heat. It was late, almost 12PM, and the birds are still sleeping. She doesn't want to get up, she felt lazier than ever today. People are already walking on the streets outside, sharing gossips and laughing together. It slightly gave Eiko more energy to earn a few Jewels today.

Walking along the path, she got her umbrella ready, wearing the same clothing as she wears everyday. She walked pass a new art studio, people are learning how to paint. Just by looking at it, Eiko was inspired to make art as well, but already knew how to paint due to her strict parents, wanting her to be the most talented and skillful daughter there is. But she did not waste any time, watching people learn how to draw simple shapes and shading the colors for shadows, she went to the Bulletin Board instead to pick a request that matches her mood for today.

Stretching her arms upward, she dropped the umbrella as the wind blew it up. She took the umbrella back for her use, along with a request that has been blown up as well. It was a request from her acquaintance, Remy, going to support his family into evil deeds again. This time, it won't be that deadly.

Knowing already where the family lives, she quickly walked through the path she walked the other day in doing a request. With the request paper and the umbrella in her hand, she was ready to vandalize for the first time. Although not caring about what is good nor wrong, she was taught by her mother about wrong doings and those things that are good.

Meeting quickly with Remy, she had a few spray cans in her hand, and a template for her to copy. She was tasked to vandalize someone's properties, and those properties are from her acquaintance who seemed kind enough to treat her like a child, which, she doesn't like. This would be a good revenge for that kin, though not teaming up with anyone.

She first walked by a bar, the one that releases an extremely foul smell of beer and alcohol. It was closed today, though not knowing what was the cause for it to close. As no one was even looking, Eiko tied a little cloth to her nose for her not to inhale any leftover foul smell. Shaking a can of black spray paint, she was looking at the template and started copying what the picture is. Although drawing a few words and a cute little demon with X's for eyes isn't that bad, the vandalism turned out great for someone doing something bad for the first time.

Next is a tattoo salon. Eiko never liked tattoos, and getting her guild tattoo is strange. Though she forces herself to like the guild sign so it wouldn't shame her guild, but she just can't help finding tattoos disgusting for some reason.

She started shaking the can of red spray paint, and followed the next template. A template that now includes a few foul words and some creatures with television heads. "The tattoo salon needs it's own tattoo." muttered Eiko, continuing on spraying paint allover the glass windows of the salon. When it's dried up, she put water on her hands and touched the spray paint, and it won't come off. "Looks like it's tattoo is also permanent until broken." muttered Eiko once more, thinking about nothing but finishing the request and gain more infamy. But people still trusts her though.

And lastly, a fine restaurant, in which Eiko did not like any recipe they had. She covered all the glass with white paint, and started spraying some gang signs and letters, like what the template had. She was only taught to do something anyways, one for all, Jewels for all. She is in need of getting a few cash for her own adventure anyways.

She was done with all of the buildings she had to choose from. Easy to do, probably because those buildings are pretty near from each other and doesn't have that much quality of servings. Eiko was sweating a little, removing sweat from her forehead. When she looked around, she thought of adding a little more 'details' to the buildings she just vandalized. Now those so called 'fine restaurants' won't look as fine as before starting today.

Eiko walked back to Martello's household and walked pass the so-called man named Vincenze, panicking and looking around the buildings and businesses Eiko vandalized and painted with spray paint. She grinned, hiding the can of spray paint in front of her and opening the umbrella so that no one in the back would see what she was holding in front of her, and no one would know that the one they trusted would suddenly betray her.

She met Remy once again in the household, giving him the bucket of spray paint and telling him that she is done for today. She didn't do much today after getting her reward, so she walked straight back to her home to rest. But walking pass the new art studio nearby, she planned on visiting it for a while. Sitting down the stool with the canvas in front of her, she painted the templates she used earlier in vandalizing. The foul words she used, the little demons with X's as eyes and those alien looking men with televisions for heads, and a few details she added in the end. After she was done painting, she wrote 'Martello Family' in the bottom right corner, grinning as she was painting.

She left the studio, grinning like a child as she opens the umbrella to go back home and take a quick nap after reading a few books. Looks like after all this time, Eiko seems to be surrendering herself to the evil she thought was neutral.

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