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Eyes Wide Open[Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Eyes Wide Open[Jeeroy] Empty Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:47 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy wandered through the streets of Magnolia, eyes dashing between the different shops before him. He had a mission to complete, but before that, he needed to find a place to rest and roll up a joint. His large stature made it difficult for him to hide anywhere to do what he needed to. As a Rune Knight, he was expected to uphold the ways of the police and most would not see him as a powerful being if they saw him rolling up a joint to get high. Finding a little park that no one was inhabiting at the point, he found a nice little table to sit at. He pulled his things out of his pocket and proceeded to roll up a nice joint and put it to his lips, inhaling the smoke and finishing it before he set back out.

Finding the magic shop that Jeeroy had taken the request at, he walked inside, seeing an older man dawned in robes and a large hat. He looked a lot older than Jeeroy once believed the man would be. He was used to working for other people much younger than he was. He had really liked the teacher he had helped, as he taken her home that night...though she had gone to the hospital the next day. It seemed no human woman could take this man at his best in the bedroom.

Walking up to the counter of the shop, he got the man's attention. The older man looked at the giant and seemed extremely surprised. "H...hello, how can I help you?" He asked. Jeeroy smiled friendly, showing the man that he meant no harm.

"Yes, I am here to help you today. You posted a mission for someone to take, stating that you needed someone to watch your shop." Jeeroy said. The man nodded, turning his back to the man for a moment, seeming to be more at ease now that he knew the man was not there to rob him or harm him or his shop.

"Ah, okay you should have just said so!! I need to go out for the day to pick up some things from my dear friend in the forest. I need someone to watch the shop for me. You are not to leave the shop until I get back or go into the back room. If anyone comes in wanting to cause any harm to my shop, you are to kick them out. Do not let harm come to my things." He said, grabbing his coat. Though he did not want to sit in a shop all day, it would be an easy way to get jewels. Giving him one last nod, the man walked out, leaving him with the shop to himself.

Sitting down in the back of the shop, he put in some earbuds, listening to the first song that came up. The shop seemed to be empty most of the time when he passed by, so it seemed he would not have to be worried about someone entering the shop. He stood, wandering around the shop, seeing what the man had to offer. He would have to come to this shop one day...if he ever got magic. He had been looking for a way to do it for a long time, but never quite had the affinity for magic as of yet. He would have to keep searching for a way to get the magic he desired. As a giant, he knew having the magic would be difficult for him, as he took up much of his power to use even a single spell, but still, he wanted it.

After nearly three hours, the bell on the door rang and a group of teenagers walked into the store yelling and grabbing things. They had not seemed to realize he was there yet as they laughed and tossed the materials back and forth. "Hey! I am going to have to ask you two to leave." Jeeroy said, drawing their attention. As he was sitting down, the kids could not tell he was a giant as of yet. They laughed.

"Shut up, old man." With that, they walked to the back room, nearly opening the door to go in. Standing up, Jeeroy stepped in front of them with a serious look upon his face. Ripping his shirt off he made sure to flex extra well. The kids looked frightened and quickly ran off, leaving Jeeroy to sit back down, shirtless. An hour later, the man came back to the shop and found Jeeroy sitting behind the counter. He seemed to be confused about the man not wearing a shirt anymore, but did not question him.

"Thank you for helping me out. I may call upon you again sooner or later." He handed Jeeroy his payment and then Jeeroy left.

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