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Noble Reconstruction [King]

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The town was much different from the country King had come from; numerous tall buildings, tons of pavements and roads and different types of clothing. To him, everything was fascinating and he couldn’t help but be in awe as he roamed about the streets. The summer’s heat was really hot although it was much worse back in Desierto, since there was nothing but deserts, making the entire country a ball of stored up heat. People turned to look towards him as he walked, bringing a mild disarray into his train of thought. It wasn’t an issue on confidence, rather, it was something more akin of his habit to over-think things, and simply put, he was very much inclined to believe that the stares he was receiving were a mix of both welcoming and unwelcoming sentiments, both as an unfamiliar face and as a man with a piece of cloth for a hood.

To others and the ones living in the town, King was someone of unfamiliar although back in his country, the type of clothing that he was wearing was pretty common, without the gold pieces, that is. Awed by the large buildings and monuments, the tall figure bumped into someone accidentally, followed by a rather loud squeak. ”Oh, my apologies….” The young man trailed off, his eyes wandering over onto the features of the person before his lips broke into a small grin, ”..My lady.” He gently took her hand to help her up and when their eyes came into contact, he noticed how she would immediately avert her gaze away from him, a light rosy colour growing upon her cheeks.

A shy one, I see.

The man took a mental note, his grin growing even more, almost into something insincere. King had tons of experience with women, much more than how an average man would have and therefore, he knew how he should be dealing with different types of women. For instance, he would take it slow and go with the pace with a self-conscious girl instead of forcing yourself onto them. As much as he would love to play around with the fellow girl in front of him and play around with her, he did not have time at the moment, for he wished to discover more of the town and possibly search for more women that will become his targets sooner or later.

”Hope to see you around, my lady.”

Finishing his sentence with a wink, King used his stunning looks and an attractive smile to good advantage, leaving the girl infatuated behind. Throwing his hood back onto his head to conceal his appearance, the young man continued to wander the city until he fell upon a quest board located in the centre of the town. ”I suppose I should do something during the time I’m here as well.” He spoke to none other than himself and ripped off a random piece of paper from the board before skimming through the lines of the brittle sheet of paper.


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His steps would all but falter as he addressed the message written on the paper, which was nothing but a simple request of a reconstruction of some buildings nearby. King couldn’t help but roll his eyes which showed his apparent dislike upon his choice of the quest. Since he grew up in a wealthy family, he had no reason whatsoever to be doing such heavy labour and to be honest, he has not done anything as such before, for he was able to obtain whatever he wanted with money. But since he had departed his country, he was left with no money at the moment so he had no choice but to make a living on his own and even if he did complain, the only thing he would only get out of his laziness would be starvation or death. The young man sighed in exasperation and folded the paper before placing it inside his yukata.

The town was still new to him therefore, it took him quite a while to discover the coordinates and the location of his destination. After some searching throughout the entire town, he would finally see a construction site. The area was noisy with all the hammering and shouting from the men and compared to his tall, lean body, the builders were much more bulky and larger than him with muscles protruding from their arms, legs and chest. Approaching towards them, King looked rather uncomfortable as he searched for the client of the job. In a distance was a young man who appeared to be one of a wealthy family as well, just like King although the mage decided to hide that fact about himself from others.

”Sir, I’m here for the quest.”

The man approached him, examining him from head to toe before shaking his head in disapproval. ”That outfit wouldn’t do it here, young man. We’d have you to get changed.”

”I’d gladly do so.”

With a swift turn of his body, his white cloak embedded with golden linings billowed behind him as he walked into a building structure to change his attire. King exited the building with a vest, revealing his broad shoulders and chest, and some loose pants to make him feel comfortable when moving around. King would speak to his client, Reign Valystasia, concerning about the quest and the tasks of what he should be doing. As much as he wished he could just be with some hot girls, he wouldn’t be able to do so if he did not have any money. After receiving the details from his client, King would begin his work by travelling back and forth, carrying items and building tools for the workers. He was someone superior back in his family but now, seeing him in this situation embarrassed himself but there was no other option. Despite how he went through the entire job with his grit, he still enjoyed his time with the rest of the workers, bonding with some and sharing meals with them during breaks.


Noble Reconstruction [King] VESQ2Ff

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