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Hammer Time[Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Hammer Time[Jeeroy] Empty on Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:57 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
This was something Jeeroy could do. He had been waiting on a job to use his strength for days. Working in a blacksmith shop would help him vastly with his training. He did not know what he would be doing yet, but he knew everything in the shop would require him using his immense power and training. He had never worked in the shop before, yet he found himself getting excited very quickly. After the bath he had taken at the bath house, he was a lot happier and feeling much better than he had been in the days before. Rolling a joint today was a quick matter, as he was looking forward to this job. He had gone to the job board early that morning when everyone was posting their jobs for the day and taken as many as he could. His training had been failing since he came to Mag, since he had not had much time between jobs. He was happy to take a job that would help him along in his training. He hoped that sooner or later the shop would require his help again, and he would get to work with the beautiful metal again.

Placing the green herb in the paper, he skillfully rolled it up quickly and efficiently, saving the rest of his stash until he could get more. While placing the joint to his lips, he tried to light it with his handy lighter, finding it out of fuel. With a groan, he pulled his body off of the bed and walked to the kitchen before lighting the gas stove and using the flame to light the joint in his lips. One day doing that he would end up burning his mustache and he knew that. He was not looking forward to that day. Grabbing his belongings including his armor and weapon, he headed out into the streets of Mag towards the blacksmith shop. He was giddy as a child on his birthday as he reached the place and found the owner and his apprentice in the back of the shop working in the heat. Barras Berend was the local blacksmith, he had made the fine set of armor Jeeroy was wearing currently along with the weapon he held upon his back. He was much obliged to meet the man before him, the one who created these beautiful things. He wanted to cry.

Catching the man's attention, he smiled. "My dear good sir I have come to help you today with whatever it is your lovely self needs help with." Jeeroy said happily. The man seemed a bit taken aback by the large man barely able to fit within the shop. He nodded still though, and took a seat before the man.

"I am Barras Berend, the local blacksmith if you did not know. It seems you know of my work though, as you are wearing some of it. It fits you quite nicely might I say. My apprentice here has harmed his arm and I need someone to hammer out the metal for our weapons while he is unable to do so! It looks like you have the strength to do so!" He said happily. The apprentice waved at the man sheepishly and smiled. Jeeroy nodded and picked up the hammer, ready to get to work. The apprentice put a piece of hot metal upon the anvil in front of him and Jeeroy began straightening it out. After a minute, the man put it back in the fire to heat it back up and placed it back down where Jeeroy finished it off. They soon moved on to the next piece.

"So, how did you harm your arm?" Jeeroy asked as he hammered out the metal. The man moved the piece back into the fire and picked up a large piece of bent metal from the floor with his good hand.

"This baby right here fell on me." He said with a shrug. "Hurt pretty bad, but hey, you risk that in this kind of work. Hopefully I'll be back to normal in the next couple days and we can get back to making the best gear in the land!" He took pride in his work and that made Jeeroy smile as he began hammering out his next piece of metal. Soon enough, he had the hang of it and had knocked out many pieces of metal quite quickly. As the day came to an end, he stuck around and helped the two straighten up the shop. He got to put out the fire and learn how everything in the shop worked. He honestly hoped he got to come help again as it was fun! Barras Berend handed him the jewels he owed him with a promise that if they needed more help, he would be the first called.

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