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Temporary aquarist [mission]

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Temporary aquarist [mission] Empty Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:34 pm

Skipping and jumping she would go towards where she has been in the past two days or so. It feels like she knew her longer than that, but it wasn't the case. Today she was wearing simple sport shorts of pink and white as her shirt was a long tank top of black. It was a weird combination for sure, but Cosmiare didn't care either way. She would dangle her arms as she skipped up and away towards the building where Raina was at. She remembered when she did join and meet her as she would then look up at the sky. She tested the salt, the water, the mixture of the levels and that one word that started with a 'p'... Pollution! Right... She sometimes had trouble with words since she never really had a teacher nor did her parents stick around to teach her more stuff. It felt kind of sad that it went that way. Slowly she would get the the front, remembered the last time she did. Finally at the warehouse she would knock softly and then harder. ''HELLO?!'' she yelled in her girl-like voice and knocked even harder. The door would open and sighed, fitting into the small space that was open. She would walk on the cement floor and looked around. ''It's all dusty in here. Geez. No one cleans?'' she spoke to herself and then looked to see a note that had 'Grab this and meet me here.' and had a name on it. ''OH that place.'' she spoke and then walked towards that direction. Her eyes looked around and saw the woman. ''Raina?'' she questioned and tilted her head. ''Oh yes. Over here.'' the woman spoke and smiled, grabbing the fish food. Cosmiare would sit next to her as she watched the fishes swim, waiting for the food. ''So cute! Fishy fishy fishy, you shall be my squishy.~'' she teased and kicked her feet a little. The water was down low enough so she couldn't kick the actual water. The two would talk a little as she would feed the fishes. Sometimes even getting up to follow. Finally it was getting darker as she would thank Cosmiare for helping. After that she would leave with the reward at hand. She giggled as she would remember that and goes in the building this time. Her head turned around to try to find Raina, but sadly she couldn't see her. Not one bit.

Her eyes soon caught a letter on the desk that she couldn't read from so far. Slowly she walked towards there to read it. ''Dear kiddo, Sorry I couldn't meet up with you again, but I had something to do. Care you do me a huge favor? I'll reward you! Can you care for my fish for a bit, maybe write down what they do and feed them afterwards. That'll be cool. Thanks! From Raina.''

''Oh man...'she first started to sound really disappointed, but then she thought of the positive. ''At least I get to hang out with fishy fishys all day!'' she started to say, grabbed the clipboard and pen. After that she would put her hands together while still gripping the stuff and squiggled around towards the fish.. ''Hai fishes! I'm here to watch you do whatever. So act casual.'' she spoke and giggled. She plopped onto her butt and started to doodle on what they were doing. Some were just casual sitting in their own fish way and some were just popping up to breathe some air from the same air she did. ''Oooh. Interesting. Mhm.'' she pretended to be some professor of some type. She then put down the clipboard and pen to get the food. ''Alright guys.~ Time to eeeat.~'' she started to chirp happily as she would grab a handful and spread it all around so all of them got some. Some were eating more than the others. ''Stop being piggies Mr. Fishy... Are you a male?'' she wondered and then squinted her eyes to really look. ''I can't tell....'' she spoke softly and then turned around after standing up straight as she saw her. ''Raina!'' she started to yell and went right to her. She would report on what happened which ended with the client laughing. After that she would reward her, ruffled her hair leaving Cosmiare to leave.



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